Yes, I will … Yes, I will … Yes, I will …


Atlanta Georgia Dome.

The gold medal seemed to be slipping away from the U.S. women’s gymnastics team.

Excluding the boycott of the 1984 Olympics, the Russian women’s team had won the gold medal at every Olympics since 1948.

Only one person could change that …

18-year-old, 4’ 9” Arizonian Kerri Strug.

She needed her vault to score 9.493 or better.

But on her first attempt, she scored a 9.162 … and suffered what she later discovered to be two torn ligaments in her ankle.

Limping to the sidelines, Coach Bela Karolyi asked, “What’s the problem?”

“I can’t feel my leg,” she replied, followed by, “Do we need another vault? How far off are we?”

Karolyi replied, “We don’t know yet. Can you do it?”

“Yes, I will; yes, I will; yes, I will,” Strug said with complete confidence.

Preparing for her second vault, Strug quickly said a silent prayer …

“Please God, help me make this vault.”

All eyes were on Strug as she sprinted down the 75-foot runway.

She performed a back handspring onto the vault and then a Yurchenko one-and-a-half twist. Descending through the air, she miraculously landed on both feet. A near flawless vault. A near perfect landing.

But then, Strug heard another crack and instantly collapsed to her knees. As she was being carried to the sidelines, her score was announced: 9.712. The United States Team had won the gold by .812 of a point.

Kerri Strug’s gutsy performance remains an unforgettable moment in Olympics history.

Just like the Olympics, your freelance writing career will have its “gutsy moments.” Times when you need to take a little risk … be fearless … spend time outside your comfort zone. Because without those moments, the big rewards rarely arrive.

(If you’re stuck in your comfort zone, check out my article, “14 Tips on How to Achieve More by Living Outside of Your Comfort Zone.”)

Moments like submitting a spec assignment, calling a prospect to market your services, asking for feedback on something you wrote, meeting a tight deadline, etc.

As you successfully conquer each one, you’ll feel your confidence grow as you draw closer and closer to your goal of living the writer’s life.

What about you? Have you ever had a “Kerri Strug moment”? A moment when you took a risk despite having reservations … an event or task when you stared fear in the face and said, “Yes, I will!” What was it that gave you the guts and confidence to take the leap? And what was the reward? Share your stories and comments here.

Tomorrow, I’ll introduce you to “the greatest athlete in the world” and how his story can enhance your writing reputation.

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Published: February 19, 2014

5 Responses to “Yes, I will… Yes, I will… Yes, I will…”

  1. Great article, John! A real shot in the arm. Thanks


  2. I had a similar experience of taking a gamble with high stakes, as a young music student in NY, flying alone to post-war Europe with no certain outcome, following my dream to study with the greatest there was (classical music - cello). No back-up plan except a round trip ticket back to NYC.

    Long story short I beat out the competition and was accepted, and it changed my life. And, in the long run, other lives, as well.

    Remember Indiana Jones stepping into space without knowing the bridge would materialize under his feet?

    Frances Dial

  3. When I was 54 years old, I decided to change my life. After liquidating all of my assets (including home and car), I took a brief five-week course to become TEFL certified, and my teenage daughter and I moved to Budapest, Hungary. It was outside of my comfort zone to teach for the first time (18 classes a week of Hungarian students), but since then I have taught in four other countries and I believe that taking that leap into the unknown world of teaching was the best thing I ever did.

    Yvonne F

  4. HI People look amazed when I tell them I am starting a new career as a freelance copywriter.

    I am SOOOO excited about learning and humbled by all the success stories I've read. Finally my dream of becoming a freelance writer is about to explode.

    Yes I Will Yes I must Yes I can wait for the success to arrive.

    Wow I already want to buy my business cards with the logo "Kingdom Properties COPYWRITER how can I serve you???"

    Thanks to all your diligent emails. Each one encouraged me not to quit on my dream. WE CAN and WE will be successful copywriters sooner than we think. BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. My Yes I will moment came when a neurologist at NYU Hospital informed me that a malignant, inoperable tumor occupied the core of my baby daughter's little head.
    Shock, wave after wave tore through my body as though lightening had struck. Everything the medical team said after that, to this day, is a complete blur.
    That October of 1995 was the beginning of a four year journey that tested our family's courage, resolve, faith, commitment and resilience.
    Nineteen years later, we are here to share our 'I will' story.

    Guest (Suzanne Echeverry)

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