Consistency: Want to Be a Copywriter? Act Like It

This week we’re talking about how living life by the “C’s” will lead to a breakthrough in your career. Yesterday, I shared the first “C,” Commitment.

The second "C" is where the work starts and the excitement of making a commitment starts to wear off a bit.

It’s Consistency.

This is about more than working through a program every day to hone your copy skills or reaching out to potential clients every week.

Those are important tasks. But I’m talking about being consistent in your belief.

When people ask you what you do, are you consistent in your answer that you are a copywriter — or does it change depending on who you talk to?

For instance, do you answer the same when your “successful” brother-in-law asks what you’re up to now as you do when your best friend, or a stranger, asks?

In other words, do you truly think of yourself as a copywriter all the time? In all situations? With all types of people?

You see, consistency is an extension of your commitment. If commitment is an event … a point in time where you decide to change your direction … then consistency is staying the course in word and in deed in everything you do.

This is necessary because you are making a huge shift from one life to another. That takes a massive amount of commitment and consistency.

So how do you be consistent?

If you are a copywriter, then you hang out where copywriters hangout — both online and offline.

You read what copywriters read. You apply for jobs and assignments copywriters apply for. And you write copy. Daily.

Now, I know some of you reading this are already committed to being copywriters and you are consistent in that life.

So what would you share with our fellow readers who may not be as far along as you are?

Pay it forward and let them know how to be consistent in the comments here.

Tomorrow, I'm going to reveal the third “C.”

It’s the one that tripped me up for years. And it’s impossible to master without first having commitment and consistency.

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Published: August 20, 2013

3 Responses to “Consistency: Want to Be a Copywriter? Act Like It”

  1. I'm an spiring dog copywriter. I'm presently working with a rescue group but dogs is a really big area, so I'm going to begin my niche with rescues and dog training.
    My problem (along with the obvious of figuring out what to write) is I'm very interested in my topics, but I seem to read more about that than actual "copywriting". While I think I can use that to my benefit, am I also hurting myself?
    I'm involved in many groups (dog related) on linkedIn and am considering applying for membership with the ADTP (Association for Dog Training Professionals).

    Laurie LAugust 20, 2013 at 3:55 pm

  2. I am so very new at this but I try to set reminders on my phone to compartmentalize my day. I also have a large orange sign on my desk that reads... "Persistence is the only Omnipotence!"

    Guest (Brian)August 21, 2013 at 12:41 pm

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