Write Your Own Success Story and
Live the Writer's Life Sooner

Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent, retired, underemployed, or simply ready for a career change, becoming a freelance writer is absolutely within reach, if you really want it. I know, because I did it after many years of being a corporate worker bee.

Hi, I’m Christy Goldfeder. And this week, I’m going to teach you my best tips to jumpstart your own ideal version of the writer’s life.

Christy Goldfeder

Today, you’ll learn my #1 success habit to create whatever you want. It can help you design the career of your dreams or achieve other goals – like running a marathon or passing a test.

So, let me ask you … what does your ideal version of the writer’s life look like?

Is it a “barefoot” writer’s life – working from home in jeans, with a 30-second commute to the home office …

Or, a traveling writer’s life – extended vacations with mornings spent typing on your laptop in a café and afternoons spent on the beach …

Or, maybe it’s a happy family life – writing while the kids are at school with plenty of play time when they’re home …

Whatever vision you keep in your mind will come true. If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

The power of visualization has been scientifically tested. A famous basketball study found that participants who “practiced” sinking free throws through visualization improved performance by 23%, almost as much as those who put in 30 hours of physical practice.

As a writer, you practice visualization skills every time you write. So, why not use this skill to paint the picture of your own successful future?

That’s what I did – I wrote out my perfect day of work. I wanted an early morning healthy routine – wake up, work out, meditate. I’d trade my stressful, sardine-can subway commute for a home office and plenty of writing time during my peak hours. Plus, I wanted to make money while traveling.

Guess what I got? In my first year of freelancing, my schedule is my own. I write in my home office, and my commute has reduced from 30 minutes to 30 seconds. My husband and I traveled for six weeks for both pleasure and business in 2013. We went camping in Pennsylvania, ate barbecue and went to rock concerts in Austin, caught an Orioles game in Baltimore, went surfing at Rockaway Beach, and attended AWAI’s Bootcamp … all without having to ask any boss if I could take time off. And, because living the writer’s life means I can write for clients from anywhere, I was able to earn money on two of our vacations.

Today’s Action Step: Write out all the details of your perfect day of work. What hours do you spend writing? Do you write from home or an office? Do you drive, bike, or walk to work? What kinds of projects do you work on? Who else are you working with?

Once you’ve scripted your perfect day of work, review it often. Visualize it once a day, if you can. Pretty soon, you’ll start to see elements of it come into your life.

Do you already know what your perfect day looks like? Let me know in the comments section. Tomorrow, I’ll show you how to use what you know already to start your writing career right now.

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Published: March 31, 2014

18 Responses to “Write Your Own Success Story and Live the Writer's Life Sooner”

  1. Hi Christy,

    Congratulations on your success.

    I'm not really new to writing. I have 3 books published, and I am also working on a 4th book. Here is a website of my 3rd book: www.painandpurposeinthepacific.org .

    All that aside, it is copywriting that is beginning to interest me. It will probably have to wait till the next book is completed, but I am thinking about it. I have purchased a bit of copywriting instruction material over the past few years. Some of which I have yet to study. I'll get it done. My question is: If I sign up for the October 3 day school, is there a Deposit, or must it be pd. in full before class?



    Guest (Captainwriter)

  2. I have not written out my perfect day, but I will. Its like writing your goals.
    I have looked into be a travel writer, but have one problem. I have traveled all over the world with the Military. So I have started localtravelwriter dot com. There is not much there yet, but there will be in the very near future.

    Guest (Larry Cole)

  3. My perfect day: One lifestyle, two scenarios ... 1) I get up & have an early breakfast w/the hubs at our 4 star hotel. Then he takes off for a day of working & I return to our room to do the same. I read/write until my lunch break. The rest of the day is mine. When he returns, we go out for a nice supper & explore the city. 2) At home, life is similar, except when he gets home, we spend the evening relaxing or riding the Spyder.


  4. My ideal "writer's life" day would be waking up to the sound of the North Sea waves crashing in on the rocks right outside the bay window of my flat. I settle in with another cup of tea and my laptop in my cozy armchair. After 3 hours of writing my thoughts of the day, my partner and I take a refreshing walk on the beach. That's my idea of heaven!


  5. AWAI's concepts, methods and tutorial processes are commendable. The ever nagging problem which no one in AWAI has answered for me is: How do I register and become a member, being a Nigerian, with no Paypal Account Services?

    Give or offer me a subtle way of becoming a member. I know it will benefit me better and it will improve my writing skills.

    I am the author of The Silent Stream (Vol. II) - a collection of poems. Read it @ sbprabooks dot com/ZakariMusa/

    Thank you.

    Guest (Zakari Musa)

  6. it is not dreaming that produces writers it is practical writing concepts, and that was what was a direct turn off from listening to what writers giving advice to writers and that is what is real and works

    Guest (cubanjoe)

  7. My perfect day would be looking out of the window of my cabin in the mountains. Looking at all the beauty and returning to my favorite chair beside the fireplace and continue writing.

    Guest (Rhonda Honeycutt)

  8. I still work full time but would like to retire and write full time. If I was a full time writer I would have this type of day:
    1.Get up and have a leisurely breakfast.
    2.Sit out on my deck with the laptop and begin brainstorming ideas. Also reading the newspaper for story ideas.
    3. After lunch do some research from my ideas.
    4. Take a break and go for a walk
    5. Take some time at the end of the day to write 1 chapter.

    Guest (Cathy)

  9. I already work from home - but that entails 8 - 10 hours of sitting in front of a computer with little movement. I also have lots of phone calls, lots of corresponence and lots of stress....

    My ideal is having time to walk the dog and work out in the morning. Work on my writing about 4 hours a day and then have time to plan and make dinner for the family. I also would like to have the summer to enjoy with my family - without limit. Writing while sitting on the beach sounds fantastic to me!

    C Casey

  10. I love the peace and hope early mornings give me, I am passionate about exploring all of the secret places to hike in the woods, along rivers or climbing a mountain trail. I would get up with the sun, be outdoors with my camera and spend the afternoons or evenings writing about the beauty that is in our natural earth.
    My nursing and health care experience would be a niche that would not be available to some and I would love to be a practicing herbalist.

    Guest (Ty Shepherd)

  11. My perfect day starts with awaking just as the sun rises. Brush my teeth and depending on whether it is a scheduled day either go to the gym and exercise or just do some push-ups and sit-ups. Drink one or two glasses of water. Begin working on some copy-write material for 2 to 3 hours. Eat a meal, then depending on how inspired I feel continue working on copy-write material or some household, family or other tasks that need to be done. Perhaps go bowling or take a park walk. That is a great day

    Gary P Smith

  12. Thank you for this article. My perfect day for the writer's life would be waking up early allowing for prayer and meditation. 5:00 a.m.-6:00 a.m. Afterwards, a short quick healthy breakfast 6:30-7:30 a.m. and a jog/walk run 7:30 a.m.- 8:30 a.m. at a nearby park here in Dallas. I would start working at 10:00 a.m and would work until 3:00 p.m. Monday-Wednesday if needed on my 3 websites that are bringing in an average of $3,000 monthly. A couple of days out of the week I would volunteer. Thursdays/Fridays until 12:00 noon, I would dedicate to starting my speaking business.


  13. thank you as i read each comment i think about every thing you say and what others say and yours make alot since so for me to get into a writers mode i really have to think about what i say and write real good so please pray for me to be writers like you all.


  14. Focusing & organization are problem areas for me. I need a 'buddy' to keep me going. I believe AWAI may offer me a solution to my areas of lacking performance. I think I have an issue with distractions as well. Very easily distracted. That is tied to not be able to focus. It's a merry-go-round life. Stop and let me get off! I have been looking at and have read some of AWAI's stuff. Need to get serious and focus :O I have the Internet Researcher program. I should work it, right? I will.


  15. Hi Christy,

    Thanks for a helpful article.

    My ideal work day looks pretty much like my days now.

    I'm at my desk by 5 am or 6 am at the latest. My first 90 minutes are spent on my highest value, ugliest task. This is usually a copywriting project I would otherwise procratinate on.

    Then I go for my Tony Robbins inspired Hour of Power -- a walk, gratitude, afformation, and meditation. Then I spend a few hours reading.

    The rest of the day, I work on actions and projects based on my energy.

    Daniel G Taylor

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