Nobody Likes Boring Content

Opportunity is often about timing.

As I mentioned yesterday, I got the timing right when I jumped into the online copywriting business back in 1998.

If I had tried to make my mark sooner, it would have been too early.

How come? Because up until that point, everyone had been focused on the technology of the Web. The heroes of the day were the web developers and designers. Nobody was much interested in the words. But by 1998, companies were ready to pay attention, because while their websites were working well in a technical sense, they weren’t doing a good job of driving attention and sales.

It was just the right time for the writers to step up … and that’s what I did.

I believe we are at the exact same juncture today, but with social media.

Over the last few years, it has been all about the creation and technology of social media platforms. As with the Web, social media has taken off big-time. And, as with the Web, millions of companies have jumped in to take advantage.

And just like the Web back in 1998, there are millions of social media pages out there being badly executed.

The engineers and tech guys have done their part. Now it’s time for the writers to step in and make these pages actually work.

Bottom line: It’s all about the words. It’s about the writing.

If you are with me so far, you might be wondering why it is that writers are the key to this next stage in the development of social media marketing.

In a nutshell, it’s because social media communication relies on great content and an engaging writing style.

Nobody wants to share or comment on boring content.

Nobody wants to interact when the writing style is flat, too corporate, or overly promotional.

The key to success for companies is to get into real, authentic conversations with their followers and friends, and write in a style that is human, personal, and engaging.

This is where the opportunity is right now. And believe me, it’s huge.

Of the millions of companies that already have social media pages, MOST of them are doing a very poor job when it comes to the quality of their content and the authenticity of the “voice” they use when writing.

There are actually two sides to this opportunity … and that’s what we’ll be exploring tomorrow.

Stay tuned, because both sides of the opportunity depend on the involvement of smart, ambitious online writers.

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Published: September 10, 2013

1 Response to “Nobody Likes Boring Content”

  1. Yes, boring content is a sin. As I've told my seminar students over and over, think of your own behavior on the web. Observer yourself and you'll better understand how not to bore your audience.

    Guest (Brian V Hunt)

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