Niche Copywriters Welcome Here!

Pam Foster back with you …

I hope you liked my first three tips this week on how to find the right niche market for your writing services. And, I hope you’ve had a chance to look around the various job sites to discover one or two booming markets that excite you.

You see, it’s crucial that you see yourself thriving in a specific industry filled with opportunities, eager to grow your business every day.

If you haven’t landed on the perfect niche yet — or even if you have one in mind — I recommend you find out if your potential niche markets have thriving communities.

Try these steps to see if there’s a community you can join, where you’ll mingle with potential clients and colleagues.

  1. Google “[niche] marketing association” and see what shows up in the results.

    I did this when considering the pet and veterinary industry, and I was delighted to find several organizations in those fields.

    To help you see how this can work for you, I chose the healthcare niche as an example.

    I typed in “healthcare marketing association” and found several different organizations listed in Google.

    That’s an EXCELLENT sign! You know this is a very strong market because people are establishing industry communities. (If you’re considering a niche market that’s “too limited,” you won’t see much in the results.)

  2. Next, click on a listing to see what’s going on.

    I chose the example shown here — the Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development — because it has 4,000 members and posts fresh news, job listings, and more. Plus, they have an annual conference.

    This means it’s a robust, lively organization that includes potential clients and referral sources.

    Plus, having such an involved trade association shows that this industry is thriving, probably with plenty of opportunities for you to land clients from thousands of different companies.

    The reason is — a thriving trade organization gets some of its support from its members. But it also gets advertising money. Companies are more than happy to spend money advertising to the association’s members.

    That mean they’re likely to spend money on skilled writers, too. For instance, in the veterinary industry, the companies that sell pet food, medical equipment, scrubs, software, and more — all invest in advertising to the trade organizations. That’s their audience! Therefore, you’ll want to scope out the advertisers on these sites — these are prospective clients.

Now that you can see all the potential of thriving trade organizations, conduct Google searches for your short list of markets.

When you come across your own niche organizations, study them closely. You’re already interested in your niche on some level. Now it’s time to gain an in-depth knowledge.

I can’t tell you how many clients I won over because I was “one of them,” working in their industry, speaking their language, understanding their marketing challenges, knowing their target audiences, etc.

When you’re positioning yourself as a niche-market resource, your clients will see you as an ally … and that’s a major value to them.

Tomorrow I provide my final tip for identifying — and going after — the right niche market for you.

In the meantime, are you close to deciding on a niche? Are you excited … or still a bit stumped? Please leave a comment and let us know.

How to Choose Your Writing Niche

How to Choose Your Writing Niche: Your Step-by-Step Blueprint for Finding a Niche that’s Right for You

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Published: August 8, 2013

10 Responses to “Niche Copywriters Welcome Here!”

  1. As a B2B Healthcare Copywriter, I decided to take your advice and joined SHSMD and the Healthcare Marketing Group. Your expert advice has really come in handy.

    Knowing the right audience to plug into is 90% of the battle. Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction, Pam!


  2. I have chosen non-profits and charities, for web and print.

    So far I've found some good groups on LinkedIn. It's early, so I haven't seen the payoff yet.

    Guest (Dan)

  3. so there are two things I can't seem to shake. One is pets (not that I've tried to shake that because I LOVE my dogs! and cheerleading (I've tried to shake that, but constantly find myself coaching :) I must really like it because just when I think I'm done, someone will ask me to coach for them, and I start having a blast! Anyway...those are two of my favorite hobbies. I did a search and lots of stuff came up for both. My question is, now what?? My "real" job is writing publications for the Navy and I was a telecommunications technician before that, so I've always been in a technical field, so not sure what to do as far as actually "talking to people". I'm used to just fixing things. How do I go about actually getting clients?

    Laurie L

  4. I've worked in the networking field for over 20 years so really don't want to go there if I don't have to. Love dogs and coachiing cheerleading. Looked up both on google, but now what? I'm still not sure how to go about getting clients, and don't see any jobs for either on Direct Jobs, plus you need experience for most of those.

    Laurie L

  5. Thanks, Pam. This is great advice that should really help to narrow down my niche.


  6. Great advice Pam! You also advised me to come to AWAI in the first place back when I emailed you asking for an audit of my websites and you guided me to where I learned about AWAI and now I am enrolled in their copywriting course! I am excited to discover my niche market and look forward to applying your tactics. Namaste! Nancy

    Guest (nancy ivey)

  7. Great tips. Thank you so much. This is exactly the type of information I needed to get started in finding the best niche.

    Bonnie F

  8. Great comments! It's wonderful to see how you're embracing the niche approach, especially by joining associations and other groups in your industry of choice.

    The short/easy answer to "now what?" is this: AWAI and I worked together to create a program that shows you exactly how to market yourself in a niche industry and get clients. It answers all the questions being asked in this comment thread. :-) Check it out here:

    Guest (Pam Foster)

  9. Just signed up for the course and really looking forward to starting. Finding our niche is critical and where I need to start.


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