August 2013

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Ready, Set, Jump. Literally.

Patti Morrow takes her copywriting career to new heights.

AWAI Member Finds a Breakthrough Pursuing One of His Life’s Passions

Jerry Bures' AWAI training has paid off, saving him from unemployment and helping him to get paid doing something he loves. Read on to learn how AWAI helped him get his breakthrough.

2013 Bootcamp Speaker: Clayton Makepeace: Generating Millions of Dollars for His Clients with His Smoking Hot Copy and Marketing Strategy

AWAI is excited to announce Clayton Makepeace will be speaking at their 2013 Bootcamp and Job Fair.

Consistency: Want to Be a Copywriter? Act Like It

You need to be consistent if you want to have a breakthrough in your career. If you want to be a copywriter- do & say things copywriters do & say.

Breaking News… Bill Bonner, Founder of Agora Inc. Named Keynote Speaker for AWAI’s 2013 Bootcamp

AWAI is excited to announce Bill Bonner as the keynote speaker for its 2013 FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair.

Commitment: The First Step to Copywriting Success

There are 4 “C’s” to success in achieving the writer’s life. Sean McCool says commitment is the first step he took to excelling as a copywriter. Are you committed?

How Long Should a Sales Letter Be?

How long should a sales letter be? We get this question a lot. See what Mark Ford has to say. Are you selling a “need-to-know” or a “want-to-know” product?

Free Call on Landing Copywriting Clients

Learn how to sit in on a call with five successful AWAI-trained copywriters where they will reveal how they REALLY landed their clients, and what you can do this year to land the clients you need, too.

Be a Content Marketing Strategist

Be a content strategist instead of a content provider. Tie everything together and provide solutions to businesses that will help with their sales goals.

Clark Recognized As “Most Influential” Online Marketer

Read about all the accolades Brian Clark has received for his work with Copyblogger and how you can learn from this business building master.

Help Businesses Attract Customers with a Content Strategy

Content marketing provides an on-going stream of income and work for freelance writers. Which businesses would you like to write for?

Content That Attracts the Right Prospects

What kind of content will give businesses the best prospects? Identify the reasons customers don’t buy and address them with your content strategy.

How to Talk About Yourself WITHOUT Your Audience Sending Out Rescue Signals

Do you freeze up when someone asks you to talk about yourself? Michele Peterson provides some great steps for marketing yourself.

Breaking News… AWAI Receives 2013 APEX Award

AWAI is the winner of a 2013 APEX Award, recognized for their excellence in creative editorial ideas and concepts.

Why Content Marketing Works

People are constantly researching products, looking up recipes, finding how-to articles online … and the businesses that answer these questions, often get the sale.

Content Marketing: The Hottest Marketing Trend Right Now

The need for content marketers is everywhere. Businesses that have blogs, newsletters, social media accounts, & special reports need content marketers like you.

The ‘No-Ad’ Ad Your Reader Wants to Read

Content marketing is a hot trend in business right now. People don’t like being sold; they want useful information that will allow them to make informed purchases.

Make Money Writing BEFORE You Sell Your Script

Learn how you can make money writing before you even sell your script. Copywriting is the perfect part-time job to help fast track your success as a screenwriter.

Common Questions About Writing Case Studies

Here are some of the most common questions about the case study opportunity, along with the answers …

Golden Key to Niche Copywriting Success

Focus on your copywriting niche. Set a launch date, set up your website, connect with potential clients. Do something everyday to keep the momentum going.

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