What The Writer’s Life Really Means …

When many aspiring writers first start pursuing the dream of the writer’s life, it’s usually about one thing: the money.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. You can make a great living writing copy.

But if you think about it, the great income is a “surface benefit” of the writer’s life. And in the end, it’s not what we really want.

What we really want is what money brings. It’s what AWAI calls the “deeper benefit.”

The deeper benefits like freedom. An ultra-flexible schedule. Instant retirement. A stress-free lifestyle. The means to live your life how you want … not how some boss dictates it.

Over the next four days, I’m going to share some heartwarming and inspirational stories of copywriters living their lives how they choose …

But today, I want to share mine.

For me, the writer’s life means saving myself decades of stress and frustration when it comes to my career.

I’m only 24. But while attending college, I discovered that I have no patience for corporations so bloated they can’t make individual, logical decisions. I also realized I didn’t want to work for small companies where I had no personal investment in how well they did.

Technically, that means I’m “unemployable” by the 9-to-5 workaday standards. I am too blunt … too honest … and far too opinionated to work under someone who thinks I have no value.

Plus, there’s far too much I want to do to waste time doing anything I don’t enjoy. For me, the writer’s life is the only way to live.

It means taking over four weeks off to travel throughout the year … from London to Seattle, Chicago to Santa Fe, and finally to Delray Beach.

Recently, it meant rushing Jackson (my fiancé) to the Emergency Room at 4 a.m. and not worrying about being late for work in the morning … or asking some boss for permission to stay home for a week to take care of him. It was a decision I didn’t even have to think about.

Last week, my writer’s life meant working from the gorgeous Seacrest Grille in Delray Beach, watching Bill Bonner and Mark Ford talk with Bootcamp attendees as I enjoyed a fresh salmon filet.

To me, the writer’s life is the only way to actually live life.

But as AWAI trained-copywriter Guillermo Rubio wisely pointed out, “Like a snowflake, no two versions of the writer’s life are the same. They’re the offspring of long-harbored dreams, turned into reality.”

So what’s your version of the writer’s life? I’d love for you to share it with me here.

Tomorrow, I’ll introduce you to a writer who found the ultimate flexibility of the writer’s life to be exactly what he needed when the unexpected struck.

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Published: November 4, 2013

15 Responses to “What The Writer’s Life Really Means…”

  1. That's true, Rae. I never thought about being a writer until AWAI shows me the freedom I seek for so long.


  2. Great article Rae! You've really made me think about what the writer's life really means to me too...Thanks for sharing it!

    Lee Smith

  3. It is so nice to know that there are other people out there that have the same view on working that I do. Sadly, it took me almost 20 years to figure it out, so I must applaud for knowing yourself so much better than I did when I was your age.


  4. The writers life to me, means I will have the money I need to get out of debt. But more important than that is the opportunity to help people achieve their goals by the use of thwritten word that I have been blessed with.

    Guest (Rosalind Ryans)

  5. Right now my vision of a writer's life is helping my TV Production students learn to write copy for scripts that captures the viewer's attention during our live, 10-minute daily broadcast. My interest in my future writer's life for me personally is to be able to find some clients and begin to write copy for them that will give me some freedom that I need.
    Thumz zup, Dr. Joe Underwood

    Guest (Dr Joe)

  6. The writers life to me is waking up when Im ready not when the alarm tells me to. The ability to combine travel with your work.

    Guest (steve)

  7. My version of writer's life: Being able to be present mentally, emotionally, and physically for my family. No stress. Having the financial stability to be as retired as I want to be by the time my youngest child is on his own. No stress. Career satisfaction. No stress. Awesome life! Writer's life!

    Guest (Karen)

  8. Rae,I enjoyed hearing about your deeper benefits. Here are mine. I long to have the freedom and money to: 1)Travel the world; 2) Build a financial legacy for my children and grandchildren; 3) Provide substantial gifts for causes dear to my heart, 4) Enjoy he remaining years that my wife and I have left and provide for her care and enjoyment after I'm gone. All of that can be achieved while promoting truth, good, and beauty in the lives of other people. What an opportunity!

    Tom Schenk

  9. Rae, my biggest vision about living the writers life is 'independence' and 'freedom'. No more, no less.

    You have foresight. I only realized I do not want the office politicking after I subscribed to AWAI. That is after a complete 20 years of doing what I do not enjoy!!!

    Thank you Rae.

    Christine Muleme

  10. A Writer's Life to me is being to work from anywhere in the world, every single month without worrying about the bills. I plan to do this someday. :)

    Guest (Rhoda )

  11. Excellent article Rae. Thank you. I really like your attitude.

    For me, the writer's life means working wherever I want to ... at home, in an office, on the beach, wherever.

    It also means living wherever I want to ... perhaps somewhere in the U.S. with mountains and palm trees. Or maybe abroad, like Central America, Italy or New Zealand.

    Endless possibilities. That's freedom!

    Guest (Jeff Soufal)

  12. The Writer's Life means freedom for me! (yes, the money will be nice too!) Freedom to design my schedule the way I need to - and work from home -- when I ever complete the program!!!
    It's taking me a long time, but I'm moving forward!


  13. Living a Writer's Life means that I want to seriously embark on a writing journey that will deepen my commitment to writing. I want to experience fulfillment and financial freedom doing something I really love, have the time to spend with my new GrandBaby, to travel, be able to help family/friends, and volunteer more.


  14. Living the writer's life means for me, no more commutes to/from work. I determine who I work for and when... Flexibility on when I take a vacation. Providing better for my family financially, and writing for causes I believe in to help make a positive difference in people's lives.


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