Meet Your Future “You”

This week, I’ve told you all about the five people you should seek out to transform your writing business.

You’ve discovered how important it will be to meet your fellow copywriters and the AWAI staff. You’ve steeled yourself and created a potential dialogue with the “celebrity” speakers — and figured out exactly what you’re going to do to speak confidently with marketers at Job Fair.

Of course, the easiest way to meet all of these influential people is by attending Bootcamp. But if you can’t make it to Bootcamp this year, it’s still possible to meet them and reap the benefits.

Now, the fifth person you already know very well …

You’ve met him or her in the depths of your goal-planning … your daydreams of quitting your day job … or when you’re writing out pages of copy longhand.

It’s your future “you.”

People often refer to meeting their “future self” as an “a-ha moment.” It’s the moment you get a glimpse at yourself in the future, where all of your hard work culminates into a thriving career.

At Bootcamp, you’ll meet your future “you” — and it will give you the confidence you need to keep pushing forward toward success.

It can happen during one of the sessions, where a speaker will place the last piece in the puzzle … and suddenly this whole “copywriting thing” makes sense.

Maybe you’ll get an assignment on the floor of Job Fair … and you can see how it feels to be a working, paid copywriter.

Sometimes it’s not that obvious. Maybe you’ll just feel a little more confident … a little more educated … a little more experienced than when you came in.

And that’s enough to see yourself landing new clients, making more money, and living your life as you please.

I met my future self in the lobby at Bootcamp last year when Rebecca Matter told me I didn’t have to settle for writing projects I didn’t like. That was the moment I saw the writer I was going to become.

And you can get this kind of insight outside Bootcamp, too.

You can do it by writing down your goals. Where do you want to be six months from now? A year from now? What will it take to get there?

Finally … and this may seem a little “woo-woo” … but meditate on the person you want to become. Really “feel” what it’s going to feel like to reach your goals … and have the freedom of the writer’s life.

One of the best ways to make sure you achieve your goals is to make them public. And you can do that by sharing your goals with me in a comment below. Tell me, what does your future “you” look like?

Oh … and if you’re attending Bootcamp this year, I’d like to meet you too! I’ll see you in October!

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Published: August 30, 2013

9 Responses to “Meet Your Future “You””

  1. I've considered Bootcamp, but beyond the financial challenges involved to attend is that I just started the course (AWAI's timeline would have me finish in mid-November). I really don't want to put everything on the line unless the job prospects are favorable. Making a good impression becomes more difficult if I'm not prepared.

    Christina Hawthorne

  2. My future me is someone who is stable with money and free time to spare. I'm able to build my business up and get out of my 2nd shift job. My quality of living is excellent, I can get back into all the fun activities I love doing (swimming, rock climbing, martial arts, parkour, shooting), travelling more frequently and able to marry my girlfriend! I also see my future me eating a burger too.

    Guest (Eric Broman)

  3. The "Future Me" will be a person who is out of debt, is able to financially support her family and have the freedom to enjoy our lives together. She will not be stressed over purchasing decisions like should I afford to get the car fixed or buy new shoes for my son this month.

    Guest (Christine)

  4. All of your articles this week were so helpful in making the conference seem real and with such practical tips to do to prepare. You have helped me improve my attitude! Thanks a bunch.


  5. My future me looks like: Fiona who is able to have the freedom to ive part of the year here in the USA and back in my home land New Zealand. At the moment a 9-5 job keeps me here in LA oh to be free to be where I wnat when I want both with the time and money to be able to do so.

    Guest (Fiona)

  6. Six months from now I am going to be finished with the accelerated program. Within a year I am going to free myself from my 10 hour a day, 12 day work week. I have very little free time right now and am using every moment I can pouring over this course as well as re-reading "Choose Yourself" by James Altucher. The book is fabulous and I found it at the right time. I am not able to attend Boot Camp this year due to using my vacation to take care of my mother, but plan on it next year.

    Guest (Catherine)

  7. Thanks Rae, I really enjoyed your articles this week. You made several good points about getting the most out of our 3 1/2 days together.

    I will also be at Bootcamp. This year will be my first visit and yes, it would be nice to meet you too.

    I just joined AWAI a couple of months ago and I am very interested in learning more about the "Future Me", maybe you can help with that!

    Thanks, John

    John DeProspo

  8. Hi Rae, Along with the blizzard of information that has been coming ever since I signed up for the Accelerated program... I think your series has been especially helpful to organize what I want to accomplish between now and bootcamp.
    My first goal is to come away with an assignment (I am leaning toward the financial arena).
    My secondary goal is to come away with at least 3 good contacts to follow up with.
    I will make a point to meet you in Delray in Oct.

    Guest (Nancy Tossell)

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