"Cut to the Chase" Copywriting

Are you a “cut to the chase, don’t jerk me around” type person like Circle of Success member Claire?

This is how she described herself in a recent email to me. It’s how she feels about long form promotions – promotions that are 10 pages and more. She doesn’t like them … reading them or writing them.

To me, it sounds like Claire – and maybe you – are really just a special kind of copywriter in the making. A copywriter who can make as much money – $100K per year and more – and enjoy just as much success as long form copywriters.

Before I get into what type of copywriter I think Claire and you might be, I'll let her tell you in her own words what she means.

Claire sent me her analysis of the lead of a long-running, very successful promotion by John Forde. This is the first exercise in the COS Leads Intensive.

She did excellent work and really nailed her analysis of the five crucial goals of a successful lead. (Don’t worry. Claire’s problem came when she got to the final goal, “Establish Excitement.”)

Here’s what Claire said:

“John builds excitement by teasing me with the information and then withdrawing it to tell me a story of meeting this guy in Paris, having lunch, etc. Frankly this is what drives me crazy about direct response copywriting. And it’s why I will probably never be able to do it. I hate this approach. I'm a bottom line kind of person. Cut to the chase don't jerk me around.”

This type of excitement building is very important in long form copywriting. But if you’re like Claire and don’t like reading – or more important writing – this type of copy …

I have good news for you and Claire …

You would make a great B2B copywriter! (As a matter of fact, you could be a great B2B copywriter even if you love long form copy).

A little explanation here. B2B stands for “Business-to-Business.” It’s a specialized type of copywriting for companies that sell things to other companies. But it’s really so much more than that, which I’ll get into shortly.

The Direct Marketing Association reports that businesses currently spend over $55 BILLION dollars every year on B2B marketing – with more than $3 billion dollars spent on online marketing.

And the recent recession works in your favor if you’re a B2B copywriter. Many companies cut way back on their in-house B2B marketing departments. It was cheaper for them to use freelancers like you. Having made that change, they’re sticking with freelance route.

What can you write as a B2B copywriter?

Well, sales copy for one thing.

But this is quicker, easier, and shorter copy to write. If you like the idea of being able to turn out a 1- to 4-page sales letter in a week or less – and be paid upwards of $1,500 to $2,000 for it – then this is an opportunity you must look into.

What type of companies could you be writing for? With over 8 million companies in North America using B2B services, it could be almost any kind of business you can imagine.

Look at any item around your house. I’m looking at the electronic indoor/outdoor thermometer that sits by my desk. I bought it because of an ad I saw … a business-to-consumer ad.

But, before that ad could’ve been written, dozens of B2B transactions went into the making and selling of the thermometer,

A metal fabrication company had to supply a machine to stamp out and shape the metal faceplate. An electronics company had to provide the diodes for the display. A plastics company had to provide plastic to the molding company that made the frame.

Then there was the paper company that made the box the thermometer came in. And the artist who designed the art for the packaging. And so on.

The businesses behind each one of these stages of production and sales relied on B2B copywriters to get their products in front of receptive businesses looking for them.

And therein lays the reason B2B is so much easier than traditional long form copywriting.

Your best prospects are actively searching for what you’re selling …

In long form copywriting, you have to “woo” the prospect. You have to learn in depth who he is and what his needs, hopes, dreams, and desires are. You have to delve into and touch on his emotional hot buttons.

And to make your sale, often times you have to take the roundabout way that Claire dislikes. This can be a lot of fun and rewarding … if that’s the type of copywriting you enjoy.

However if you’d like to write quick, direct copy to customers who are actively searching for what your client is selling, then B2B is for you. What better way to make your living than by selling something to somebody who already wants it?

Sales copy is only the beginning …

There’s more to B2B than just writing sales copy. And this is where you can really bolster your income. As a B2B copywriter, you’ll be asked to write press releases … web copy … newsletters (mailed and emailed) … white papers … case studies … video scripts … and more.

And you’re paid for each one of these business generators. The sweet part is that you’ll do most of your work for the ad copy. The rest are simply offshoots that don’t require much additional work.

The work you do upfront generates more work … more work that generates more income. Sweet!

What if you’re a long form copywriter or think that’s where you ultimately want to be? B2B is a great way to break into copywriting … and an easy way to supplement your income.

Sound good to you?

Why not learn from the best …

If you think you’d like to get started on your $100K income right now by writing easy, direct, “cut to the chase” copy, I can’t think of a better teacher than B2B master copywriter Steve Slaunwhite.

Steve has created the most comprehensive guide to writing effective B2B copy you can find anywhere. It’s AWAI’s Secrets of Writing HIGH-PERFORMANCE Business-to-Business Copy.

If you don’t know who Steve is, I’d love to give you his long list of credentials. But there’s simply not enough room to do that here. I’d also love to tell you more about this amazing opportunity. Unfortunately, there’s not enough room for that, either.

So CLICK HERE and take a few minutes right now to learn about the easiest path to a six-figure income. You have nothing to lose. And who knows, you could be on the way to your dream life in a matter of weeks.

Until next week, keep writing!

Modern B2B Copywriting

Modern B2B Copywriting

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Published: June 17, 2013

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