There's More than One Way to
Become a Master

When clients realize you’re a master of your craft, what happens?

Your business starts to grow … fast!

How do you get better and better, so you can claim a title of “master”?

There are different ways … I want to show you an important one.

Michelle Durham back again, sharing with you this week the steps you can take to become a master at one form of writing. Today, I want to show you how you can practice to gain confidence.

“Practice makes the master.”

– Patrick Rothfuss

Even if you aren’t yet ready to go out and get clients, there are plenty of other ways to keep moving forward.

Here are two ways you can practice your skills:

  1. Be your first client. One of the quickest ways to build your writing skills is to use it on your business.

    To practice sales letter writing, I took it to the next level …

    • I wrote a sales letter selling my services to prospective clients and emailed it to them.
    • I changed my website homepage into a sales letter addressing clients’ problems and offering my services as the solution.
    • After speaking to a potential client, I would write a thank you letter addressing the things they needed help with. I sent it by snail mail.

    For example, if you want to master case studies, you could write one highlighting a problem your client may have and show them how your services provided a solution. Then post it on your website and display it as a sample.

    There are many ways to practice your new writing skills. Be bold and get creative … you’ll be amazed at how your business will stand out.

  2. Take advantage of spec assignments. Most writers have a love/hate relationship with specs. They either see them as an open door to paying clients or feel they’re “much ado about nothing.”

    I urge you to take advantage of as many specs as possible to build your skills.


    Because spec assignments are real, live opportunities with companies who pay for copy. Can you think of a better way to get in front of prospective clients? I can’t!

    Businesses have many copy needs and are always looking for someone to make their existing copy better. If you find a company you’d like to write for, contact them and offer to write a spec. They’ll be impressed by your initiative. Who knows … it might be your first paying job.

Take advantage of the many ways to practice your skills. Before you know it you’ll have enough confidence to market your services to paying clients.

Today’s Action Step: Practice mastering your skills by writing something for your own business or taking advantage of a spec assignment. Then be sure to share your experience in the comments below.

Tomorrow, I’ll show you how you can promote yourself as a specialist.

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Published: April 10, 2014

6 Responses to “There's More than One Way to Become a Master”

  1. Thanks for another valuable article, Michelle.

    I'm working on content for my website (to-be) but couldn't seem to make it work. Per your suggestion I approached my home page as a sales letter & it's making a positive difference.

    About specs. I submitted a few-but none were accepted. Very discouraging. Then I studied what the hoped-for client used, compared it to my spec & I discovered where I went wrong. That understanding actually encouraged me. I'm working on more specs now.


  2. This may sound ignorant, but what is a spec?

    Guest (Elaine B)

  3. Thanks for the encouragement on using specs as a foot in the door. I've avoided them so far, but do see the opportunity in them. I'll be giving them a try.


  4. I appreciate this article. It makes good points. I would like to ask if there is someone who would be willing to take a look at my newest proposal for a new product? Please email me if anyone is interested. I wrote a sales letter for my own product and I would like to know if it hits the persuasive requirements. Thanks everyone.


  5. It seems to boil down to one simple fact: if you can't sell yourself, how can you sell someone else's service or product ?
    We all need to package our business of offering & selling our own particular bundle of skills. And then go out and sell it. No emotions, just business.

    Will Craig

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