Are You a Good Fit

Steve Roller here again. I've been talking all week about the perks of the writer's life. I've made the comparison between the Wild West and the vast opportunities in the copywriting world today.

This is the new frontier, the new way to work. Grasp the concept now and dive in, and you'll be miles ahead of your peers in the years to come.

At this point, I'm going to assume the money and the lifestyle appeal to you. In fact, if you're like me, the lifestyle freedom trumps the money.

How do you know if you're a good fit? How do you know if you have what it takes to succeed?

If you can answer "yes" to most of these 11 questions, you're probably in the right place:

  1. Do you enjoy learning about new things?
  2. Do you enjoy reading? Writing? (Obvious questions, I know.)
  3. Do you get work done without anyone telling you what to do?
  4. Do you have a creative bent? Are you good at thinking up ideas for other people?
  5. Do other people consider you somewhat adventurous? Do you think of yourself that way?
  6. Are you a bit unconventional in general?
  7. Have you had a number of jobs throughout your career, without necessarily an upward trajectory?

These last four are from advertising legend David Ogilvy. He said the hallmarks of a potentially successful copywriter include:

  1. Obsessive curiosity about products, people, and advertising.
  2. A sense of humor.
  3. A habit of hard work.
  4. The ambition to write better campaigns than anyone has ever written before.

So let me ask you. Will you be in the next wave of up-and-coming writers? Are you ready to make your mark and stake your claim in the copywriting world? Will you create your own version of a life of intrigue and adventure (with good income to boot) in the next few years?

If it makes sense logically, you're feeling it in your gut, and your heart says "yes," there's only one thing left to do.

Step forward and say, "I'm in."

The next step? You've heard this before, but I can vouch that it works — start calling yourself a copywriter. Tell everyone you know (with confidence) what you do. You can't help but stumble into your first few gigs, however small, like I did.

Let me know where you stand in the comments, and let me know if I can ever help you in any way.

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Published: November 1, 2013

14 Responses to “Are You a Good Fit”

  1. Loved your articles this week, Steve.
    I started calling myself a copywriter just before Bootcamp. Now I've been more open about it with more people.
    BC gave me training and so much more confidence. Being around other writers, and feeling the support was exhilarating.
    I Do want the life and income copywriting offers.
    So, YES, Steve! I'M IN!!
    And, thanks for such generous support!

    Guest (Bj Jensen)

  2. I'm IN Steve!!


    Guest (Jeff)

  3. I am in, all in!

    I have been trying to launch my career since discovering AWAI a few years back. However, real life has kept me from attending Bootcamp the last couple of years.

    Maybe if AWAI put out a spec job or two for folks like me, who can't afford to attend the seminars and coaching sessions to get discovered and make it to the wall go fame?

    But I am absolutely 100% IN.

    Thanks for the support, Steve!


  4. Hi Steve, I am Brazilian and live in Rio de Janeiro. I've been around articles and some AWAI products for about two years now, but I'm not a writer yet. I want to learn everything, so I can use it both here and in the States, why not?
    But now, I'm opening a new online business for myself and I'd like to submit a copy so someone with experience could read and evaluate, is that possible for you?
    I'd really appreciate it, or could you indicate someone?
    Thank's a lot and great article, as always.

    Frederico De Paola

  5. I would give my right arm to be in Circle of Success right now! Finances are not there, but I've joined PWA and will be taking advantage of any other opportunities I can until I have enough available funds to do the COS. Thanks for sharing all that you do!


  6. I don't really call myself a copywriter. More of an idea generator and marketing consultant but it depends on who I;m with.

    Things are getting easier now that I have some momentum. It doesn't seem like so much work and there's more of a flow of ongoing projects and proposals to do. I'm enjoying it more!

    We could meet the day before thanksgiving in Waukesha or chat over the phone. Things are busy so I just want to stay on top of things as best I can.

    Thanks for the articles!

    Guest (horselover2 )

  7. Oh yes, I'm IN!!

    Guest (horselover2 )

  8. I'm in Steve...2014 will be rockin'! Thanks for all the great advice this week in your articles.

    Jerry Bures

  9. Hi Steve My goal is to be a copywriter at the top of the range. To get there I need to give heaps of efforts and work into my PWA membership, Masters Copywriting Program and Writing High Performance B2B Copy Courses.
    Copywriting as a career is very scarce here in the South Pacific. Early retirement (after working 26 years) gives me more time to devote to copywriting. I am looking forward to working closely and learning from the Masters in AWAI.

    Guest (Blossom)

  10. Hi Steve,Thanks for the great articles this week. Seems to be just what I needed after BC. Has been a very hectic week for this Copywriter. So yes I'M IN with both feet, utterly and completely. Back at my job on Monday and the mindset now is "what an inconvenience I have to work, as it's interrupting my Copywriting work". FEELS GREAT!!!!! Onward and upwards.


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