Why I Would Be All Over Social Media
Right Now …

Here’s the thing. I have been freelancing for over 30 years now, half of that time exclusively on the Web. However, if I were starting out today, or was just a few years into my career as an online copywriter or content writer … I would be all over social media!

Seriously. Social media would be a core part of my skillset. KNOWING social media would be an absolute priority for me.

Why? Because within the world of online marketing, social media is no longer just an add-on or an option. In fact, in one or two years, I bet there will be very little distinction between what we now call the Web and what we call social media. People will simply talk about the social Web.

Expertise in social media will become a must-have skill for anyone who is writing for the Web. Not an option.

And if I were starting out, I wouldn’t wait a year or two and then have to react to this inevitable shift in online marketing. In other words, I wouldn’t wait until I had to learn social media simply because I no longer had a choice.

Instead, I would be proactive, take up the challenge with both hands, and get ahead of the game (and my competitors).

And yes, expertise in social media gives you a competitive advantage as an online writer. There is absolutely no doubt about that.

Even as an old-timer, I saw the writing on the wall several years back and made sure to learn all I could about social media. It’s now a core element within my skillset as an online writer and marketer.

No, this doesn’t mean to say I relaunched myself as a stand-alone social media guru, or anything like that. I’m still an online copywriter and content writer. But having expertise in social media has allowed me to do a better job of promoting my own services, helping my clients and partners improve their marketing, and writing copy and content that reaches a larger audience online.

Okay, that’s it for the rant.

Now let's talk about one reason I think freelancers haven't jumped into social media. I think they just get overwhelmed with all that social media seems to involve right now. What I've observed is that they think they'll have to know it all — and right away.

And rather than just starting somewhere, they hesitate.


You don't have to know it all. You don't have to start on every social network. In fact, I just want you to start on a few key ones. But you do need to start.

And I can help you — so in no time at all, you'll be all over social media.

Over the next four days, I’ll be drilling down in more detail and showing just where the opportunity is right now, and how you can use social media skills to build a more profitable freelance business.

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Published: April 15, 2013

2 Responses to “Why I Would Be All Over Social Media Right Now...”

  1. I've been trying to figure out a niche for myself - there are soooo many options, and I have a ton of interests.

    Social Media seems like the quickest path to immediate income, and there is a HUGE demand right now.

    Get your boogie board ready - SM is a massive wave - you can let it roll you, or ride it all the way to shore!

    Thank you Nick for making it obvious - Social Media MUST be a part any beginning copywriter's lineup.

    I can hardly wait to meet you at boot camp!

    John Stagner

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