5 Ways Attending a Live Event
Can Change Your Life

I waited for years after I started working as a freelance copywriter to attend a live event.

I had a million excuses. I didn’t have time. I wasn’t ready. I could learn everything I needed from programs that didn’t cost as much.

Really, I was just scared. I was scared to invest that much in myself — what if it didn’t pay off? I was scared I’d find out I really wasn’t much of a writer … scared I’d meet one of my idols and they wouldn’t like me.

When I became the Managing Editor of Wealthy Web Writer, it was a natural decision that I should attend the Web Copywriting Intensive. All my excuses and all my fears couldn’t stand up to the cold logic that I should go.

Good thing, too. Because that first live event changed my life. A lot.

Live events are powerful. They can put your writing career on an entirely different path, one that carries you to new levels of satisfaction (and income) much faster than plugging away at things by yourself.

Let me show you how this works …

Gain a Powerful Support Network

The first thing a live event does is give you the chance to connect with people who are like you. This is huge.

After attending my first Web Intensive, I came away with a number of new friends. They are all good writers. They have different specialties. Different niches. Different strengths. Different perspectives.

And I can contact any one of them at the drop of a hat and ask for some feedback or some insight.

Each of them is generous with their experiences. They share their successes, their mistakes, and what they’ve learned from them … and most of all, their support. As a group of friends, whenever we meet up at an Intensive or Bootcamp, we cheer each other on. We’re all eager to hear what’s new, what’s working, and what questions we can swap answers to.

Knowing you have a group of people who get you — who get the lifestyle you’ve chosen and why — and who earnestly want you to succeed … that’s a powerful thing. It’s very motivating, and it gives me somewhere to turn on days where things are a struggle. Often, just knowing there’s someone to turn to is enough to get me back on track.

The support network you develop of like-minded people works as a resource in so many ways, and I can say, very honestly, that my life as a freelancer is richer and more rewarding since I’ve built this network.

Get to Know Influencers

Most live events — whether they are small and local or huge, national affairs — attract influencers of one kind or another.

This means you get the chance to actually meet, face-to-face, with people who have pull in your industry. If you take care to cultivate a relationship with these folks, it can help you broaden your audience.

At live events, you may also have the opportunity to ask questions of industry experts. Their answers can reveal possibilities and ideas you may not have considered and that can set you on the path to bigger success.

Just remember that there is give and take. If you leave an expert feeling as if they’ve been taken advantage of, that can make a bad impression. Be brief, be grateful, and send them a thank you note.

Receive On-The-Spot Feedback

My favorite kind of event is a training event. I love listening to industry veterans reveal their proven methods for writing better copy.

Even better, I love it when they have attendees do exercises to drive what they are teaching home. When that happens, write your heart out. Then, be brave, stand up in front of the room, read what you’ve written, and get feedback, right there in real-time.

Learning is a process. There’s a lot of studying, doing, forgetting, and relearning that goes into it. But when you get feedback in the scenario I just shared above, you will remember it forever.

At my first Web Intensive, we did an exercise on writing Pay-Per-Click ads, led by Andrew Palmer. I used the word “immediately” in my ad. The character counts were all within the set limits, but he shook his head, gave me a wry smile, and said, “‘Immediately.’ That’s a big word for a little ad.”

I never forget, not even for a second, whenever I’m writing PPC ads or talking about PPC ads, that shorter words work better.

On-the-spot feedback gives you lessons that stick. And that will make you a better writer.

A Surge of Motivation

Live events have a special kind of energy to them, and that’s something you carry home with you. By the time an event is over, you have so many ideas and so much inspiration, that you’re dizzy with it.

If you apply all that the second you get home, amazing things can happen. I’ve talked to many a freelancer who has landed new clients because of this burst of post-event motivation.

Get Face-to-Face with Your Prospects

Many events will give you a chance to meet potential clients in a face-to-face setting. And in my experience, there is just something about a face-to-face meeting that helps when it comes to closing a project.

Your soon-to-be client has the chance to chat with you and really gauge your responses, your manners, and your personality. For most people, it is much easier to be liked right away in a face-to-face meeting than it is over the phone or email.

At my first Web Intensive, I had a chance encounter with a prospect who I didn’t even realize was a prospect at the time. We hit it off. I had a skill set he liked, and the writing experience he wanted. That was more than three years ago, and that client is still one of my biggest.

And they’ve opened doors to me that wouldn’t have been opened otherwise. That single live event shifted the growth of my web-writing business into a higher gear.

Live events present a tremendous opportunity for you as a web writer. You can start small if you want to. Contact your local Chamber of Commerce and find out what events are coming up. Grab a copy of the business section of your local newspaper and see if there’s anything on the calendar that’s a good fit.

Or, you can go big and attend a multi-day training event where you’ll have many opportunities to build connections, hone your skills, and change the trajectory of your career.

Either way, attending live events is one of the most powerful things you can do to grow your web-writing business.

This article, 5 Ways Attending a Live Event Can Change Your Life, was originally published by Wealthy Web Writer.

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Published: April 9, 2014

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