May 2013

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Six Steps for Choosing and Using a Big Idea

Christina Gillick gives you the one question she asks every time she starts to write copy, and why it is so vital.

Free Teleconference: Writing White Papers & Case Studies

Check out this free teleconference where noted B2B copywriting experts Gordon Graham and Ed Gandia will share everything you need to know about breaking in and tackling these hot projects.

Why Retainer Agreements Are the Best Type of Client Arrangement

Mindy McHorse talks about where to find and how to land your own retainer agreements.

AWAI Member Sets Ambitious Goal for His B2B Career

Steven Carlton has his deadline set to quit his job and start his B2B career with AWAI's help.

Find Benefits By Asking, “So What?”

Christina Gillick helps you find the very best benefits to help promote your client's product.

Back to the Basics — The Foundation of Great Copy

Every copywriting assignment should start in a similar manner. Christina Gillick helps you get each project off on the right foot.

Great Research Equals Great Writing (Without Writer's Block)

Christina Gillick lays out the steps she takes for researching each product.

The Step No Writer Can Afford to Skip

Christina Gillick tells of missing a key step for a client, and how you can avoid making the same mistake.

The Boldest Step to Copywriting Success...

Will Newman shares his true love, and why he and AWAI are such a perfect match.

Clayton Makepeace Needs a Talented Financial Copywriter – STAT!

Clayton Makepeace is hiring a financial copywriter. Take a look and see if you're a fit for this great opportunity!

The Love You Take is Equal to the Love You Make

In a slight twist to most people's way of thinking, John Wood explains why it is always better to give more than you receive.

Change Your Life by Making "True Decisions"

John Wood talks about the importance of making a decision anytime you're given a choice.

Bootcamp Job Fair Brings Big Opportunity to a New Copywriter

Read about this AWAI and COS member and how he used the resources and skills from AWAI to kick start his copywriting career.

Are You Too Comfortable?

John Wood explains why getting comfortable can only hurt your freelance career.

Essential Elements of Online Copy: Part 2

In this second part of the two-part series, Heather Robson shares 10 essential elements you should always consider no matter what kind of online piece you’re writing.

Three Cures for a Thin Wallet...

John Wood reminds us of the importance of financial responsibility as a freelancer.

This Happens to Bob Bly and Dan Kennedy Too...

Getting rejected is a part of freelancing. John Wood helps you deal with this necessary evil.

The Five Keys to Wealth and Happiness...

John Wood relays some great advice from Tony Robbins regarding frustration .

The Deadly Trap of Writer's Isolation

Will Newman gives some insight into the big difference between solitude and isolation, and how to nurture one while discouraging the other.

Free Call: Bootcamp Revealed!

Join Katie Yeakle and Joshua Boswell on this free call to learn all the secrets of this year's AWAI Bootcamp and Job Fair.

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