Clarity: Focus on Fulfilling Your Dreams

Sean McCool here with you this week, talking about the 4 “C’s” that can take you from where you are now to the writer’s life.

So far we've covered …

The first “C” — Commitment

The second “C” — Consistency

Today, we'll cover the third “C” — Clarity.

In my experience, clarity comes after you commit and begin the process of becoming consistent in all you think, say, and do.

For instance, when I went to Bootcamp in 2008, I was considering either the fundraising niche or the Christian niche.

However, when I got to Bootcamp and heard Mike Palmer speak. He was introduced as the head of the most successful copy team in the world at the time. Right then, during the introduction, I decided I wanted to work with him. I wanted him as a mentor even though he was in the financial niche.

After all, I knew I could always change my niche down the road. (By the way, Mike will be speaking again at this year's Bootcamp and he always has a great presentation that can be applied to any type of copywriting.)

My path to the writer’s life became a little clearer because of my being at the Bootcamp.

These lessons apply to your path to the writer’s life too …

You may think you want to write big financial promotions for investment newsletters.

Or maybe you want to change lives and make a great living in the fundraising niche.

Or perhaps content and social media get you excited.

I don't know what it is for you. And the truth of the matter is, you don't really know either.

And as you begin to discover your unique version of the writer's life, you may find your ideal niche changes.

I, for example, really enjoy a B2B client I stumbled upon more than two years ago. They've given me steady work every month for more than two years.

And as you start working toward your goal, you may very well discover that you actually prefer a different niche — perhaps B2B, perhaps creating your own Money-Making Website, or handling the public relations for a handful of companies.

The point is that clarity only comes AFTER you begin to take action. Then, with that clarity, you are one step closer to YOUR version of the writer's life, which is all that matters.

So what’s the fastest way to clarity? In my personal life experience, it’s AWAI’s FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp. Nothing in my copywriting career has given me more clarity than Bootcamp.

I know that sounds like a sales pitch, but it's true. Even in 2005, before I actually committed to this life, there was one sentence from one speaker that kept the dream alive for me until I was ready to commit.

And it’s not just the speakers, it’s the other attendees you meet who are also committed, consistent, and looking for — or have found — clarity.

If I could only give you one action step to take, getting to AWAI’s FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp this year would be it.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on getting clarity about your copywriting career. You can spill your thoughts in the comments here.

Tomorrow, we've got one more "C" to get you on your way to living your version of the writer’s life.

It’s my favorite because it can change your life beyond even what you planned and dreamed.

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Published: August 21, 2013

6 Responses to “Clarity: Focus on Fulfilling Your Dreams”

  1. Thanks for this Sean. I have to agree... Bootcamp year after year has made all the difference for me. The boost in motivation, direction, and purpose adds power to our online support through the year. Without Bootcamp I would have withered on the vine. And with the help and encouragement of people like you and AWAI, peer review colleagues, and friendships we build there.


  2. Sean: Thanks so much for sharing this "C". I purchased the Accelerated Program last October and I've gone back and forth probably 20 times, trying to determine the niche I think I would enjoy writing for the most.

    Diane Aksten

    Diane Aksten

  3. Hi Sean, This was most interesting to me because just yesterday, after not considering the financial subscriptions and clubs, I think I've had an "aha" moment and will pursue that niche. As you have said, this may change but I will be attending Bootcamp and as a member of the Oxford Club, will be checking in at their booths.

    Nancy Tossell

  4. You're right Sean. As a brand spanking new copywriter, I don't really know what niche I want to focus on. I'm drawn to the B2B side of the aisle, but can't say for sure it's a good fit. Looking forward to getting more clarity this October at Bootcamp.

    Jeff Soufal

  5. Hi Sean...had the pleasure of meeting you during the final session of the 2012 Bootcamp. I'm in the process of gaining "clarity" so as to get the most out of this year's Bootcamp. You've put together a great strategy so far with this series...I'll be anxiously watching for the final "C"!

    Alan Steacy

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