Why the Opportunity for Online Copywriters is Bigger than Ever

In yesterday’s issue, I wrote about how there is still plenty of opportunity for anyone who wants to make money as a freelance online copywriter.

In fact, as I mentioned, I’m walking the talk by launching my own freelance business right now. So absolutely, I believe in the opportunity. My own success depends on it!

And here is why I am so confident, both for myself and for you …

The need for trained online copywriters is actually growing faster now than ever before.

Here is why …

Back in the 90s, and until maybe four or five years ago, most websites were pretty much static. By that I mean that once the pages of the website were written, they were considered done. A bit like writing a brochure.

So during my early years as an online copywriter, I would sometimes talk to a prospective client and hear them say, “Sorry, we’ve finished our site. Nothing more to do.”

Yep, they thought there was such a thing as a website being “finished.”

3 Things have changed that point of view, big-time …

First, by the early 2000s, the science of tracking and testing had taken hold. A sales page was never finished, because you could challenge the page with a new version, test them against each other, and see which did best.

The result? There is an opportunity to rewrite every sales page and sales email on the Web … tens of millions of them. The challenge is to beat the page that’s online now.

Second, the rise of social media impacted websites big-time. Social media doesn’t “like” old, static pages. It likes new, fresh, and interesting pages.

Some companies have been slow to realize this, but they are getting there. What this means is that millions of old web content pages need to be revised, and millions of new “social media friendly” pages need to be created. With text, videos, images, slide shows, and more.

This new “social” Web is a very different from the Web of five years ago, and there is massive demand for fresh new content. And for that, the industry needs a whole new influx of savvy, smart online writers and copywriters.

Third, consider the mobile Web. Fewer and fewer people access the Web through desktop computers. In fact, fewer and fewer people access the Web through their laptops. More and more people are reading the Web and buying online through their tablets and smartphones.

What does this mean for us? It means millions of websites need new versions of their content pages and their sales pages written specifically for mobile devices. It’s not enough simply to make their website readable on a mobile device. To maximize sales, companies need their content and sales pages rewritten completely for tablets and smartphones.

I hope you get the picture.

Five years ago, the demand for online copywriters had perhaps plateaued. But not anymore.

With the growth of testing, social media, and the mobile Web, the demand for online copywriters and content writers is now growing faster than ever before.

Crazy times … and good times for you and me.

In tomorrow’s blog, I’ll look at all the different kinds of writing and copywriting that are in demand right now.

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Published: July 9, 2013

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