April 2014

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5 Simple Strategies to Impress Every Web-Writing Client

Explaining web marketing opportunities to clients can be tricky. Christina shares her go-to techniques for conveying the importance of marketing tactics.

A Spot has Opened Up for an In-House Copywriter at Agora Publishing's Fastest Growing Company

Here’s your chance to work side-by-side and learn from one of the true pioneers in the Direct Response Copywriting world, Mark Ford.

A Retainer Deal You Should Consider

Rebecca Matter walks you through one of her favorite retainer deals: managing a company’s social media.

Steady Writing Work Month After Month

Rebecca Matter shows you the most stress-free way to transition into the world of getting paid to write.

Avoid This Hidden Trap

Will Newman discusses the over 250 ways your prospect can be distracted, and how to get their attention back.

You Can Be The Master They're Looking For

Michelle Durham explains how to promote yourself successfully.

B2B Expert to Share an Innovative Approach for B2B Copywriting that Attracts Clients… and Makes the Copywriter's Job a Lot Easier

Casey Demchak will be presenting how he lands multiple projects with the same client at this year's B2B Copywriting Intensive. Read on to get access to an exclusive interview with Casey to get a sneak peek of his presentation.

There's More than One Way to Become a Master

Michelle Durham shows you how you can practice to gain confidence.

Answers to the Most Common Questions About the B2B Copywriting Intensive (Sellout Risk!)

Rebecca Matter explains the finer points of the B2B Intensive, including how you could get paid $1000 just for landing a paying client.

Gordon Graham to Offer In-Depth Look at Writing Effective White Papers During the B2B Copywriting Intensive this June

Gordon Graham, known around the B2B industry as “That White Paper Guy,” will cover white papers, a key marketing component, during his talk at the B2B Copywriting Intensive taking place in Phoenix this June 1-4. Read on to get access to an exclusive interview with Gordon to learn more about white papers.

The Clear Path to Master Status

Learning is a lifelong endeavor. Michelle Durham talks about how it can further your copywriting career.

5 Ways Attending a Live Event Can Change Your Life

Live events can put your writing career on a path that carries you to new levels of satisfaction (and income) much faster than plugging away at things by yourself. Heather Robson shows you how it works.

An Insider's Look at B2B Case Studies from One of the Industry's Top Experts Presenting at AWAI's B2B Copywriting Intensive this June

Case Studies are now the second most influential type of content in the B2B industry sales process – that means there are plenty of opportunities for copywriters who understand how to write a good case study to land high-paying projects and long-term clients. Casey Hibbard is a featured speaker at the upcoming B2B Copywriting Intensive and will be sharing the tricks she learned over the years for writing case studies that work.

One Choice to Become a Confident Writer

Michelle Durham shares with you how you can quickly build a successful business by choosing to master one specific form of writing.

Websites, Blogs, and Other Content: Dianna Huff to speak at AWAI's B2B Copywriting Intensive on This Key B2B Marketing Strategy

Content and search engine marketing expert Dianna Huff will highlight what works now to not only catch Google's eye but also that of prospects during her presentation at AWAI's upcoming B2B Copywriting Intensive.

One Fast Track to Six Figures

Michelle Durham recounts some advice she received from Joshua Boswell and how it can help make your career.

This Web Will Free Up Your Writing

Outlining helped Will Newman all through school, but failed him miserably at copywriting. Find out what he did to overcome.

Why I’m Willing to PAY You to Succeed as a B2B Copywriter

Learn how to get a bonus on landing your first B2B client.

Steve Slaunwhite, B2B Marketing Expert, to Reveal Secret to Landing Clients at Upcoming B2B Copywriting Intensive

At the upcoming B2B Copywriting Intensive this June 1-4 in Phoenix, industry vet Steve Slaunwhite will focus on landing clients during his presentation.

Bob Bly to Reveal Up-to-the-Minute Lead Generation Strategies at this Year's B2B Copywriting Intensive — Sneak Peek Available Now

At the heart of the lead-generation process are copywriters. Learn how to gain experience in this amazing opportunity from one of the industry's biggest names, Bob Bly.

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