The Boldest Step to Copywriting Success …

I’m not a copywriter …

I’m a teacher.

Since I first entered the teaching profession 40 years ago (gasp!), I’ve felt teaching is the most enjoyable, most exciting, and most beneficial thing I can do with my life.

Even when I’m writing copy, a big part of what I’m doing is educating. I’m educating my reader about possibilities, benefits, solutions … and the product.

So when Katie Yeakle and Denise Ford approached me six years ago and asked if I’d help develop the new Circle of Success Targeted Learning Programs, I jumped at the chance. AWAI gave me the opportunity to combine my two passions: Teaching and Copywriting.

So over the next six years, I’ve had the good fortune of instructing the most committed and dedicated group of aspiring copywriters anyplace: Circle of Success members. Now Denise has asked if I’ll once again step into the virtual classroom as a Targeted Learning Program Instructor.

Let me tell you why I – and the other professional copywriter/instructors in COS – love doing this so much.

My love starts with the way the overall program is structured.

Most copywriters call it the most difficult part of copywriting …

The four Targeted Learning Programs cover every aspect of powerful, successful copywriting. Since your headline and lead account for 80% of your promotion’s success, it’s fitting COS spends the first two 12-week programs on these crucial aspects of copywriting.

We start out with the Headlines Intensive. The very first sessions cover aspects of copywriting that are important to your entire promotion. These are concepts like the Big Idea … exactly how to get to know your prospect so well you’ll feel like he’s your best friend … and pinpointing the emotions that drive your prospect to act. (It’s seldom just fear and greed).

Then we go into an in-depth examination of the five master-level secrets behind every successful headline.

There’s a lot more, of course. But by the time you’ve gone through the combination of six live and six recorded sessions, you’ll have mastered what most copywriters identify as the most difficult part of copywriting: The headline.

Learning about your lead from three master copywriters …

Your next twelve-week intensive is about your lead. We examine three outstanding, very successful promotions from three different niches. We dissect their leads in great detail to see what made them so successful. The secrets and strategies you take away from these live and recorded sessions make writing an effective lead almost second nature.

Once you’ve learned these advanced concepts, the Leads Intensive goes even deeper. You’ll learn how to tailor your lead – and your entire promotion – to match what the “master copywriter’s master” Gene Schwartz called “prospect awareness.” In this part of the intensive, you’ll find out that “one size does not fit all.”

Once you’ve mastered headlines and leads, you’re ready to tackle the rest of your promotion in Architecture of Persuasion. Using Mark Ford’s very illuminating metaphor of building a house, you’ll learn how to write the rest of your letter from the proof section … through the offer … and finally to the close.

But Architecture of Persuasion doesn’t stop there. You’ll learn how and when to write your response device (and why never to call it an order form) … and how best to approach other promotional “gateways” – items like your guarantee, sidebars, lift letters, and buck slips.

In these three intensives, you’ll have mastered every detail of a strong, effective million-dollar sales letter. And these strategies and secrets cover online promotions as well as traditional letters. So, what’s next? What else can you learn in the Targeted Learning Programs?

How about getting clients …

Getting Clients, your fourth Targeted Learning Program – right when you’re ready for it. In it you’ll learn the best ways to approach prospective clients … how to craft your “elevator speech” … how to use spec assignments to build your six-figure career. And much more.

As a bonus, you’ll learn how to overcome that natural reluctance to go out on your own and build the career you deserve.

There’s so much more I could tell you about these four Targeted Learning Programs. But I’m running out of room. So let me tell you a little bit about your instructors.

Denise and Katie made sure all of us instructors for the Targeted Learning Programs are successful copywriters. We’ve each been writing for over ten years and have “earned our stripes” with real world promotions.

But we’re more than just copywriters. Each of us is committed to teaching – and to making sure you learn the core concepts, strategies, and secrets of copywriting solidly and completely.

We’re available during the six live sessions in each intensive to answer questions and to help you master what you’re being taught. This means immediate feedback in our online classroom environment.

Each of the intensives also features two peer reviews. Mark Ford devised peer reviews as a way of improving copy … without subjecting the copywriter to that much-hated criticism.

Many first time participants are nervous about being reviewed. But I’ve seen this happen time and again. All the participants go away having enjoyed the process (for real) … with stronger copy … and with a genuine appreciation for the peer review process.

Once again, as a participant in one of the Targeted Learning Programs, you get personal feedback.

The biggest benefit …

Finally, do you have a question you didn’t have the opportunity to ask during one of the live sessions? Or maybe you need a bit of “cheerleading” to keep you moving forward?

This is what we instructors love to do. We’re here for you by email. We’ll give you the answer. Or provide that nudge to keep you going forward. Or find the person who can do it for you.

Here’s what my friend Denise Ford says about this aspect of the Targeted Learning Programs …

“I don’t know of any other place where you can get this level of personal, professional feedback – on your writing, on building your copywriting skills, and on your career.”

Exclusively for …

I’d love to have you join us for the next round of Targeted Learning Programs. Denise and the COS support staff are putting them together right now.

But there’s a slight catch.

AWAI could make a great deal of profit if they marketed the Targeted Learning Programs to the copywriting world at large. But they don’t. These four programs – and a bonus session on Mastering Your Copywriter’s Voice – are available exclusively to Circle of Success members.

And remarkably this intensive training is just one of the many benefits of being a Circle of Success member.

I urge you to take about ten minutes to learn more about the many benefits COS offers you. The quick look costs you nothing. And who knows, maybe you’re ready to take the biggest, boldest step toward copywriting success you could ever make.

Enrollment in Circle of Success is limited and will only be open until Wednesday. (2 days from now!) Click here right now to learn more so this remarkable opportunity doesn’t slip away.

Until next week, keep writing.

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Published: May 20, 2013

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