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As writers, we do much of our work alone, behind a computer screen or hunched over research we’ve printed out. From my perspective, this can be a good thing, usually. I like my solitude.

Copywriting is a solitary endeavor. And if you’re like me, you like it that way – at least most of the time.

But this solitude comes at a cost. Great ideas, new skills, enthusiasm to continue when things bog down: These vital parts of success develop more quickly when you’re part of a larger group – an alliance dedicated to your success so to speak.

Solitude may be good at times
but ready help and resources are so much better …

This is why that – even after all the years I’ve been copywriting – I treasure my membership in a very special alliance of other writers and marketers. This alliance gives me access to the latest, most productive copywriting resources available. But it gives me so much more.

If I didn’t belong to this special alliance, I wouldn’t have ready access to the newest copywriting strategies and techniques. That is, unless I was willing to spend excessive amounts of time searching them out.

Without this supportive group of fellow copywriters and marketers, I’d have to spend a good part of my professional work time – and spend a good amount of money to boot – finding out what approaches are working right now in the industry. And what tried-and-true approaches have grown stale and ineffective.

Without this alliance, I wouldn’t have the most diverse ”clip file” of the industry’s top performing promotions available at the click of my mouse. These are promotions from all niches: B2B, financial, health, lifestyle, subscription products, and more.

After all these years
why do I want and need this alliance …

You might be wondering why I’d need these resources after almost 20 years in copywriting. Simple.

New ideas, the latest trends, access to strategies and secrets of the best copywriters in the world are not miraculously granted to long time copywriters like me.

We have to work for them the same as the newest, just-learning-the-ropes-of-the-trade copywriters have to …

 … unless you’re lucky enough to get access to this special union I’m talking about. What is this special alliance? It’s AWAI’s Professional Writers’ Alliance (PWA).

Need success-building strategies to boost your career?
They’re yours on-demand …

And what do you get when you decide to join me and other members of the PWA?

There are far too many benefits to tell you about here. So I’ll let you know in a moment how you can learn more about them with no obligation to join PWA. But let me just tell you about four of the many multi-level resources you have complete access to as a PWA member now.

The first resource I’m going to tell you about is PWA’s On-Demand Training Library. This library starts by giving you access to special reports written exclusively for AWAI to make you a better, more successful copywriter.

The on-demand training doesn’t stop there. As a PWA member you’re sent one easy-to-implement strategy every month for building and maintaining your copywriting success. But as a member you also have access to every single one of these valuable strategies that has ever been written in the Action Steps Archive.

The On-Demand Training Library also gives you access to the wisdom of today’s top copywriters and marketers with the PWA Guest Writer Series. Every week these industry leaders deliver new ideas, secrets, and strategies to you. And if you missed any of these valuable articles, you can go back and read them in the Guest Writer Archives.

For example, you could learn master copywriter Pam Foster’s five secrets for turning prospects into paying clients. Or you could let Christina Gillick tell you about her personal strategy for making “random ideas pay.”

Learn live from the experts …

One of the most popular parts of the Professional Writers’ Alliance is live events you’re invited to attend.

Here’s a good example of what you can learn. In an upcoming Ask the Expert webinar Jean Baliko – founder and Digital Marketing Consultant for Marketing Metrics Simplified – reveals the hidden opportunities available in digital marketing today. With her deep knowledge of SEO and 21 years of digital marketing experience, Jean will give you straight answers you can profit from.

And what if you missed any session that’s ever been held? No problem. The Live Event Archive is like a time machine that whisks you back so that you can be there learning from the experts.

Turn Bob Bly’s self-promo strategies into your own …

Copywriting giant Bob Bly has gained international success because he knows the perfect way to approach new prospects. One of his secrets is a ‘Copywriter Kit’ he developed complete with self-promo letter, client list, and rate schedule. Use this kit as a model for your own successful self-promo package.

As a PWA member, you have access to Bob Bly’s Copywriter Kit. It’s just one part of the PWA Resource Center.

Job search on steroids …

I’m going to tell you about just one more PWA resource. Although it’s the last one I’ll describe, it’s certainly not the last one you get as a PWA member. This resource is possibly the most exciting one for you as an up-and-coming copywriter.

As an AWAI member, you already have access to jobs for the latest listings.

But as a PWA member, you get much more.

Your membership allows you to post your own page on the DirectResponseJobs site to promote your writing services. It's just like having your own "mini website" directly on the job board. Marketers will find and contact you directly when they’re searching for the perfect writer.

Whew! That’s just the beginning. There’s so much more you get as a member of The Professional Writers’ Alliance.

So if you’re interested in learning more about this special, career-boosting alliance and all its many benefits, click this link. (One of the perks of membership you’ll learn about is Alliance Dollars. These can make your membership virtually cost-free. I know you’ll love hearing about and using Alliance Dollars).

Solitude can be great when you want it. But when you need support, ideas, and resources, a strong alliance is far better. I hope you join me in the Professional Writers’ Alliance very, very soon. I’d love to hear about it when you do.

The Professional Writers’ Alliance

The Professional Writers’ Alliance

At last, a professional organization that caters to the needs of direct-response industry writers. Find out how membership can change the course of your career. Learn More »

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Published: July 8, 2013

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