Launching a New Freelance Business

Hi, Nick Usborne here … author of Copywriting 2.0.

This is the first of five issues I’ll be writing this week, one each day. All are about becoming an online copywriter.

And in this first one … well, I’ll be telling you about how I’m launching a new freelance business of my own … right now!

Yes, when I tell you there are still huge opportunities out there for freelance online copywriters, I’m walking the walk. I love to teach, but I’m not really comfortable teaching something if I’m not also DOING it.

I launched my first online copywriting business back in 1998. I was one of the first. In fact, one of my biggest challenges back then was to get companies to understand that online copywriting was a real and important area of expertise.

Over time, I became very successful, working as a freelance online copywriter for some of the biggest names in business.

But … that was something I started 15 years ago.

What about today? I hear people saying the opportunity has passed. That it was okay for me back then, but that today things are different.

Well, everything I see tells me they are wrong. Over the last few years, I have watched hundreds of people launch their freelance businesses as online copywriters. And just last week, I received an email from one of those people, who started out at zero, and now tells me she’ll be making six-figures this year.

But to really get a feel for whether the opportunity is still as strong as I say it is, I decided to put my money and time where my mouth is, and have launched a new freelance business of my own.

My niche is the gourmet coffee industry. I know a lot about business, online copywriting, and coffee. But I don’t have any particular advantage in this space. I don’t know any marketing people at big coffee companies. Like everyone else, I’m having to build from the ground up.

But I feel confident. I know that if I put in the effort, market myself effectively, and do good work, I will succeed.

Why am I so confident? Because I know the opportunity is still there. I know there is still room for more online copywriters in the market. This market is still growing fast.

So here is my challenge to you …

I launched my new freelance business just a few weeks ago, and you could launch yours a few weeks from now.

Take up the challenge and I’ll teach you everything I know about online copywriting. I’ll give you the training and expertise you need to feel confident about reaching for a six-figure income as an online copywriter.

In other words, let’s do this together.

I know that my new business will succeed if I put in the work. And I know that you can do the same.

Until tomorrow … when I’ll be showing you how and why the opportunity for online copywriters not only still exists, but is actually growing and bigger than ever.

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The Digital Copywriter's Handbook

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Published: July 8, 2013

2 Responses to “Launching a New Freelance Business”

  1. I love this, Nick!! What a great idea to really SHOW us that this stuff works and we can do it too!!


    Sarah Dizney July 8, 2013 at 8:33 am

  2. Nick, We like your boldness. We were just a few weeks into the AWAI program when I bumped into a Tea importer's nephew. We presented a plan to him, to take back to the Uncle. I don't think the Nephew gets it, but still it was exciting to take a baby step. We are newbies and will pay attention to your ideas, please share away. Jeff

    JeffandKarenJuly 8, 2013 at 11:07 pm

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