Follow up with Clients – Your Life Is Now

If you were with me yesterday, I hope you’re writing a spec.

Perhaps that spec will start a conversation. Or maybe you’ll meet a marketer at a conference or industry trade show — like Job Fair at Bootcamp, or somewhere else.

However you make contact, you’ll be on this marketer’s radar. For now.

But marketers are busy people. So, to remain on their radar (and turn them into paying clients), you need to be proactive. How?

Your Life Is NOW! Action Step #2: Follow Up

To take charge of your own success NOW, you can’t just sit back and wait for marketers to remember you. You must follow up with them.

Think about what you can give that marketer that’s of value. Consider what would make it worth their time to read your email or open your piece of snail mail. Be sure to address the “What’s In It For Me?” (WIIFM) question running through their minds.

The answer is different for each marketer, but some ideas are:

  • A link to an interesting article in an industry publication. (Bonus points if it’s one you wrote!)
  • A case study highlighting the benefits a business similar to theirs received by hiring a business similar to yours. (For example, I’ve used case studies of how wineries are successfully using social media.)
  • The link to your special report that solves a problem their industry faces. (If it’s not too many pages, consider mailing them a hard copy of the report as a follow-up to your email.)

It may be helpful to consider the act of submitting your spec or meeting this person at an event to be your first date. Most people don’t propose marriage (or accept a proposal) after just the first date. Right?

Following up is the courtship stage of the relationship you’re establishing with this marketer.

How Long Do You Continue Courting a Marketer?

Rebecca Matter says to follow up with a marketer until they tell you to stop.

I did just that and recently landed a project after six months of follow-up. I have a few other marketers who I’m still following up with after more than a year.

I send a quick, helpful email once a month or so. I also send a physical card periodically, if I have their mailing address.

Whatever method or strategy you feel is right for you … DO IT! Take charge of your success and follow up.

I’d love to hear how YOU follow up with marketers. Please tell me your strategy in the comments section!

Because your life is NOW … Write On!

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Published: January 14, 2014

1 Response to “Follow up with Clients – Your Life Is Now”

  1. INTEREST I admit that already the strategies plotted my Rebbecca on followin up with a client is already good enough,but if I must say something in addition for the sake of sourcing for new idea,let me talk about interest,though,I knew with this kind of Xpressin,but from my own perspective to follow up on a client I do like to exploit on his interest The most creative art and ability of a salesman is the ability to stimulate INTEREST,interest can come in form of packaging,branding,and even presentation,all this things has the potential to stimulate interest in a prospect,perhaps,if I already know how much a client could be interested in my service,then I will dedicate every resources I have and drill toward the angle of his interest until he becomes enthusiastic about me and my service


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