Why Social Media is Huge for Copywriters

This is the first of five articles I’ll be sharing over the course of the next week on a subject that is proving to be a huge opportunity — the biggest since 1998, at the very least — for online writers and copywriters.

It’s the rise of social media.

I’m going to kick things off with a short story.

A few days ago, I was talking with a business friend of mine, who happens to be the president of a highly-respected digital advertising agency. He told me how even the largest companies out there fail to grasp the fundamentals of social media marketing.

He shared this example with me …

The Marketing VP of a Fortune 500 company told him they had hired some guys in their early 20s to run their social media efforts.

“Really?” asked my friend. “Why so young?”

“Because they were native to social media, they grew up with it.”

My friend got pretty angry about that answer. What the VP should have done was hire people who had professional-grade training in social media marketing, without regard to their age. Needless to say, that company is failing miserably with its social media.

That VP’s error sounds like such a rookie mistake — like hiring someone to run your TV station just because he watches lots of TV.

But according to my friend, who helps big companies with their digital marketing every day, basic mistakes like this are incredibly common.

The bottom line is that while millions of companies, large and small, now have Facebook pages, Twitter pages, YouTube channels, and other social media profiles, few of them know what to do with them.

In fact, most of them just treat social media like another broadcast channel, using it to promote their latest deals and special offers. They just don’t get the “social” part of it. They don’t interact with their friends, followers, or subscribers. They don’t get into conversations.

On the face of it, this might just sound like another story of companies failing to grasp a new technology. And that’s true enough.

BUT … what my friend sees is a massive opportunity for his digital agency.

And what I see is an even bigger opportunity for freelance writers and copywriters.

My friend can take care of the Fortune 500 companies, while you and I take care of all the medium-sized and small companies that need exactly the same kind of help.

Let me put this another way: There are millions of companies out there that have created social media profiles but have no idea how to make the most of them.

Almost none of those companies have professional social media expertise in-house, so they need to reach out to people like you.

Tomorrow, I’ll show you how writers and copywriters are in an ideal position to jump in and profit from this massive demand for social media expertise.

BTW — At the beginning of this article, I mentioned how the rise in social media represents the biggest opportunity online since 1998. I chose that date because that’s when I launched myself as an online copywriter. Back then, millions of companies had built their first websites, but they didn’t know how to do it right. That was a huge opportunity that I jumped at.

Today, it’s the same with social media. All those same companies now have social media profiles, but don’t know how to do it right.

1998 was exactly the right time for me to jump in and launch my career writing for the Web. Today is exactly the right time to jump in and make money as a social media writer.

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Published: September 9, 2013

2 Responses to “ Why Social Media is Huge for Copywriters”

  1. I have "liked" a FB page of a store that I found in a tourist destination. They have an international cliental, probably. I know it's at least national. Their FB page has actually become an irritation to me because they don't offer online sales. They are picturing new dresses to an online community, but you have to go to the shop in FL to buy them. They are trying to use the internet for ... what? They don't have a website and don't offer online sales. It has created an irritating vacuum, not an online community of people who love their products. People repeatedly comment that they want to buy things and would like to have a website available. I've been witnessing this situation for about two years.


  2. I follow the Whole9/Whole30 FB page. The authors have created a vibrant community that is both helpful and informative for anyone looking to change their eating habits to more healthy alternative. Their relationship with their fans/customers is vibrant and lively.


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