How To Get the Most Out of Bootcamp … Even If You Didn't Go

If you aren’t able to go to Bootcamp this year, I have a special treat to tell you about.

And if you’re on your way there right now, what I’m going to tell you about will make your Bootcamp experience even better.

Katie calls it the Bootcamp Home Study Program. Not a bad name. But I like to call it …

 … Bootcamp On Demand.

It’s “On Demand” because that’s the #1 benefit of this great AWAI offering. You get to experience Bootcamp all over again … or for the first time … whenever you want … wherever it’s convenient for you … and as many times as you want.

Now if you don’t make it to Florida this year, it’s obvious why this program will be so valuable to you. You’ll get to experience everything you missed.

But what if you’re reading this Golden Thread while you’re in your hotel room in Delray after a long day packed with the most powerful information you need to get your copywriting career on the fast track? Why would you need a Home Study Program? You’re already there, right?

Finding platinum nuggets among the gold

After nine Bootcamps, I’ve figured that Bootcamp’s biggest benefit can also be its biggest problem. Bootcamp is jam-packed with information, strategies, and secrets. So jam-packed that it's impossible to remember everything you experienced. There’s so much information, it's easy to get overwhelmed.

Bootcamp On Demand (aka Bootcamp Home Study Program) lets you quell that feeling by giving you the opportunity to go back — again and again — and put everything you’ve learned and are going to learn into manageable, useable bite-sized pieces.

It gives you the opportunity to find what I call platinum ideas hidden among all the gold.

For example, you’ll be able to hear and see Bill Bonner — Founder and President of Agora Publishing and holder of one of the longest running controls in marketing history. He’ll tell you about copywriting’s biggest challenge and how to overcome it.

Or you can learn for the first time — or study in greater detail — real life lessons for crafting successful, easy-to-read copy from copywriting master Donna Baier Stein.

And, there’s no way you can absorb everything this man has to say …

If you’ve been around AWAI for even a little while, you’ve heard about Mike Palmer. He’s the idea person at Stansberry and Associates. He’s responsible not only for their success over the past five years, but also for the success of dozens of up-and-coming copywriters who’ve made their mark with Stansberry.

He’s going to talk about how to become an idea machine. (If anyone knows how, it’s Mike.)

I’ve been to presentations Mike’s given at Bootcamps over the years. He’s humorous. Clear. Easy to follow.

His presentations are so chock-full of ideas that he could be “poster boy” for Bootcamp On Demand (aka Bootcamp Home Study Program). No matter how good you are at taking notes, there’s no way you can capture everything Mike has to tell you without going back and reviewing it several times.

See Mark Ford for what may be his last Bootcamp appearance …

And maybe you’d like to hear and see Mark Ford (you might know him better as Michael Masterson), talk about how all copywriting is really persuasion … and the three-part formula for being persuasive in writing, speaking, and in everything you do.

A couple of years ago, Mark said he wasn’t going to do anymore Bootcamp presentations. He wanted to concentrate on his writing full-time. But he came back this year for this special presentation to announce his newest book, Persuasion: The Subtle Art of Getting What You Want.

I’m really excited about this presentation and the book because I wrote it with Mark and will be on stage with him during our presentation.

5 Strategies for getting the most out of home study …

So, let’s suppose you’ve made the smart decision and you’ve enrolled in Bootcamp On Demand (aka Bootcamp Home Study Program). Here are my suggestions for getting the most out of the program …

  1. Download the transcripts and notes/handouts for the session you're going to watch. Print them in draft form (to save ink).
  2. Take a quick look at these documents before viewing the presentation. You don't have to do a thorough reading. Just take the time to pick out what you feel are key points.
  3. Watch the presentation with the notes beside you. As the presenter makes important points, pause the recording and make your own notes on your printouts.
  4. If you miss an important point or don't quite "get it," go back right then and listen/watch again. This is much more effective than coming back later to clarify points.


  1. Bootcamp is 3 days long. Do not try to cram everything from Bootcamp into 3 days of home study.

That’s the beauty of this program. You have the luxury of taking your time with it so you can squeeze as much out of each presentation as it has to offer. Where it’s most convenient for you. At your pace. When you can get the most out of it for boosting your copywriting career.

That's it: my suggestions for getting the most out of Bootcamp On Demand (aka Bootcamp Home Study Program) … and for that matter, out of Bootcamp itself.

To learn more about Bootcamp On Demand (aka Bootcamp Home Study Program), click this link right now. Katie has authorized a special Early Bird price. But she cannot hold to that price for very long. So, enroll NOW!

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Published: October 21, 2013

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