Breaking Into B2B Copywriting

Hi. Steve Slaunwhite here, and I'll be writing this week about Business-to-Business copywriting.

As you may know, B2B, as it’s often called, refers to businesses that sell products and services to other businesses.

For example, a forklift truck company is B2B. So is a sales training firm. Even your bookkeeper, if you have one, is B2B.

There are millions of these companies throughout North America. And many need the services of a freelance copywriter (you perhaps?) on an ongoing basis.

Now, you won't hear a lot of noise or hype amongst B2B copywriters. We're quite a relaxed group. Even sedate!

None of us are making a million dollars a year writing 16-page sales letters and "beating a control." But hundreds of us (probably thousands) are making a comfortable six-figure income writing websites, emails, brochures, product success stories, social media content, and other marketing pieces that our clients need.

It's a nice, low-stress way to make a good living as a writer.

For example, a friend of mine broke into B2B copywriting just a couple of years ago. Her passion is alternative energy and, these days, she writes copy for an enviable base of clients in that industry.

When I called her a couple of weeks ago, she was working on a new website and some product descriptions for a solar panel company. She figured those projects would take her two weeks to finish. Her fee? $5,500.

Not a fortune. But a nice income.

By the way, she rarely, if ever, works past 2:30 p.m. (She has kids.)

That's a fairly typical snapshot of a successful B2B copywriter.

Sure, there are many ambitious people who are attracted to copywriting because they want to make a lot of money. Nothing wrong with that! However, most B2B copywriters are in it because they want to write, make a good living — and still have a life!

That's what makes B2B copywriting worth looking into.

So if you're curious about this copywriting specialty, I encourage you to stay with me this week. Each day I'll give you some insights into what B2B copywriting is all about — and tips on how to get started.

Tomorrow, for example, I'm going to introduce you to the projects you'll likely handle as a B2B copywriter and how much you can expect to earn. Stay tuned!

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Published: September 30, 2013

6 Responses to “Breaking Into B2B Copywriting”

  1. I am definitely interested. You have described what seems to me to be the ideal way to support myself.

    Guest (Betty Stapp)

  2. Dear Steve,

    I am a lawyer, specializing in defending parents who have lost their children to the child welfare system. I get my clients through the legal aid system in British Columbia, Canada. As you can well imagine, my income is modest.

    I love to write, and I am very interested in supplementing my income through copywriting!

    I look forward to participating in your teleseminar tomorrow, October 1, 2013 at the 8:00 p.m.(EST) time slot (5:00 p.m., my time!

    Alice Ratzlaff

    Alice Ratzlaff

  3. I am trying narrow my niche area. I have signed up to follow the training of Dan Kennedy, in information marketing, but since the beginning of my research into copy writing, I have also been drawn to B2B. As an older person getting into this business I have read that B2B writers write less long,long copy. I'm looking for quicker turn arounds. Would the B2B area be able to accommodate that goal? Will his training augment any B2B work for me in the future?
    Thanks and I always look to learn more.

    Guest (Terri S)

  4. I'm brand new to copywriting, still working my way through AWAI's basic "Six-Figure Copywriting" course. But I'm drawn to B2B copywriting. Frankly, I find those long sales letters intimidating. I don't know whether I can write those, or whether I even want to. B2B involves shorter, more informational writing. This is more to my liking and matches up better with writing I've done before. I feel like this is something I definitely can do (once I've gotten the proper education).

    Guest (Jeff Soufal)

  5. Steve, you know I'm taking notes here. ;) I love these posts!

    I'm working for an Italian IT firm (a B2B, indeed) as a web designer and a copywriter, and so far I'm learning a lot on B2B relationships. I needed an hands-on eye opener!

    Looking forward to your next posts. ;)

    ~ Luana

    Luana Spinetti

  6. I'm have written many books for younger readers published by main houses, as well as children's books,screenplays, brochures, short stories,film narrations, program notes, press releases, reports, proposals, web copy. I know that I can succeed with B2B.I may sign up for the AWAI course, but it is a great deal of money. Convince me that I can't find the same info for free online!

    Guest (Kenny Mann)

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