Overcoming the Odds to
Enjoy Copywriting Success

At just 21 years old, AWAI member David Gordian has come a long way in his freelance copywriting career. He grew up without much money and in tough surroundings in Los Angeles. But at 17, he discovered the world of online marketing and started providing SEO services. The technical SEO stuff was boring. But, David found that he really liked writing the sales copy to sell his services to new clients.

“Maybe it was because it didn't matter how old, how smart, how creative, or how many MBAs I had. I just needed to convert. The fact that I did convert pushed me into it more and more,” says David.

Yet it wasn't until he discovered the copywriting legends like Gene Schwartz, John Caples, and Claude Hopkins that he truly entered the copy world. He devoured their classic books and read articles from present-day heroes Gary Halbert, John Carlton, and Clayton Makepeace. And it was Clayton, a frequent speaker at Bootcamp, who really kick-started David's career, thanks to his Desktop Copy Coach course and the event he hosted last April with AWAI: The Makepeace Method for Making a Fortune Writing Video Sales Letters.

As David wrote Clayton recently:

“To make a long story short … you helped me get going. Everything connected. I knew the rules, the fundamentals. But something about your course made things 'click' …

“Almost every chapter got me more and more excited and I just couldn't wait to get started all over again. And as a result, I landed $250 to $750 projects for the following year. And I doubled almost every year. Today, I'm doing a little over $3K a month.

“So God Bless You, Clayton. You've helped me change my life around.”

So far, David has written mostly in the health and financial niches, including formats like Video Sales Letters, long-form sales copy, squeeze pages, and emails.

“If we measure success by money … I think I'm still chasing it,” notes David. “But I think it's important to never 'know' when you are successful. As long as this game doesn't get boring, then success can be the minute you convert or hit a home run. And there's no bigger rush than that.”

Best of luck on everything, David. You certainly have earned your success so far. And please let us know when you pass your next milestone.

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Published: October 14, 2013

2 Responses to “Overcoming the Odds to Enjoy Copywriting Success”

  1. David, I enjoyed your career revelation to move on and not look back as long as not boring. I would like to retain your example of successful converting to more and more higher milestones ahead.

    To overcome my boring in take care of patients one by one at clinic and operating room and to materialize my dream to help more people live a long happy life in a much larger scale than the one-by-one pace, I would like to transition and convert to a full-time writer within 3-4 years.

    James Chin-Ti Lin

  2. Very happy for you David! Thanks for being so kind as to share and encourage others. Have a blessed day!


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