3 Easy Ways to Get your Next Paying Client

Yesterday I shared how choosing a niche is like swapping your copywriting success roadmap for a state-of-the-art GPS.

But the best map or GPS in the world is useless if you have no gas in your car. When it comes to your copywriting business, we’re talking about paying clients.

So today, I’ll share three easy ways to get your next paying client. I’ve used every one of these methods to get new clients. And, if you’re terrified of the phone, take heart. No cold calling required!

1) Spec Assignments

Spec assignments are a great way to get your foot in the door when you’re an unproven copywriter. Or if you’re trying to break into a new niche.

Simply offer to write a small project you’ll get paid for only if the copy is used. Or write a headline and lead for free – and get paid only if they hire you to complete the sales letter.

My first spec assignment became a paid project. Which turned into continued business. In fact, I’ve written copy for the same client every single month for over six years now!

2) Networking and Referral

My first copywriting project was copy for a new website owned by the friend of my sister-in-law. I simply told her I was now writing copy, and she passed the word along. I wrote it for free just to have something in my portfolio to show others.

I took that project, showed a family friend who owned his own business, and turned that into my first paid project writing copy for his new website. His site hit the top of Google for several key search terms in his industry. This gave me another strong portfolio piece on which to build my business.

Build relationships with other copywriters, too. Most established copywriters already have a full schedule and may gladly pass along their overflow projects or work that falls outside of their niche. This was invaluable in my early days. I’ve both received and passed along work this way.

3) Social Media

Today, networking and referrals are easier than ever thanks to social media. Every month I get new project inquiries, mainly through Facebook and LinkedIn.

Facebook allows you to set up a group or company page. But you can also use it to do good, old-fashioned networking, right from home. The key is to offer value to conversations you take part in on other groups, preferably related to your niche. Remember not to directly solicit business unless the group admin explicitly says it’s ok.

LinkedIn is an online business networking website, so I tend to get higher quality inquiries from this service. Create a free account at www.linkedin.com and complete your profile as fully as possible. Remember, your personal profile should promote yourself as an expert. Quality counts. Consider participating helpfully in relevant LinkedIn groups, too.

Use these three approaches regularly, and you’ll soon have more paid projects than you can handle.

Do you have any favorite easy client attractors to add? Let us know in the comments!

Tomorrow, I’ll share how to connect with mentors and peers to help you speed up your journey to the writer’s life and make the trip more enjoyable.

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Published: May 7, 2014

3 Responses to “3 Easy Ways to Get your Next Paying Client”

  1. I've seen several articles that mention participating in LinkedIn groups. It would help to know what some of the better ones are. It can be hard to tell a valuable group where your contributions will matter, and those where it won't make much difference. Anyone have suggestions?

    Penni L Smith

  2. I have been reading almost every news letters that I recieve and evry time I get inspired to join the club because they are very informatie and interesting, but then,I go one step back wards because of other engagements. To make the story short, this time I am taking one step forward and here is the proof. I am commenting.
    I love what you guys do to motivate people like me to do some thing to help ourselves.
    Talk to you soon.
    Thanx a million.

    Guest (Habib)

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