I Hope You Enjoy Your Trip …

When my wife and I went on our second honeymoon in Costa Rica, we decided to hire a tour guide for the day. It was the best choice we could have made. We told him what we wanted to see, and he helped us accomplish that and more, all in one day.

Bob Sands here for the final day of The Writer’s Life. Thanks for accompanying me on this trip.

I have taken wonderful and not so wonderful trips in my life. The ones that were most memorable had some common elements that also apply to The Writer’s Life.

The first was having the right guide. The good ones were worth all that we paid and more. Guides can point out things you don’t see and let you know what to avoid. Throughout my journey as a freelancer, I have been blessed with mentors and friends who have been guides.

AWAI and many of its people have been that for me over the past several years through their programs and conversations. They have helped me know which path to take and have been there to point out things I would have otherwise missed. AWAI is an important partner to accompany you on this journey.

The second is the right vehicle. Find a vehicle that you love that will keep you on the journey over the long haul. This is a road trip, not a plane trip. It’s important that you are doing what you love. Find that passion, tap into it and develop a strategy then do something. Take action. Some are always talking about the trip but never hit the road. One person I know began writing blog postings for others, just to gain the experience. She decided to start and took action. Today, she is a busy freelancer enjoying The Writer’s Life.

The third is to know where you want to go. When we decided to take a trip to Alaska we planned where we wanted to go and what we wanted to do. Did things go exactly as planned? Of course not, but it made the trip all the more enjoyable because we had a goal and knew our direction. The Writer’s Life is like that too. Put together a business plan that includes who you want to work with, what you want to do (and why), how you will market to reach them and what kind of resources, both financial and educational, you will need to keep you going. Things won’t always go exactly according to your business plan but at least you know your destination.

Too many people that embark on this journey feel like they “just aren’t ready” or they don’t yet “know enough.” I can only say this: if you don’t hit the road, you will never be able to enjoy the trip. So why not take a moment today to put a plan together and start on the first leg of your journey?

Thanks for joining me for this week’s The Writer’s Life.

What makes your trip enjoyable? Let me know in the comment section below

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Published: June 28, 2013

3 Responses to “I Hope You Enjoy Your Trip...”

  1. Thanks, Bob, for all the inciteful advice this week. You can only think about doing for so long, then it's time to "hit the road".


  2. Thanks for your experiences shared. I have a plan for a journey to two different countries this year. Certainly I will try to do as you advised us to do.

    Guest (Martinus Dariyo)

  3. Thanks Bob! Great advice. I have a question though... How did that one person you know begin writing blog postings for others? How do you find someone who wants to have a blog, but doesn't want to write it?
    Thank you!

    Guest (Dan F)

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