Use Your Work to Pick a Copywriting Focus

It’s Julie Hassett, back again to dive into the big benefits of having both a steady paycheck from a job and a growing freelance business.

One of the main reasons this arrangement works is you can make more money without stressing over cash flow.

There are two things at play here:

First, you might be like me and have a job that fits you just fine. You may be well-liked and do your job very well. And … if you’re like me, you might be at the top of your salary range without much room for advancement. Still, you would love to be making more money, right?

That’s the great thing about being a copywriter! You can use your skills to boost your income by however much you choose. Here’s how to make it happen …

Look at what you do now at work — or something you’re passionate about — and consider how that might translate into a lucrative freelance career, perhaps with a copywriting business or a Money-Making Website. That way, you start out in your niche with bona fide experience and instant street cred.

If you work as a teacher, for example, you could become an in-demand copywriter for education companies. If you have an interest in natural health, you could write sales letters for a holistic products company.

Once you choose which path to go down, you need to get your training — pick the AWAI program that best suits your needs and go for it!

The second thing I mention here is cash flow. When you hang on to that paycheck, your freelancing cash flow worries are non-existent. When client checks and royalties start rolling in, they’re like icing on a cake. And if they don’t come as quickly as you’d like, there’s no need to get stressed out.

As a bonus, with less cash flow worries, you get to be choosier about your clients. And you have more control over which clients you accept and which ones you politely decline.

Do you have any experiences to share of increasing your income with freelancing? Let me know in the comments section!

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Published: July 30, 2013

3 Responses to “Use Your Work to Pick a Copywriting Focus”

  1. Julie, your comments certainly resonate! I work full time but certain restrictions have to be respected - I work for a municipality. I reserve my lunch hours for study. Evenings I keep aside some time to study/write/organize. My goal? Begin to establish myself as a freelance copywriter - gain the experience and creds. Want to retire next year with some fixed income while I concentrate on becoming a full-time successful copywriter, which I enjoy! AWAI programs have been very supportive.


  2. Interesting article. I'm sure this route works for some folks...but I believe the majority of folks are interested in leaving their jobs and not looking to hold down a full-time unless they absolutely have to.

    Once you get rollin as a freelancer, after 1-2yrs, and you're making a comfortable salary, you will have the option to be vet out clients according to your expertise and niche service offering.

    Another option to hanging on to a full time job is building your own money making website to generate passive income. Sure this may take a few years to monetize nicely, but in my personal opinion it far outweighs holding down a full time and freelancing.

    Guest (Helen)

  3. The reason I've picked the area of Internet specialist is based on not having to think just work My background is ,I think,is varied from being a real estate developer including financial knowledge as to how to budget major projects of millions of dollars to owning and flying my own airplanes and hot air balloons to one man art shows in influential areas as an artist. A four year stint with Walt Disney motion pictures to building bridges Now what area of expertise can I use as a niche market and how can I simplify the desire to be busy.


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