Help Me Help You (plus, Free Suprise!)

If I could give you anything, what would it be?



Feedback on your writing?


This week I gave you my formula for a profitable freelance writing business. And based on the comments and questions I got this week, I want to take it one step further …

For the next week, I’m going to dedicate 100% of my time to helping AWAI Members move forward. I’ve completely cleared my schedule of writing assignments and meetings.

I want to help you. I just need to know what you need my help with.

So, as the famous line from the movie Jerry Maguire goes, “Help me help you.”

To get things started, I’ve arranged for you to get free access to a webinar I recently did titled, Five Proven Strategies for Landing New Clients.

During the webinar I shared:

  • Five ways to land clients this year;
  • The best ways to approach a potential client;
  • Things you should never do or say when approaching a new prospect; and
  • A strategy you can use that will have clients coming to you.

It’s a $79 value, but I’ve arranged for you to access it for the next week absolutely free. Check it out!

And, in the meantime, I invite you to reach out to me and share what you need most in order to move forward toward achieving your own personal goals.

You can post comments on this page, and also connect with me on Facebook or the AWAI Forum.

No question is too small … no request is too big. Whatever you need, give me a chance to help you get where you want to be.

And, feel free to be very direct. My goal is to help you make real forward progress this week. So, whatever is in your way, or whatever you need to get to the next level – just let me know.

For one whole week, I’m dedicating 100% of my time to helping you.

Will you take me up on it?

I hope so!

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Published: February 14, 2014

49 Responses to “Help Me Help You (plus, Free Suprise!)”

  1. Rebecca,

    I was very interested in viewing the webinar but, after just starting, sound stopped. Buffering...


    C Michael

  2. Rebecca, Thank you for offering to help - Clayton always says that the first thing we need to do is learn our trade. I find it difficult to learn if I don't get feedback on my work. I once started a group in the forum where we wrote headlines and leads and gave each other feedback - but most people lost interest. Hmmm?
    I think the most important thing for me right now is to have someone who knows copy to give me some feedback.

    Guest (Mike L)

  3. Great stuff -- thank you! For a while I thought Mark's Accelerated Six Figure program was the "price of admission" to learning this stuff, but Steve Slaunwhite's B2B stuff grabs me much more than direct sales. Thoughts on changing direction mid-stream?

    Matt in Chicago

  4. Hi Rebecca, Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions. What a treat!

    I am brand new to copywriting. (I've just purchased Steve's B2B program.) How do I market myself if I don't yet have any samples or clips? Should I wait for samples before putting up my website or LinkedIn page? And on LinkedIn, do I include my past work history, even if it has nothing to do with copywriting? I don't want to leave it blank.

    Jackie T

  5. I have backed away from this. I feel it might be too technical for my wild imagination. In addition, I have a children's book coming out this fall. I don't think I can promote the book and do this too. Thanks anyway. Karen Crider

    Guest (Karen Crider)

  6. Rebecca,

    You are awesome! What a generous offer. I will be in touch over the next week. Again, thank you for extending yourself in such a special way.

    Guest (Faith S)

  7. Hi Rebecca, I'm stuck trying to get my direction. I have the Accelerated Copywriting, Architecture of Persuasion, Internet Research Specialist, Money Making Websites and My Travel Programs. I started the Accelerated program then stopped as I need to get some income going so figured I'd do the Internet Research program while working on a Money Making website. My Travel Programs is for my photography, trying to get stock and some sales. Kinda overwhelmed. Any advice?

    Mike Williamson

  8. Rebecca,

    I know AWAI suggests picking one niche, but I would like to pursue two - 1) B2B and B2C healthcare copywriting, as I have over 20 years experience in healthcare writing/communications (mostly for managed care plans); and 2)Direct-response copywriting (sales letters) for the financial services industry, which I really have no experience in.

    Could I make it work, especially if I set up two separate websites?

    I have another question, which I'll forward through a separate post. Thanks.

    Faith S

  9. Rebecca,

    As a healthcare communications specialist, I would often create letters and mailers that went out via traditional mail. I would, in turn, post that copy to my company's website.

    I explain all this to express my lack of clarity about what the website copywriting course teaches.
    Does it delve into the need to tweak copy intended for other media specifically for the web, as oppose to the basic "copy and paste" that I'd do? Is website copy writing important to be a successful B2B writer?

    Faith S

  10. Rebecca,

    In your opinion, to be a successful B2B healthcare copywriter (for my purposes 300-400 K/year) what services should I provide?:

    White papers, case studies, web copy, emails? Please know that I have years of experience writing for managed care companies, as well as writing health insurance and benefits copy for Fortune 500 companies.
    If you could provide a list of the services in demand, that would be a TREMENDOUS help to me zeroing in on the skills that I need to hone. Thank you!

    Faith S

  11. Thanks Rebecca for offering your time to help. What I need? More time. I should have waited before I took this course. Running one business and starting another one and now trying to write, not enough hours in the day. I put writing on hold for years and thought I was almost ready for it but looks like I am still about a year out before I begin this as my full time career. Will use this year to learn as much as possible. Thanks for all the help. Ricki :)


  12. Hi Rebecca, I have been taking courses and reading a lot for the past year. Now I know it's time to jump in the water. Taking that first step, however, is harder than I thought. Any ideas on how to get my feet wet?


  13. Hi Rebecca, I am going back and forth between B2B and Web Writing. I can't decide which one to buy, but I'm choosing one this week and going for it. I want to quit my day job and write for a living. Writing is really all I've ever wanted to do. I already write fiction and will always write fiction, but I want to learn something new to focus on as well, and make good money doing it. Suggestions on which one might be the better fit for me?


  14. I started the Accelerated Six Figure program, but found it too difficult to follow in the on-line book format. I was also overwhelmed by an unexpected jump in my caseload at work. I would like to try it again, but was wondering what type of changes were made to the program. I am also a little concerned about gaining clients. It seems everything I look at wants writers with copy experience. I am so ready for a change, but cannot give up my current job until I have know I there will be income in-coming!!

    Guest (Monica S)

  15. I am currently in the Accelerated Copywriting Program with the weekly webinars. I am new to this type of writing, but have written extensively for business and myself. Here are my questions:
    How do I find my niche? I have been unemployed for a number of years, but writing plays and novels.
    Do you recommend setting up an Elance profile and trying to get clients that way?

    Thanks! Looking forward to hearing you next Thursday.


    Valerie Stocking

  16. Thank you for opening up to the members like this. Circumstances dictate a sense of urgency for me. My niche is the golf world which is economically stressed. I'm specializing in web content. I have done some Case Studies and find the process to be both interesting and gratifying.
    How do we best tap into the huge demand we hear exists in B2B? Job boards seem largely to reflect low quality prospects.
    Again, I really appreciate the opportunity to connect with you.

    Guest (Robert Wedge)

  17. Hello Rebecca, I have two areas I need help with, First is deciding on my area. I want to do copywriting, but I think I am a still a little fuzzy on where to go from there. Do I need to narrow down from there? If so what kind of choices are there? Right now I think I am better at writing short copy rather than long. Although I have never really written a anything really long. I know you have covered this, but if you can touch on what to do after we decided in copywriting. Thank you very much.

    Guest (Denise M)

  18. Hi Rebecca, I also have the problem as Mike L. Having someone who is experienced in copywriting give me feedback. I am currently developing a serious of letters for my husband laws firm, so they can send them out at various times to clients and also to people who have meet with my husband but choose not to use his services (estate planning) Have someone who knows copywriting critique my letters would be a great, great help.
    Thank you for your time.

    Denise M

  19. Time and feedback are the two biggest things for me. I have so many ideas and paths I want to pursue, but I am leery of getting too many projects going and getting in over my head (I still work a full-time job).

    I think having a been-there-done-that one on one mentor who has already overcome my challenges and can give me feedback would be extremely beneficial.

    Guest (Alyssa)

  20. Hi Rebecca, Ok I am listening to your webinar 5 proven strategies for landing a client.
    When you talked about your love of researching stuff for kids, it hit me that I am like that with personal development. I read everything I can on it. I am on several email lists, all my books that I buy are on this subject. Here is my question, this is a very broad topic and I have no copywriting experience, do I need to narrow down my interest? How do I break into this area? Thank you so much for your help

    Denise M

  21. Rebecca, Thank you for this webinar. Not only did I learn some new stuff, but it reinforced much of what I'd already learned.

    I have a LinkedIn profile and have gotten several clients from it.

    I also built a website for my wife's sewing business. It comes up on the first page of Google's SERP for keywords and questions her prospects ask.

    The past two month have been busy for her, with most of the clients now coming from the Internet.

    Thanks again!

    Steve Maurer

  22. Rebecca, If I missed the answer to this, I apologize. My question: Once the copywriting letter is written, how do I contact/connect with the business/organization? What is the best way to let them know I have a great letter for them to send out?
    Thank you for your help!

    Val Roskens Tews

  23. Hi Rebecca, thank you for the responses, they were very helpful. As for as critiquing our work, maybe it could be kept to letting us know if you are hitting the basic. Ex. the Power of one, the 4 p's, does the writing flow well, etc. Just having the ability to bounce that off someone would be helpful for me. Anyway thank you for taking the time to answer all these questions. I am going to try and make your Facebook QA on Friday.

    Denise M

  24. Hello again, watching your Landing Clients video and you talk about the money-making web site. I am guessing this is different from your copywriters website? so you would need two? Ex. if I wanted to get into self-help Bob Proctor has a couple of monthly memberships that anyone can sell as an affiliate, is doing that what you mean, or are you talking about taking one specific product and selling it? Hopefully this makes sense. thank you

    Denise M

  25. @Alyssa, Do you crochet? I do. When I get tired of one project I start another one. That ends up with my having several at the same time, and none of them done. I finally have to insist to myself that I cannot work on anything else until I finish this one. I make myself pick one and stick with it. That is how I finished my hand-crafted, thread-crochet shawl. It took me months. Patricia.


  26. Rebecca, What companies really use Case Studies? In small town America, which ones should I approach? Thank you for this forum. Patricia.


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