Steady Writing Work Month After Month

Rebecca Matter here – taking over the reins of The Writer’s Life.

Rebecca Matter

This week I’m going to show you how you can bring more stability, peace of mind and money into your freelance writing business.

And, if you don’t have a writing business yet, I’m going to show you the most stress-free way to transition into the world of getting paid to write.

It’s called writing on retainer – which simply means a company hires you (and usually pays you a monthly flat fee in advance) to ensure you’ll write for them on a regular basis.

And, while all freelance writers can benefit from “retainer deals,” this week will also be of special interest to you if you’ve yet to make the leap to a freelance writing career.

Retainer deals eliminate any financial risk by ensuring you have a consistent monthly income the very second you say goodbye to your 9-to-5 job.

Over the next few days in The Writer’s Life, I’ll introduce you to three of the best retainer writing opportunities you should consider. And, I’ll even answer the most frequently asked questions about retainer deals, so you know exactly how to navigate them.

But first, let’s take a step back and look at all the major benefits retainer deals bring to you and your business …

  1. They make it easier to forecast your income – You’ll know in advance exactly how much money your retainer deals are bringing in, which means you’ll be able to accurately predict how much money you’ll make each month.
  2. They give you peace of mind – The certainty of knowing you have income coming in each month will put you at ease, knowing you’ll always have enough money to cover your bills.
  3. The value of your time will go up – After a while, you’ll know your client’s products and services inside and out, as well as what they expect from you each month. And that means you’ll be able to turn around assignments much faster – ultimately making your “per hour” rate go up, up, up!
  4. Better results for your client – Because you’ll know who their target audience is and what your client’s goals are, you’ll consistently hit the right marks and produce better results for your client.
  5. You’ll be able to focus more on things that make you money – A predictable monthly income and workload means you’ll be able to reduce the time you spend finding new clients.
  6. Increase the chances of recommendations and referrals from your clients – The long-term relationships you’ll form with your clients will make it more likely they’ll write you a testimonial (or two) and recommend you to their friends and business associates.
  7. You’ll be more valuable to your client – Your client will look at you as an integral part of their business and marketing strategy.

See why I love retainer deals?

So, today I want you to think about how much money you “need” to make on a monthly basis from your writing, in order to have complete freedom over how you spend your time.

Write it down so you have a goal. Then join me tomorrow to learn about one of the most in-demand retainer opportunities for freelance writers, and see just how easy it can be to hit that monthly goal.

And, if you have any questions for me in the meantime, or would like to share your own experiences with retainer deals, post them here.

I’m looking forward to the rest of the week!

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Published: April 14, 2014

17 Responses to “Steady Writing Work Month After Month”

  1. For retainer deals, does it matter how old you are, or you education/experience level?

    Feminine Ferocious

  2. Rebecca-As a newbie,"Retainer writing" is of great interest to me. I am definitely on the threshold of my writing career. I am ready to follow your guidelines and most certainly follow the money. I will work to earn it. So fire away; I'm all ears.


  3. I need $3000 per month to have complete freedom how I spend my free time.


  4. Hi Rebecca, I love retainers! I used to have retainers when my marketing & PR business was thriving. I completed an interior design job for a condo project last year and the developer knows about my writing and marketing experience and has asked me to handle the marketing. The first project is social media, specifically a web page and then posting, blogging, etc. It's been a while so I am not sure what amount to charge for the retainer. Great timing on your topic for me!

    Diane P

  5. Like all of your programme offerings, this one seems superb! For me, escaping my job and spending my time writing, a talent with which I am blessed, is a dream come true. However, there's always the transition dilemma; how does one segue from the security of a cheque arriving every week to the stress of chasing customers? In the modules I see nothing about customer potential other than "it's there!!" Can you address this in more detail?

    JimBob from Canada

  6. Hi Rebecca! Please share this information. I need to have $3000. a month to start. Are we talking newsletters or other forms of writing?

    Guest (marcialee56)

  7. Hi Rebecca!
    I am new to AWAI as I've been advised for quite a few years to be a writer. SO, I'm here and ready to run, run, run, BUT, I not sure of my first step. Any advise?
    Thank you!

    Eric Laguna

  8. Rebecca, I've always enjoyed writing. Wanted to write a book, have previously done newsletters on health, doing a newsletter now, as an employee for my company, but not having the success with it I'd like. Would be a dream come true to earn a living writing but $1,000 to $3,000 would take the heat off at present. Am ready to jump with both feet to learn and pay my dues. Retainers sound great. Mike from Tx

    Mike from Tx

  9. Rebecca, I Would need $2000 per month in order to have freedom on how I spend my free time. I am sure you realize that I have not had lesson number one yet either but I will leave that up to you.

    Bob Thrall

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