Are You All In?

My husband loves the idea of being a writer …

Over the past eight years, he’s heard about and met hundreds of people AWAI has helped obtain the freedom and financial goals they once only dreamed about.

And, after 20 years working in corporate America, he wants to live the writer’s life, too.

BUT, there’s one thing he especially likes about his current career … and it also happens to be the one thing holding him back …

Receiving a steady paycheck.

The idea of his income going up and down month after month stresses him out.

And, that brings me to the final myth I want to address this week …

Myth #4 – It’s all or nothing.

Somewhere over the years, the phrase the writer’s life started to be construed only as the “freelance” writer’s life. But, that’s simply not the case …

The writer’s life means something different to everyone. And, for many, it does not mean working as a freelance copywriter.

Take Pam Foster, for example …

She made the leap years ago to become a full-time freelance copywriter.

She loved the freedom and the variety of projects. But, as she built her business, she realized what she missed most was being part of team.

So, she accepted a full-time position at a company that offered her flexibility. That way she could be part of a team, and yet still be able to work when and where she wanted, as well as write as a freelancer on the side for other clients.

Rae Robinson actually started as a full-time freelance copywriter right out of college …

She took the Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting while she was still enrolled in school, and began taking on clients before graduation. But a couple of years down the line, she decided she’d like a bit of stability month after month and, like Pam, enjoyed being part of a team.

So, she took a part-time “in-house writer” position that offered her a steady retainer in exchange for a set number of projects month after month. That way she could gain some stability, but continue to expand her freelance business, taking on more clients as she chose.

Christina Gillick had a full-time job that she actually enjoyed. But she wanted to make more money, while ultimately working fewer hours.

At first, she took on a few clients in her spare time, while she kept her full-time job. She soon realized she could replace her entire salary working only 20 hours a week at copywriting, by adding her employer to her client roster and quitting the full-time job.

All copywriters … totally different paths and versions of the writer’s life.

So, don’t let the fear of “going freelance” hold you back. It doesn’t have to be an “all or nothing” decision.

Here are a few things you can do to get started …

  • Start small, taking on a project or two on the side.
  • Approach your employer about a more flexible work schedule.
  • Ask if you can help your employer grow the business by writing copy for the website and other marketing channels, and then use the experience and samples down the road when you’re ready to take on other clients.
  • Consider moving into a part-time position to allow for some steady income, while at the same time freeing up time to work on building your copywriting side business.

One day down the line you may decide you WANT to go 100% freelance. Especially if the clients and projects are abundant, and you simply don’t have any time because of your j-o-b.

Or, you may be happy to do copywriting on the side …

Or, you may change jobs to become an in-house writer.

My point is this …

The life of a copywriter is not one single path. It’s completely flexible and can give you as much freedom and income as you want.

So, don’t let fear hold you back.

If you want to make a living as a writer, copywriting is definitely the best opportunity available. You can live where you want, work the hours you want, make as much money as you want, and live the life you want.

Sure, it takes work …

But, so do most things in life!

And now that we’ve debunked many of the myths, I hope I’ve removed any roadblocks that were in your way.

But, if there’s something else you feel is still holding you back, I’d like to hear about it.

Please share with me below, and I’ll see what I can do to help.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Published: May 23, 2014

13 Responses to “Are You All In?”

  1. ALL the costs associated, including hidden costs, time invested, and lastly, do disabilities matter as I am disabled.

    Guest (Tim Rutledge)

  2. I am soo excited! I made the decision to join Jay White on learning 'Email Copy Made Easy', today. My first real step toward becominging a GREAT Copywriter! I'm very excited to get started on this training and embarking on this new adventure. Can hardly wait to begin my first email...Yayyy Thank you Rebecca for the invite!

    Evon R

  3. It's all about money. I desperately want to work in this field but I cannot afford to attend seminars or buy expensive materials. There's got to be way to help folks like myself get into this! We're hungry and ready to hit the ground running. What do you think? How about putting it all together into a book?

    Guest (Sean)

  4. I compose poetry, have been told I have some excellent work. Have at least 50 poems posted on thestarlitecafe dot com.
    Any Interest?


  5. I have bought my Accelerated course, and I am working on it at my own pace. I am not looking to become a millionaire. I just want to keep busy and earning something to supplement my pension. I have done my own rat race, and now, I just want to take things easy.
    I thought that copywriting will be easier than I am finding out. All the same, it is what I want to do, and I will get to it. I read all your posts. Some of the programs are too expensive for me.

    Guest (Joy Lo-Bamijoko)

  6. Hi, I am just finishing sect. 3 of accelerated...
    I am having a terrible time finding a niche. My background is in special education, I am interested in alternative health but I know very little about it. I am also interested in eldercare, another area about which I know very little. Suggestions? Is there something in PWA that would help?

    Sharon K

  7. this is me again. Where do I find the response?

    Sharon K

  8. This program is one of two that I am interested in. How to make money selling photos is another training class that I would like to take. I am a retired government clerk and have no backgroung in writing professionally, Am anxious if I can learn to copywrite well with no[ropr copywriting experience?

    Guest (Judith M Jenkins)

  9. Thanks Rebecca for the great, myth-busting insight. Success doesn't look just one way.

    Guest (Fabian )

  10. it's interesting to learn the different financial paths people follow into copywriting. I don't have a job so it's easy to find time to apply myself.

    Guest (Joseph Mulhern)

  11. Hi Rebecca! Looks like the Accelerated Program for Six Figure copywriting is really the foundation for success in a lot of areas, or am I misunderstanding? The niche I've chosen is B2B and I'm thinking about starting with Emails or Enewsletters.


  12. I haven't finished the Accelerated Program for Six Figure Copywriting program yet. The email copywriting program sounds enticing but, I really need to start getting an income to get out of debt. I don't know what to do! If I could only make the choice. Distraught feeling here.

    Mike Williamson

  13. Rebecca, I have financial obstacles. I need:
    Microsoft software Webwriter subscription subscription to word search directories domain name before completion website PayPal account trade assoc. accounts professional licensure/continuing education subscription to direct marketing lists' Freshbooks software (or something similar) a better phone normal office supplies I'm making myself sick over these practical concerns.
    I'd love to join COS to better develop skills, but this is out of question.

    Nora King

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