The Clear and Easy Path to FINALLY Finding Your Perfect Niche Industry

You hear it all the time from the experts … you have to specialize to be a successful copywriter these days.

And AWAI Member, Pam Foster is living proof …

Pam use to struggle to find enough copywriting clients, promoting to the general business crowd and competing against a sea of other generalists.

Then about three years ago, she finally decided to focus on a niche market: the pet industry. It’s a booming market with all kinds of opportunity.

Once she decided to specialize in that niche – she was able to land 7 clients in just 7 weeks.

Pam says, “When I look back, I have to laugh at myself. Why did I resist focusing on one niche industry? It's the best decision I could have made."

There are many promising niche markets to choose from, and with a little legwork you’ll be able to find the one that fits you the best.

Not only will you want to find a strong market with all kinds of mid-size and large companies who pay big bucks on marketing, and who hire copywriters, content writers, bloggers, social media managers, article writers, video script writers and other types of writers.

But also, you have to find a market that excites you. A market you can really sink your teeth into, day after day.

You’ll want to ask yourself …

What’s the right niche market for me, professionally and inspirationally?

Here are two fundamental ways to find the answer.

First, start with your background and interests. And be honest with yourself.

For instance, if you’ve worked in software for many years and you love it — great! That’s a wonderful place to start your investigation. You’ll have all kinds of excellent connections and insider knowledge for that market and you can easily position yourself as a skilled writer for that industry.

However, if you worked in software for many years and you hate it — great! You can rule it out and look into other areas of interest.

Perhaps instead, you’re also a fitness fanatic and you’d like to work with fitness companies. That’s fine. Investigate the fitness industry and see if it has potential for you.

Or, you could possibly combine two niches if there’s a market for that combination. For instance, software for the fitness industry certainly exists as a market. But are there enough companies in that market to sustain your writing business? Only you can determine that by doing some research.

The second step: how to investigate those niche markets for business potential.

All you need to do is search for clues through these resources:

  • Look through the top online job boards to see who’s hiring for copywriters right now. Go to,, and and type in “copywriter” to see what types of jobs appear.

    As you scan through the results, hopefully you’ll find jobs in your field of interest (software, retail, education, sports, etc.). It’s a very good sign if you see a few different jobs in a particular niche … and you may even want to apply for one of them! (For some writers, the writer’s life means having a full-time writing job with a company you love. For others, it’s the freedom of freelance.)

  • Research your potential niches market(s) in the business world. Go to,, and other business websites to search for news about your chosen market(s). For instance, on, you could search “software trends” or “software industry” to find articles about market strength and forecasts. Another way is to simply Google “software industry” and see what shows up. You’ll discover how much money is spent in the industry, types of companies (consumer, B2B/business-to-business, non-profits, and more), and other clues.

  • Find out if your niche market(s) have active trade organizations or associations. For instance, Google “software association” and see if one or more results include national associations with robust websites, thousands of members, advertising on the sites, annual conferences or trade shows, magazines and other clues of a very active market. In fact, the advertisers on those websites may be great potential clients for you, since they spend money on ads. You can also search in LinkedIn Groups to find niche-focused marketing groups.

These are just some of the many ways you can identify the perfect niche industry for your writing business.

But if you want to know exactly how to find a niche, position yourself in it, go after prospects, and become the go-to writing expert in that field, check out AWAI’s program, How to Choose Your Writing Niche.

Since niche-marketing is truly the fastest and best way to set yourself apart from thousands of other writers and become a client-hero … AWAI teamed up with Pam Foster to create this must-have guide.

It shows you how to follow a step-by-step proven path to FINALLY finding your perfect niche industry, including examples of everything Pam did to launch her personal niche-focused business. It’s really a case study with materials you can try yourself.

Order by August 9th and save $50.

Or learn more about How to Choose Your Writing Niche: A step-by-step blueprint for choosing a profitable niche that’s right for you.

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Published: August 7, 2013

1 Response to “The Clear and Easy Path to FINALLY Finding Your Perfect Niche Industry”

  1. Just signed up beenin the construction firld for 35+ years looking for something different!

    mrscalesAugust 9, 2013 at 7:13 pm

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