The ‘No-Ad’ Ad Your Reader Wants to Read

Want to know something about me as a copywriter?

I don’t like writing ads.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Everything I’ve always done as a professional copywriter is about ‘making a sale.’ But I’m not an ad-writing type of copywriter.

I guess it’s because of my background as a teacher. Once a teacher, always a teacher. When I started writing copy, I realized what I loved doing most was teaching the prospect in my writing.

Now, teaching, as such, in standard direct-marketing letters — you know, the ad letters I don’t like writing — is a no-no.

But I soon found a way to combine my chosen third profession (copywriting) with my much-loved second profession (teaching). I started writing advertorials, white papers, blogs, and similar information-based pieces. Pieces like The Golden Thread series of articles.

I loved pursuing my craft this way. But I was definitely in a small niche of writers like me.

It’s a brand-new landscape for ‘ads’ …

Fast forward five or so years to the current day. What I love doing most, imparting information in my writing, has become the most exciting — and under-populated — era in marketing ever.

And it’s all because of the super-saturation of bad ads in our lives thanks to the Internet.

People are sick of ads. They still want to buy. But they don’t like being ‘sold’ in ads. Instead, they want to learn new things that will make their lives easier and more interesting.

Marketing’s newest ‘secret’
Don’t ‘advertise.’ Give ‘em what they want …

They want to learn things they can pass on to friends and family, things that will make them look and feel more interesting and more intelligent.

People want relevant, useful, and compelling information.

This hottest new era in direct marketing gives them exactly what they want. It’s called ‘Content Marketing.’ What this means is that companies send their prospects useful information — content their prospects want and need. Content they happily read.

This develops a strong relationship with the prospects based on this ‘gift’ of useful content.

Businesses didn’t turn to content marketing out of the goodness of their hearts. They did so because they were compelled to when Google shifted how it searched the Internet.

Until a few years ago, most online marketers could simply pepper their websites and blogs with keywords. Enough keywords, and a search query would land on their page and move it closer to the top. The result all too frequently was bad content getting high rankings in searches.

No more Google garbage …

Google changed that with content-sensitive search algorithms. Instead of being fooled by an excess of keywords, these algorithms look at the quality of the actual content on the website or in the blog. The better the content, the higher the rankings.

This change is a godsend for writers like us. Businesses could no longer get away with outsourcing work for a few cents per page for keyword-heavy, garbage copy. Instead, they had to hire real, competent writers to write content-rich copy.

This revolution was also a godsend for small to medium-sized businesses. In the old, ‘keywords are king’ days, larger corporations dominated search rankings by virtue of their size. But now, smaller companies with good content-writers have a much better chance of placing higher in the rankings. And making more sales!

If you understand content marketing, you can help these small and medium-sized businesses break through to their customers. Think about it. You can find work just about anywhere you want, writing on any topic that interests you. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Let THE master guide you …

The acknowledged master of content marketing is Brian Clark — founder of Copyblogger Media. Brian likes to tell how he got started in content marketing with the story of the original content marketer, John Deere & Company.

In 1895, the company began publishing The Furrow. This magazine was packed with time-saving tips and technology news for farmers. Although called a magazine, in reality, it was content marketing for John Deere products. The magazine became immensely popular and sales went up that year and in the years that followed.

Based on this story, Brian developed his own take on content marketing by founding Copyblogger Media in 2006. Copyblogger has grown from nothing when it launched to making over $7 million a year today.

Along the way, Brian has captured numerous awards and accolades for his pioneering presence in this exciting field. This past year, 2012, Dun & Bradstreet named Brian the “most influential person to follow on Twitter” for small businesses.

Brian wants to teach you how to be a top-rated, highly sought after content marketer. He’s going to do it this September in a series of eight live, online webinars stretching over four weeks.

Each hour-long session covers a crucial aspect of content marketing. While the learning will be serious, you won’t feel like it’s hard work. If you’ve ever been around Brian, you know he has a fun, conversational style that feels like a friendly chat. A chat with the expert who just happens to know everything you need to know about content marketing.

And as an extra bonus, each session is followed by a half-hour Q&A with Brian. He’ll answer any questions you have about this exciting, new field in copywriting.

Brian breaks content marketing into eight, easy-to-digest sessions that tackle one key area in content marketing in each session. Here’s a taste of what you’ll be learning …

  • Webinar #1: Authorship, Author Rank, and Authority
  • Webinar #2: Smart business models for online writers
  • Webinar #3: Business model case study
  • Webinar #4: Content Strategy
  • Webinar #5: Content Creation
  • Webinar #6: Social Media Marketing
  • Webinar #7: Email Marketing
  • Webinar #8: Search Engine Optimization

This simple list cannot do justice to what you’ll learn under Brian’s training and guidance. Unfortunately, there just isn’t room here to go into more detail about the actual content of each session.

But it’s easy to learn more. All you have to do is click here and you can read exactly what you’ll learn in each informative and entertaining session. And more.

However, if the idea of writing content-rich copy — copy your readers are thrilled to read, copy that doesn’t sound like an ad — excites you, then click here. You’ll be able to reserve your space for these eight, information-packed sessions.

And of course, since this is AWAI, you’re covered by the strongest, risk-free guarantee imaginable. If, after the first week of classes with Brian this September, you aren’t absolutely confident he’s putting you on the path to a six-figure career, you can have all your money back with no questions asked.

So there’s absolutely no reason not to sign up now and be on your way to success as a Content Marketing Strategist today. Click here to get started!

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Published: August 12, 2013

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