Get Started in the B2B Niche Faster,
with this Tip!

So far this week I've given you an overview of Business-to-Business copywriting, explained the types of projects you can expect to handle (and the money you can make), and pointed out that there's a high demand for B2B writers right now.

Interested yet?

Believe me, I'm not trying to sell you. I'm simply doing my best to provide a clear and honest picture of what this specialty is like.

In fact, you might well decide that B2B copywriting is NOT for you.

But if you do decide to pursue this field, let me share a tip that will help you get started, faster:

Leverage your background and interests.

You see, one of the great things about B2B copywriting is that you don't have to begin from scratch. You can use your education, experience, accomplishments, and even passions, to give yourself a huge head start in a particular niche market.

Last week, for example, I received an email from an AWAI member who had just finished the Secrets of Writing High-Performance Business-to-Business Copy program. (That's the foundational program in B2B copywriting.)

She told me she had worked for a transportation company for 15 years and asked if she should look for copywriting clients in that industry.

I said, "Definitely! You're familiar with the industry. You know the products and services. Transportation firms are going to be VERY interested in talking to you about writing their marketing materials."

Here's another example …

A few years ago, I coached a writer who had a passion for travel. She never worked in that industry (she is a former teacher) but loved everything about it. In fact, we once had a long conversation about the latest breakthroughs in ski lift technology! Her keen interest in travel-related products and services resonated with marketers in that industry. Today, she writes for several clients, including a ski lift company!

Is there something about your background, experiences, and interests that could catapult your success as a B2B copywriter?

Here's a quick exercise that will help you find out.

Grab a notepad or piece of paper. In the middle, jot down your education, employment history, experiences, skillsets, and interests. Then draw a box around that list.

Now do some brainstorming. As callouts from the box, list all the industries and niche markets you can think of that are in any way related to what you wrote down in the box.

Now take a look at the results. Chances are, two or three jump off the page as potential niche markets for you.

Please do that exercise. It will get you thinking about what's possible. In fact, you might well discover that you're a lot closer to B2B copywriting success than you thought you were! (And then be sure to share it with all of us in the comments section.)

Tomorrow? I'm going to share the one thing you must do to ensure your success in the fun and lucrative world of B2B. Watch for it!

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Published: October 3, 2013

3 Responses to “Get Started in the B2B Niche Faster, with this Tip!”

  1. My most recent background is in public education, and I have a doctorate in Education and Organizational Change.

    Think there might be a niche out there that is just dying to hire me?

    Dr Cheryl Cuttineau

  2. Hi.
    I just finished my B.L program at the Nigerian Law School and will be called to bar in few weeks time. I've been thinking about the possibility of going into B2B writing in the legal field but can't really figure it out. Is there a niche in that field that requires quality B2B writers?
    And secondly, as a Nigerian, can I get American clients to believe in me and hire me (even in B2C)?

    Oludami Yomi-Alliyu

  3. When I listed my information as indicated - I found out I'm a 'jack of all trades.'
    I feel pulled in Lots of unrelated directions.
    However, I can see where certain niches within a niche might be possible.

    BJ Jensen

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