Discover Your Secret Writing Super Power

It’s Christy Goldfeder, freelance copywriter, and this week I’m giving you my tips to live the writer’s life sooner than you thought possible. Yesterday, I gave you my number one tip: writing out your ideal life to use as inspiration. If you missed it, you can read it here.

Today, I’m going to show you how to tap into your personal super power (you have one, even if you don’t know it) to launch your writing career faster.

Focusing on your specialized knowledge can be a great way to land your first paid writing job. So, start by looking back at your work history – what field do you know well that a generalist writer might not? This secret super power helps you stand out from other writers.

This is how I transitioned from project manager to copywriter. I had experience editing financial articles, and I knew how to manage projects. I eased into copywriting through an agency that focused on marketing collateral for financial services. Even though I didn’t have much of a copywriting portfolio, I knew the language of finance enough to be able to edit financial marketing materials.

What is your personal specialty? If you’re in computer programming, your technical knowledge gives you an edge to write for software companies. If you’re a teacher, you know more about how to write for the education market. And if you’re a stay-at-home parent, you know more about household management and raising kids.

If you’re dead set on leaving your current field behind, you can still use your unique expertise to win writing projects. Ask yourself these questions:

  • If you have time off for vacation, how do you like to spend it?
  • How do like to stay active? Are you more of an outdoor sports type, or do you spend time in the gym?
  • Do you have any other hobbies – movie watching, coin collecting, reading?
  • Do you volunteer – planting trees to save the planet, serving meals in a soup kitchen, or work with children?
  • What causes are you passionate about?

Another way to find your focus: look at your bookshelf. What do you typically read? Are you into personal finance? Are you fascinated by personal growth? Are you an aspiring master chef or world traveler?

Don’t discount anything that holds your interest. You may be pleasantly surprised that not only is it possible to find projects aligned with your passions, but there are also plenty of companies that need your help. And with your specialized knowledge they’ll be glad to hire you.

Today’s Action Step: Write down a list of topics related to your work experience that you could use to launch your writing career. Add topics that you’re passionate about to your list – look at your bookshelf, hobbies, and weekend activities for clues.

What are your possible areas of focus? Let me know in the comments section. Tomorrow, I’ll reveal what you need to do to get hired for freelance work now – even if you haven’t completed your first writing program.

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Published: April 1, 2014

40 Responses to “Discover Your Secret Writing Super Power”

  1. Great article Christy!

    Guest (Tim Cotroneo)

  2. HELLO,

    COMPUTERS, ETC Sports financial planning home health remedies spaceflight rock collecting/lapidary skin integrity – ulcers spinal cord injury cure copywriting fundraising for nonprofits



    Guest (futurewalker)

  3. Christy, Are there opportunities for someone like me with a military background?

    William S

  4. In the Air Force and a number of years after I retired from the Air Force I repaired and calibrated electronic and Mechanical test equipment. My hobbies, Woodworking,camping,fishing.

    Guest (Larry Cole)

  5. Hi, Christy - I'm working my way through the B2B program. A top passion of mine is animal protection. My career background is based on customer service/admin support.


  6. As a court reporter for 22 years, I have many stories in me and I would be happy to tell them to anybody who will listen. If you think others would be interested in what I have to say, please let me know.

    Guest (fastfingerssue)

  7. I'm most passionate about empowering and inspiring the long term care residentto keep looking positively forward.
    I love raising awarness to the true dilemma long term unemployed person faces daily.
    Even better is the challenge of getting hired in a less qualified position, just so u can survive. Then, you meet the wicked who are employed that should not be. And where are the 540000 jobs and government programs sponsorships for the unemployed that are not enforced but on "hiatus".

    Guest (Lorna )

  8. Ah Christy. This is the weight that keeps me from getting to first base. I have studied so many programs, get excited, and then stop.
    I love personal growth, Christian inspirational articles, and business copywriting.
    Where to start? Where will I find my readers?
    Excellent articles and thank you for making me think.


  9. I have been a buyer for a manufacturing firm for 10 years. My hobbies are reading Mysteries & SF, Baking bread, & counted cross stitch. I am passionate about health topics, vitamins, etc.

    Suzanne N

  10. I'm an ex biology and art teacher. As a writer of fantasy and sci-fi, I also critique & review. Most of my background in art and biology is forgotten. I enjoy walks in the country & the wonders of nature. I'm a volunteer medical driver. I'm concerned about climate change & clean living. I'm interested in spirituality, physical fitness, & personal growth. I'm gluten intolerant, introverted, and dislike a hard sell. Nevertheless, I hope to find my niche in copy writing.


  11. Hi Christy,

    I have been an R&D Engineer and visited Asia and Europe for technical assistance. I have been and race car mechanic and love riding motorcycles and boating. I have been a scuba instructor. Worked on farms when I was young, and now have a patent for a natural repellent that protects your pets from ticks and fleas. I also work on personal finance.

    Looking Forward

  12. I really enjoyed reading your article. I have a passion for all things plants - I love looking after them, learning about them, seeing them grow, etc. I see God's Glory in plants. I've gotten more training recently but haven't a clue as to where to start to pursue writing about them. There are so much good stuff written already.Thank you.

    Guest (Sheila)

  13. I have 20 years of experience adjusting workers comp claims (you can imagine why I need a change!). I'm not sure if there is any need for copywriters for the workers compensation business... but I could write for the insurance industry and the medical industry (especially related to orthopedic injuries / conditions). I also love wine tasting and scrapbooking. I'd love to write for the wine industry.

    C Casey

  14. Hi Christy

    Great article series and action steps.

    I have worked as a computer programmer in the past and love to work out and read health articles (mainly natural health) in my spare time.

    I am having a difficult time coming up with subjects for lead generation or sample articles and deciding on my niche.

    I would love to get my first client.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  15. I am passionate about a lot of things in life. Such as Soccer, Poetry, and Reading being my main ones. But in my extensive Library, the books that I have a lot on one topic or two is on Personal Finance and Personal Development.These are the first two topics that I would start writing about to narrow it down. That was a great article by the way Christy! This is Walter from Utah!


  16. Christy - Good read! Like Suzanne N., have been in purchasing & supply-chain management for 20 years, mostly in manufacturing. I'm now a production manager, and quickly beginning to despise the politics and cry-baby drama!. As an Infinity Member, I've slowly been getting through the Accelerated program (like that oxymoron?) and Nicks email program. I enjoy reading, self improvement, fishing, fine cuisine, travel (big one), lifetime learning, architecture, design. Back in the day, I designed and wrote newsletters for my church youth group, which I also led. I could spend hours doing that before realizing how much time had past. Believe it or not, I could use some ideas. Haha! I think I have shiny object syndrome! Help!

    Guest (jonathanwrites)

  17. @ looking forward

    I want to know about that flea and tick product!!!

    Guest (jonathanwrites)

  18. Hi Christy, I have been a police officer for the past twenty years, and worked in a prison before that. My areas of expertise are defensive tactics and less than lethal munitions. For hobbies I handforge knives and train horses. I'd love to be a copywriter... where to start?


  19. Writing and providing additional types of products, related to my topic, which are directed at women, over 50+. Any advice?

    Guest (Marilyn)

  20. Hi Christy, I've been a Famly Nurse Practitioner for about 40 years but have been sidelined for the past 9 years with a job injury and cannot return to my old profession. Hence I found AWAI and am slowly making my way thru the program. I have some experience in grant writing as well as my health care career. Which would be the better (and easiest) way to go. To be honest health care has always been my first love. What's the best way to get in?

    RA Sheets

  21. I have extensive training, knowledge, experience and interests in the following areas: real estate investing strategies, design and construction project management, railroad operations management, mechanical engineering degree and license, basketball/football/baseball and professional stadium visiting, personal development training, book reading and writing. Please provide any suggestions for me to obtain a copy writing job please email your response to: thanks

    Gary P Smith

  22. Hi Christy,

    Great article. For me, my bookshelf, my passion/hobbies and past experience include:
    -personal development
    -creative writing
    -holistic health & wellness

    I'm currently taking the AWAI accelerates copywriting course and right now my goal is to land a paying gig in one of these areas. I'm currently a working ghostwriter but I want to specialize in copywriting and need samples.

    Helen H

  23. The things I'm most passionate about include my work with horses and my ongoing interest about animals in the Bible. Putting the two together, my work with horses centers around developing partnerships with them that reflects God's image, the way He would do it.
    Somewhat related to this is my ongoing practice in health and fitness.
    My past paid work has involved organizational behavior. I have also done work in overseas diplomacy. But these two areas are in the past and not where my heart is now.

    Guest (Carole)

  24. I really enjoyed this article. I never realized I might have a "super power!"

    One of my strong interests is high-quality acoustic guitars (or acoustic-electric guitars). I worked for a guitar building company that builds some truly fine guitars. I understand construction principles, sound qualities of different tonewoods, and other interesting things about guitars. I hope to focus on this unique niche.

    There is another area I am considering...BEER. I live in Central Oregon, which is home to 26 different craft beer breweries. I've come to understand that there is a unique language in describing the taste of different types of beers. Not a bad thing to learn!

    Guest (Garth Osborn)

  25. I have worked in hospitals for 28 years as a Respiratory Therapist, homescooled my four children for 21 years without using curriculums, textbooks, or tests. I have developed my own medical product that I plan to write copy for. I am involved with teaching chronic lung disease patients how to stay healthy, I love swimming, science, rocks, and nutrition. I play gospel bluegrass banjo.

    Guest (Nancy)

  26. My background is corporate accounting/financial planning with expertise in budgeting and using excel programs. This might be a good starting point for me. My passions and hobbies are varied and include machine embroidery, textile arts, genealogy, small space gardening, and travel.


  27. Great article, I believe I have several "Super Powers"; Self-help, personal growth, parenting(grandparenting), music, ancient alien theories...
    I would really love to get a paid assignment, but I'm a newbie without samples. help! Thanks again . . jim

    James S

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