May 2014

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3 Easy Ways to Get your Next Paying Client

Need paying clients but don’t know where to start? Steve shares some simple techniques to finding clients.

Your Map to the Writer’s Life

Every journey has to begin somewhere! Steve shares where his copywriting career began and where he is today.

Your Personal Road Trip to Success

A road trip and your copywriting career are both journeys in their own way, and it’s important to enjoy the ride.

Isn't It About Time...

Will Newman talks about the joy he receives from being a Circle of Success Master Instructor and from watching COS members succeed.

Free Call: The Best (and Fastest) Way to Get Your “Stuck” Copy Career Moving

Join Katie Yeakle and some special guests for a free teleconference on May 6th to learn all about AWAI’s Circle of Success Membership and how it can help jumpstart your copywriting career.

Circle of Success Instructor Treasures “Light Bulb” Moments From His Students

Even with a full plate, COS instructor Will Newman still has time for what he considers his most important role as “a 'cheerleader' for COS members."

Even New Copywriters Already Have a Ton of Relevant Experience that Can Help Their Career, says Circle of Success Instructor, Even If They Don't Know It

When Roberta Rosenberg, one of the expert instructors for Circle of Success, thinks of her students in the program, she sees a lot of potential

Live: The Barefoot Writer April Issue

The May Barefoot Writer issue is live! Mindy McHorse reveals what to expect in this month’s issue.

Never Forget WHY You’re Doing This

Julie explains how reminding yourself why you became a freelance copywriter is a very powerful motivator.

Congratulations to Christine Coughlan — Winner of the March Bootcamp Buzz Give-Away

AWAI is excited to announce our March Bootcamp Buzz Winner and provide details about the upcoming April Bootcamp Buzz Give-Away!

Stop These 4 Productivity Killers Today

Although working from home is a luxury, it can be easy to become distracted. Julie provides some tips for staying on task.

Two High-Income Freelance Business Models to Consider

Ed Gandia introduces two business pricing models you may not have considered that can help your freelance business be more profitable very quickly.

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