Say YES!

It’s day two of “writing improv”! I’m Loralei … back with this week’s series on applying improv techniques to your writing.

Yesterday, I shared two important steps on how improv is about being in the moment and committing.

Today’s technique is equally as significant.

Improv is essentially a game played on stage with actors.

But … before anything happens, the actors must say yes.

Saying yes is an essential step to your copywriting success … and for achieving the writer’s life.

It’s part of the commitment step we learned yesterday.

Let me explain …

When I started copywriting, I dreamt of landing a major client right off the bat.

That dream drove me, but I knew I’d never get a meeting with any client if I didn’t say yes to me first.

What do I mean?

I had to say yes to learning. Yes to staying up late after working at my job.

Yes to AWAI Bootcamp and to smaller jobs when I was starting out.

For many, saying yes does not come naturally. So I’ve listed a couple of ways for you to play with the idea:

  • NEVER say “yes but” … ALWAYS says “yes and.” The word AND gets the imagination going. You begin seeing the possibilities of success in front of you. Use it when speaking with a potential copywriting client like this: Yes, I write copy AND I can help you with your website. Immediately your brain starts working on how you can help them, not on what you don’t know.
  • Say yes often. Go to a networking event. Introduce yourself as a copywriter who helps small businesses with their marketing. When a potential client asks if you can help them with their website content, say yes. Be bold. Jump in. Early in my copywriting career, a client asked me to manage their social media. My experience level was limited. But I said yes, and I learned. Quickly.

As a new copywriter, I’ve been unsure of my skill set … and I said yes anyway. Why? Because AWAI has great resources. The many programs AWAI offers. Articles on their website. Fellow copywriters I’ve met at Bootcamp. There are many ways to learn those additional skills.

I want you to remember one thing from today … especially when saying yes might be difficult … and it’s this …

There will always be people more experienced than you in copywriting. But saying yes gets you closer than if you didn’t play at all.

I'd love to hear about your experiences with saying yes. Leave your comments here.

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Published: January 21, 2014

5 Responses to “Say YES!”

  1. As writers, saying YES! means getting out of our own way. Besides, if we don't believe in ourselves, then why should anyone else, right?

    When writers give themselves permission to succeed by saying YES!, life becomes anti-climactic. It's like watching the movies in our minds unreel before our very eyes just as we scripted them. And combining the power of self-belief with excellent copy skills is a blockbuster combo no client can deny.

    I love your style, Loralei. I say YES! to more of the same!


  2. You write some motivating stuff, Loralei! When I first discovered AWAI, I said yes to the request to submit what my vision of a writer's life meant to me. I also said yes to the Barefoot Writing Challenge. Amazingly, I won the writing challenge and the following month an excerpt of my vision editorial was published. All of a sudden, I was a contributing author. Saying yes to yourself WORKS!

    Guest (Darren Stout)

  3. I recently said yes to a technical writing position (even though my experience was limited). While it didn't work out for the long term, in the time I was there I learned tons that I wouldn't have otherwise - most importantly I learned that my talents are with copyrighting, so it gave me the boot I needed to go free-lance! Thanks for the great insights, Loralei.

    Guest (Sue Paulson)

  4. For years I had a desire to write but I never did anything other than write journals about of my life's adventures. I never had the courage to do more! I'll soon be 58 & last fall I finally said YES & went back to college. I wasn't sure what to major in, but I said YES & STARTED. An important thing happened.

    One of my professors sent a response to an assignment I submitted. He said, “You are a gifted communicator”! I was absolutely floored but it sparked my courage to SAY YES to AWAI!

    Guest (OzarkMtnAngel)

  5. Loralei nice article enjoyed it very much

    Guest (Rick Hamilton)

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