The Fast Track to Online Copywriting Success

As I mentioned earlier during this series, the online marketing world is in a dramatic state of flux right now, and the demand for smart, trained online copywriters is bigger than ever.

So what’s the best way forward?

Lots of book learning? Or just jump into the fray and get started?

The answer is “both.”

Let me offer up an analogy to illustrate my point.

About a year ago, my wife took up watercolor painting. She had worked with acrylic paints when she was younger and wanted to get back into painting … but with watercolors.

She jumped in, confident she could pick up where she left off all those years ago. But that didn’t work out so well. It turns out that painting with watercolors is very different from painting with acrylics. (Just as online copywriting is very different from any other kind of writing.) Being able to paint wasn’t enough. She had to learn some new techniques.

So she studied. She bought some DVDs and attended some live classes.

She studied hard, learned from an expert, and practiced, practiced, and practiced some more.

It has been fun watching and supporting her journey. Not only because I love to see the work she creates, but also because the whole process is so similar to learning any new craft, whether it be painting or online copywriting.

Whatever your ambition, you need that same blend of studying, learning, and doing.

Yes, you do need to study the craft of online copywriting because there are best practices and techniques without which you’ll find it impossible to do good work. Just like with watercolor painting.

And yes, you need to practice, practice, and keep practicing. It’s that blend of formal learning plus DOING that brings the best and fastest results.

The desire to fill the learning gap inspired me to write my program, Copywriting 2.0. When I sat down to write it, I had about 10 years of online copywriting experience under my belt, working with and training clients like Yahoo!, John Deere, The New York Times, Getty Trust, Reuters, AOL, and many others.

What I did was take all those professional training materials I had created for my clients and reworked them so they would work for anyone, including a novice with no business or copywriting experience. It’s professional-grade training … but created for use by anyone.

From what I see out there, right now is a fabulous time to get started as a freelance online copywriter. There are so many opportunities, for all kinds of online writers and copywriters.

Just follow the simple equation of Learning + Doing.

Okay, that’s it for this email series. I hope you found the emails useful, and I hope you take the opportunity to jump into online copywriting with both feet! You can join me as I’m walking the talk!

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Published: July 12, 2013

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