One Fast Track to Six Figures

Michelle Durham here, taking over The Writer’s Life for this week.

Recently I took a day off. I shut down my computer, didn’t take calls, and spent time reflecting on my writing journey.

Michelle Durham

And it made me realize something …

Even though I had a profitable freelance business, it wasn’t growing as quickly as I wanted it to.

I wondered, “How can I grow my business and increase my income?”

I knew A-level copywriters like Joshua Boswell had been able to accomplish both at once. Grow a successful writing business and reach six figures in less than a year.

So, I asked Joshua for some advice …

His response?

“Focus on becoming a master at just one thing.”

Joshua said to get the desired results, he knew he needed to become a master at his craft. So he chose to work hard and build his skills in one very specific area … closing clients. By making this choice he saw his business quickly grow.

I took Joshua’s advice, and I’ve seen the positive results it’s had on my own writing business. Which is why I want to pass that secret along to you today …

You’ll fast track your business and have unshakeable confidence when you decide to master one form of writing.


Because being a good writer doesn’t really put you on the map. There are a lot of good writers out there. Clients don’t want you just to be “good”; they want you to be “great”!

And, when you’re a “great” writer, clients will gladly pay you a lot more money.

When you choose to focus on one specific form of writing until you’ve mastered it, you’re making a choice to be better than the rest.

Think of these success stories:

  • Jay White is a master of email writing.
  • Brian Clark is a master of content writing.
  • Nick Usborne is a master of online copy.

Sure, they may also write other forms of copy. But, to get to the top, they picked one very specific niche and worked hard until they mastered it.

Joshua’s words helped me to realize I needed to choose one form of writing. That decision is often the reason why some writers reach success quickly, while others take months or years to get there.

This week, I’m going to share the steps I’m taking to master one form of writing. I’ll show you how you can build a successful business by choosing to do the same.

Once you get really good at one thing, it’s so much easier to then go on to master anything else you want. The journey won’t take as long as the first time, because you’ll already have the basic skills in place.

And there’s no pressure, because even if you start with one specialty, you can always switch to another down the road if it feels like a better fit.

Tomorrow, I’ll outline the first step – how you can pick that one form of writing to focus on.

Have you ever thought about getting really good at just “one thing”? Share below in the comments section. I would love to hear!

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Published: April 7, 2014

21 Responses to “One Fast Track to Six Figures”

  1. Greetings,

    While I'm recently studying the Accelerated Program, I'm going to start my own blog site. Not only will this give me the practice I need but it will also give me an opportunity to blog for others, so I think this will be my main focus during my studies.

    Tekesha Austin

  2. Wonderful Tekesha, blogging is a great way to practice your writing skills and make money. Once your blog is up you can use Google Hummingbird to help you get noticed by potential clients. AWAI has some great articles on just how to do it!

    Guest (Michelle Durham)

  3. I've been wondering about this very thing. I've taken a couple of courses now and the only one I've really liked is the E-Newsletter. I like the variety of things you can put in it so it isn't boring.
    Right now I've put myself in a niche that really isn't working out for me (maybe I just need more time) but I kind of think working on newsletters may be a better way to go for me. I get bored easily, and enewsletters can do interviews, research, have fun games, etc. more of a variety for me. Have you ever heard of someone just doing those?

    Thanks for the article. I enjoyed it and now not thinking so much like this isn't for me.

    Laurie L

  4. Yes! I'm a health writer and blogger. I've gotten offers for so many different things at once (from top people like Jon Morrow, Danny Iny, Linda Formichelli, etc.) but AWAI made me realize that what I REALLY need more than anything is persuasive copywriting and direct response writing skills. I look forward to taking the Advanced course very soon!

    Guest (Julian Greene)

  5. I'm anxious to read the rest of your series, Michelle. Great advice!


  6. I bought AWAI's "Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting" back in April of 2012, but as an OTR Truck Driver I didn't have the time to study such an intensive program. That changed in Aug 2013, and I have now completed it. I have chosen Alternative Health copywriting as my niche, and plan on focusing on Direct Mail and Online Sales Letters within the Nutritional Supplement industry. It's my aim to be a great copywriter, not just a good one! And I will be, thanks to AWAI.

    Guest (Burton Bliven)

  7. Hi Michelle, as a new AWAI member I am pleased to see the variety of writing opportunity venues. My wife calls me the "Little Bumblebee" because I am constantly buzzing from one writing project to another. I have developed a wide knowledge base. That will be a tough choice I write on business topics, religion, safety, the sciences, science fiction, etc., Nevertheless, I believe that the advice you presented today is something I need to make a choice about. Thanks for bringing this up. Mitch

    Guest (Mitch)

  8. How to choose, how to choose? I remember when I did my first degree (maths), what I was good at - applied maths - was not what I enjoyed - pure maths. I would have got a better degree by focussing on what I was good at!

    I guess it's all about putting yourself out there and inviting feedback. Any other advice from writers out there?

    chris brannick

  9. Hi Michelle,

    Great words of wisdom. As I work my way through the Accelerated program, I will focus mastering that course first. I will then choice a path the fits my past experiences and my short term goals from all the great choices that AWAI has to offer. Zero in on what that course of study has to offer and master those skill sets to the highest degree. I look forward to your recommendations tomorrow.

    Looking Forward

  10. Michelle, I have two things I would like to be good at. Travel writer and the other online writer

    Guest (Larry Cole)

  11. Great advice... I have been pretty good at a lot of things but never really "great." I've just started the Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting" and look forward to achieving that greatness level. Thanks for the good words...


  12. Excellent article and advice! I am still working through the Accelerated Program. I am busy with my "job," but expect to make my living as a writer before the end of 2014.

    I am a musician and host an open mic once a week at a local coffeeshop. In promoting the event on my Facebook page, I began getting creative with the posts using techniques from the program. People have shown up to the event based just on what I wrote. The response has been amazing!

    For an event at the resort where I work, I wrote a "sales letter" to solicit local breweries for a tasting event. My boss was blown away with what I wrote. I have received responses from more companies than we have room for! I am very excited!

    Guest (Garth Osborn)

  13. Hello Michelle, I am not sure of a "type" of writing, but my passionate interest is in crochet. I am very good at it. I could possibly write a how-to book. I have thought about that. I love to proofread work. Perhaps I could concentrate on content writing.
    See, I have lots of ideas. Flit around. Thank you for the tips.


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