How to Create Your Name Recognition Strategy … So Clients Come TO You

Imagine your potential client surfing the Web …

They don’t really need any copy right now … but …

They do have a business … and a website …

And they know improving their copy would be a smart move …

They just haven’t really had the time to find someone who could help them …

Anyway — they’re searching the Internet and an article you wrote about marketing catches their eye. They start reading it and feel they should visit your website.

They do … and, they like what they see!

They look around a little bit, but decide to think about improving their copy later. They leave your website.

Do you think you’ll ever see them again? Probably not.

But, you could put a few systems in place to ensure they find you when they are ready for new copy …

System #1. Create an opt-in.

If you’ve been reading Wealthy Web Writer for long, you know you need a bait piece — or something you give away on your website in exchange for your visitor’s name and email address.

This strategy is a great way to get the potential client mentioned above to contact you when he’s ready for new copy.

Plus, it’s great for increasing your name recognition because you can show up in their inbox any time you want. To build a relationship with them, just send regular, valuable content. They’ll begin to remember your name and eventually hire you.

But what if the potential client above closes the tab before opting in? That’s where System #2 comes into play:

System #2. Make potential clients remember you.

How many times do you think I have to hear or see your name before I’ll remember you?

Or how about this: How many times do you have to see or hear about someone before you remember him or her?

Of course, this answer depends a lot on the value — and/or entertainment — you provide. But, a guide called Successful Advertising says the fifth time someone sees your message, they actually read it. Fifth!

What do they do before the fifth? Well, responses range from “not seeing the message” to “having a fleeting sense” that they've seen it somewhere before.

The typical person doesn’t take any action until they’ve been exposed to a message at least 5 times …

It takes 9 times before they begin wondering if they're missing out on something …

On the 13th time, they finally start to feel the product has value …

So what’s the magic number for when they actually buy?

Magic Number 20

Well — according to Successful Advertising — the 20th time someone sees your message or ad — if they’re going to buy it — they finally do. Whew! 20 times!

This tells me we all need to get more exposure as web writers.


Increased income, of course!

The more we get our names out there, the more potential clients will see our message or offer. The more often they see us, the quicker they get to magic number 20 and buy!

Plus, these clients are better than clients you chase down because:

  • They will naturally expect you to be good at what you do so they’ll be less concerned with seeing samples.
  • They’ll expect you to charge more (cha-ching!) because they’ve seen you 20 times already! You’re practically a celebrity in your field!
  • You obviously know how to get your name out there — which is what they need to do.

Bonus: Added exposure will open you up to all kinds of prospects! Opportunities you might not have considered before — such as book deals, speaking engagements, big projects for large companies, and more!

Easy Name Recognition Marketing Plan

Just so there’s no confusion …

When I say your name, mission, or offer needs to be seen 20 times, I’m not recommending 20 different marketing techniques. That would exhaust anyone!

Instead, choose a few techniques and keep it manageable. For each technique, aim to do 3-5 things per week. Like this:

  • Marketing Technique #1: LinkedIn — Post twice a week and join a discussion each week.
  • Marketing Technique #2: Website — Write an article every week and share it to Facebook, Google+, and Twitter!
  • Marketing Technique #3: Commenting — Spend 5 minutes every day reading a blog post in your industry. Then write a well-crafted comment on it.

Just by doing the few things above, there will soon be hundreds of instances where potential clients can see you. Each instance moves them closer toward working with you …

Crucial Prep for Spreading Your Message

If your goal is to become a web writer who is known by name, start spreading your name now — really! Just comment below!

If you’re not sure if you want to use your name or not, go here.

If you want to be known for your USP, get clear on it before you start exposing it. Here’s how:

1. Have a clear marketing message.

If someone instantly understands your message, it’s more likely to capture her attention. The more often it captures her attention, the closer she’ll get to hiring you.

2. Create a consistent message.

Just like your message should be clear, it should also be consistent. Imagine someone coming across one of your messages and LOVING it!

But, the next time they find you, they see a completely different message … Talk about confusing. Try to keep your message consistent across all platforms.

3. Be serious about your path.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a current or aspiring web writer. Be proud of it! Add “web writer” to all your social media profiles and anywhere else you currently show up online.

4. Be everywhere.

Once you’re on Google+, have claimed your Google Authorship, and settled on a clear, consistent message (and you’re serious about your path) … start putting yourself everywhere!

What does that mean? Well, anytime you see an instance to get your name online — especially with a link back to your website — do it!

Look for opportunities — which are everywhere! You just have to be open to seeing them …

Make sure you check back next week, where we’ll look more closely at 9 different ways you can build your name recognition in your industry.

This article, How to Create Your Name Recognition Strategy … So Clients Come TO You, was originally published by Wealthy Web Writer.

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Published: November 27, 2013

3 Responses to “How to Create Your Name Recognition Strategy … So Clients Come TO You”

  1. Great article Christina! I especially like how you map out three specific marketing techniques to get your name out there. They're easy to do but require discipline to stick to it - and that's the secret to doing well!

    I look forward to your follow up article.

    Guest (Steve Hutchings)

  2. Great comment Steve. I surely agree. But, the best and most important part of the article was the headline. Excellent use of "....So".

    Keep up the Attention Grabbing Headlines!

    Guest (Wall Street Copywriter)

  3. Very informative. Hope to see more of like this.

    Guest (Shafeek)

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