The Magic Ingredient to a Passive Income

Hi there! It’s Rae here, taking over The Writer’s Life this week.

And I am so excited, I’m about to burst!

Because you and I are about to take a giant leap toward creating a passive income with a Money-Making Website.

If you’ve never heard of this exciting opportunity, a Money-Making Website is a site that you write in your spare time, on a topic of your choice.

The term “Money-Making Website” was coined by Nick Usborne, one of the pioneers of web copywriting and the creator of AWAI’s programs How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites, Copywriting 2.0, How to Make Money as a Social Media Marketing Expert, and several others.

When I interviewed Nick about Money-Making Websites, he said that one of the hardest steps was the first one: choosing a topic.

“But, I can make it easy for you,” he said. “We can do it in just five steps.”

So, if you and I take one step every day until Friday, we’ll have several viable, money-making options for our new website!

Nick says that everything else is downhill after you choose your topic.

Let’s get started!

Nick says, “Online publishing is about serving a small, profitable niche that others aren’t serving very well.”

That means you’re going to find a topic you love, write about it from your unique perspective, and gain the attention of a currently underserved audience.

Even if there are other similar websites available, you are the magic ingredient that’s going to make your website unique, interesting, and profitable.

So, your first Action Step this week is to brainstorm.

Here’s how:

  • Open up a new spreadsheet document or get out a new notebook.
  • Make a giant list of the things you’re passionate about — or even mildly interested in.
  • Don’t filter yourself.
  • Be as general or as specific as you want.
  • Write everything down.

Nick says to dig in to both in your business life and your personal life for ideas.

Personally, I write copy in the natural health niche because that is what I’m passionate about. So, “natural health” is definitely on my list.

Now look at your personal life. What do you do in your free time? What are your hobbies? Those are the kinds of ideas you want on your list.

I listed exercise, writing fiction, faith, and flowers. (I have about 30 others, too.)

Here are some more of Nick’s brainstorming tips to get you started:

  • Review your social media interests … all the pages you’ve “Liked” on Facebook, tweets you’ve sent, boards on Pinterest, etc.
  • Look at your bookshelf or eReader.
  • Visit the Money-Making Websites Member Success Catalog for inspiration.

And finally, keep a small notebook with you this week. After your initial brainstorm, you’re going to notice ideas popping up everywhere.

So, why not take the next 5 or 10 minutes to do your brainstorm now? Then, come back and let me know how it went. Where did you find your ideas? Which ones are you most excited about? Leave me a comment below.

Tomorrow, we’ll take another big step and start to narrow down our giant lists. That will get us one step closer to creating a new stream of passive income!

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How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites

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Published: May 27, 2013

7 Responses to “The Magic Ingredient to a Passive Income”

  1. Hey Rae, nice and simple writing.

    Lately, I have developed na interest in coin collecting - specifically bullion collection. I came across this área just a short two years back and spurred by the tremendous potential such cllection has and the endless designs available the Market has, it is just interesting.

    Can you tell me how to move on from just being a collector to something more serious?

    Thanks for the encouraging write-up.

    Guest (JOn)

  2. I made a large list, as suggested, and found some of the more exciting ideas from the MMW catalog of other sites created by students.

    Several ideas popped up in my mind such as well balanced vegetarian eating, and bread making with different flours than wheat.

    I'm looking forward to the next email on niches.

    Clara Mae

  3. Thanks Rae! I've have been struggling with finding the right topic and look forward to "working through that issue" with you this week!

    Guest (Steven Carleton)




    Guest (CAROL SHIER)

  5. I love this idea and have wanted to do it for a long time. In fact I started a blog this last year on Homeschooling but have discovered soooo many other homeschool blogs and while this is a great niche I think it's too broad and saturated to successfully monetize. Would love some thoughts on this.

    Guest (Cindy)

  6. I am looking forward to getting ideas and topics that I can write on - and construct a website as advised by you. Please get me started with some ideas that can jolt me to move forward with speed. This coming year is the period I want to make real money as enjoy writing what I enjoy writing about.

    Guest (Ronald)

  7. This is a great start, but I find there are so many other people with similar interests, all trying to build money-making websites. How do I make mine stand out, or narrower in scope but still appealing?

    Guest (EllenInVA)

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