How to Make Money with Your Website

We’re just two days away from having a topic for a new Money-Making Website!

You’ve come up with a giant list of all the things you are interested in, narrowed it down, and thought about a specific audience. You should have about 5 to 10 exciting topics to work with now.

By this point, you’re probably wondering how your website is going to make money.

In his program, How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites, Nick explains the three ways your site can make money: ad space, affiliate advertising, and selling products. He goes through each one thoroughly in the program, but we’ll do a brief overview for now.

  • If you sell ad space, you’ll have companies that sell products within your niche advertising on your site. (Don’t worry if you don’t like selling. Programs like Google AdSpace make this source of income a snap. No selling involved!)
  • If you do affiliate advertising, you’ll pick out companies that you feel comfortable advertising for, and then take a commission on their products that you sell.
  • With products, you can either create your own or keep a physical inventory of products you bought wholesale.

Either way, you have to make sure that products are available and that people are currently buying them.

So, the big question of the day is … will people spend money on my topic?

Let’s find out! See what kinds of opportunities come up when you search the Web for your topic including books, courses, or other types of products.

Some examples of products that you can advertise or create yourself include:

  • Physical books and e-books
  • Courses, coaching sessions, or webinars
  • Physical products like golf clubs, memorabilia, or potting soil

For my habit website, there’s plenty of products currently available, like books, self-help audiobooks, and even physical products like stress balls or Zen gardens. (My sister makes beautiful Zen gardens; I could sell them on my site!)

You want to make sure your topic has the same product avenues in abundance.

Your final goal for today is to keep narrowing your list. If there aren’t a lot of money-making avenues for your niche, it may not make the final cut.

How are you doing with this? What interesting products or marketing opportunities have you discovered? Leave me a comment below!

Stay tuned, because tomorrow we’re going to ask the final “make it or break it” question and complete this exciting process. Then, you’ll be ready to move on to the next step in creating your new stream of passive income!

Write Money Making Websites

How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites

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Published: May 30, 2013

1 Response to “How to Make Money with Your Website”

  1. Hi Rae,

    I'm enjoying your series.

    I knew from the beginning that my website would probably have a limited audience. However, I have been using it also as an online portfolio.

    Most of my published writing is all owned by other people. But now when I submit proposals, I also include my website, and let them know I have written every word.

    I can't really track dollars, but I do know I get more article assignments when I include the link.

    This might work for other folks still buiding their portfolios, too.

    Janet Wolfe

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