Writers Write

Want to succeed as a writer?

Write something.

Every … single … day.

Even if it’s just 20 minutes a day, you need to keep your writing muscles toned. It’s a great way to ensure you’re always getting better, and it will help reduce the chance of having writer’s block when you sit down to write an assignment.

Rebecca Matter here – with part one of my formula for a profitable freelance writing business. (Remember, this assumes you’ve already chosen the writing path you want to take. If you haven’t made your decision yet, I offered some help in yesterday’s issue.)

Part one – write something every single day – is the easiest of my three-part formula. It’s the one you can start today if you’re not already in the habit.

What should you write?

It can be a blog post, an article, a headline and lead selling a product you use … anything. Ideally, it’s something relevant to your writing business, but it doesn’t have to be. You just need to write something.

“I’ve tried before, but something always ends up breaking the habit.”

That happens to me, too. But I’ve learned how to overcome it …

The key is to choose a measurable goal for writing every day – either a certain amount of time, or a number of words.

For example, you can decide to write for 30 minutes a day … or decide to write 500 words, no matter how long it takes.

I also recommend scheduling your writing time every week. Whether it’s the same time every day or at different times … it doesn’t matter. But mark the time down on your calendar just like you would a meeting with a boss.

You wouldn’t dare fail to show up for a meeting with your boss!

So, give yourself the same consideration and follow through.

And, if something throws you off track (it happens!), get back on track as quickly as possible and reschedule your writing times once again.

Not sure what to write? Here are some ideas …

  • Blog post targeting your potential prospects
  • Article teaching someone how to do something
  • Social media updates for a company you like on Facebook
  • Email convincing your friend to share your political views

And if you’re still stuck, here’s an idea AWAI Member Eddie Stephens recently shared with me on Facebook …

I had hit writer’s block that morning, and after getting unstuck, I decided to share my experience. Eddie had been having a similar issue and found that re-writing other people’s work would help him get unstuck.

I tried it, and it worked!

Just remember, writers write.

So, commit to writing every single day.

Now, go ahead and set your writing schedule for the week …

And then tomorrow, we’ll tackle the second part of my formula for a profitable freelance writing business.

I’ll show you how to increase your value, and at the same time save you from wasting valuable time and money.

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Published: February 11, 2014

22 Responses to “Writers Write”

  1. I have a journal titled, in black Sharpie marker, Nulla Dies Sine Linea: No day goes by without a line. I try to write three pages a day, but sometimes I don't and perhaps it should be retitled "Multa Dies Sine Linea"! But even if I don't write here I often will write several FaceBook or LinkedIn comments, a letter or report, or something els. I feel a pressing need to develop some of these ideas further, and to finish the Accelerated course, really get down to business with writing for pay.

    Guest (Nancy Charlton )

  2. Rebecca, I discovered just how important writing every day is when I tried to write some spec assignments from Bootcamp at Home. Oh, I'd been studying - but I hadn't really put theory into practice. It's one thing to read something and say "oh, yeah - I can do that!" and quite another to actually sit down and put words to paper that come close to a professional's. Comparing the first spec I did with the last, I could see the difference. Lesson definitely learned. I keep writing - everyday!


  3. Hi Rebecca, I write every day. But my goal is not to write 3 pages, or 2 pages... not even 1 page! I am committed to writing at least one paragraph - about 50 words. I work full time, and do my writing in the evening. Sometimes I can write 3-4 pages. But if my entire day is busy, I know that I can easily write 50 words before I climb into bed. That way, I am able to keep my commitment to writing every day. I never get discouraged because I never fail to meet my goal - 50 words!

    James Head

  4. I probably write 50 emails a day, and try to add 2-4 pages per night to The Great Canadian Novel, but neither of those efforts is copywriting. They will have to do for the moment as I am just starting my course of study.

    JimBob from Canada

  5. Rebecca, here is something that I wrote for my day job.
    Hi, Bill, John Kroehler here. I was on your website today and noted that you have an extended search for a Global Director Supplier Quality. I appreciate the caution with which you are conducting this search. Industry data document the expense of a bad hire. I help my Clients find the right candidates for their open positions and ensure 100% acceptance of your offers. Call me to see how I can get you the same results. John Kroehler

    Guest (John Kroehler)

  6. Writing came to me. I didn't go to it? But I wanted it obviously. I was inspired to write a short story, it changed my life. That was in 2007. No writing experience other than my own business promotions and radio scripts etc. In the past two years I've been paid to write over 2000 short stories and bundles of writings around the globe. I write 500 to thousands of words daily, getting paid for each word,but not what I'm worth. That is where AWAI is now giving me direction. Thank You!


  7. I have written my 'Morning Pages'. I also wrote information sheets for a presentation that I will be giving on Thursday Night to a group of ladies about Aromatherapy & Women's Health.
    I have been working on my copywriting program earlier today and am loving it!
    Thank you for these daily encouraging reminders of how important it is to write even though there is little time.

    Patricia Zelm

  8. At present, I'm developing a newsletter for the Marketing Committee, Country Club Website to send to potential new members. I volunteer as a member of the Marketing Group. Using mindmap for my B2B website to help write the webpages. Taking the Getting B2B Clients course. plan to work on financial software programs (ERP). Circle of Success doing "Crafting Powerful Leads". Plan to do White Papers, Case Studies, develop websites, do emails and write articles and newsletters.

    Gary L McEntee

  9. I have been writing nearly daily diaries for a long time. A record of information, actions or events helps because my memory doesn't always tell me the truth. I have started to also document daily business activities and information.
    Now I am trying to reshape my writing so that it is more structured and logical, telling a story more than just giving the facts.

    Frederick Gardner

  10. I used to write all the time but life got in the way. I am now just getting back into it. I write a little every day even it is on break at work. I do work and go to school full time so my goal is just to pick up a pencil and write on a current piece or if I see something interesting in my day I will jot it down. It helps to carry a journal everywhere with you, so you can make notes on everything.

    Guest (Jen)

  11. Hi Rebecca, its a great idea,writers write on daily or weekly basis,most importntly,write occasionaly,on my own case,wen I get stock,I start readin,no matter wat kind of material am read I find inspiration even b4 am through wit d read But dere are instance wen I fill great dis interest to write even if I read,den I thought I need a motivator or motivation,so on my own I suggested perhaps,if my writing where of financial value,dat also could b a motivator,or wat do u say


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