Your Map to the Writer’s Life

Yesterday we talked about what the writer’s life really means. How it’s not just a destination, but a journey.

Yet a journey by definition assumes you intend to reach a chosen destination. And reaching your chosen destination requires movement.

The question is which direction?

While I’d dreamed of self-employment from a young age, several ventures had all failed. Miserably. I needed sound advice to guide my desire for independence in the right direction.

You see, there are really only two ways to reach your destination. Travel willy-nilly, hoping through trial and error to stumble upon the correct path. Or, use a map.

Thanks to Michael Masterson’s book, Automatic Wealth, I discovered copywriting. But I still needed a roadmap to help me reach the lifestyle of time freedom and substantial income I had in mind.

I found the starting point of my copywriting journey in AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting.

It’s there I discovered the foundation for direct-response copywriting. How to have an “everyday conversation” with a reader in such a way that would persuade him or her to make a decision. Not later today or tomorrow, but right now.

Pure gold when you think about it.

Smart companies hire good copywriters for top dollar every day. And the demand for copy remains insatiable.

After all, what company wouldn’t gladly pay you several thousand dollars for a web page, sales letter or video script that will make them tens or hundreds times more in profit?

But travelling the road to copywriting success is more than locating your starting point. It’s finding the perfect match between your personal interests and a profitable market. Then moving in that direction.

In the copywriting world, we call that finding your niche.

Focus your efforts in a specific area of copywriting and for a particular industry. This naturally turns you into a specialist in that niche.

Just like other occupations, specialization pays more. Choosing a lucrative copywriting niche can boost your income for the same reason a neurologist earns more than a general practitioner … you become more valuable to the clients you serve.

And, when you specialize, you automatically become more productive. You crank out increasingly valuable copy for your clients, faster. Plus, by choosing a niche, you get to control what types of clients and causes you support with your writing.

I wouldn’t call choosing a niche just your “map” to the writer’s life. I’d call it your state-of-the-art GPS ensuring you arrive in record time.

Have you picked your niche yet? Tell us about it in the comments. If not, think about it tonight.

Tomorrow, I’ll share three of the easiest ways I’ve found to get new clients in your chosen niche.

Here’s to your copywriting journey!

Six-Figure Copywriting Program

The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting

Turn the ability to write a simple sales letter into a successful freelance career. Find out how you can make a six-figure income working from anywhere you want as a direct response copywriter. Learn More »

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Published: May 6, 2014

12 Responses to “Your Map to the Writer’s Life”

  1. After much ado, I have chosen to specialize in the Self-Help industry. I'm thrilled to be writing content and auto-responders for a brand new website already, which will give me samples and a testimonial to take into my new career as a self-help copywriter. Choosing was incredibly difficult for me. There were so many things that sounded interesting! But now that I have, I'm off and running.


  2. My niche, comes from my journalism background. Most of what I do is for the health and Fitness industry as I've been involved in it for years as an editor, reporter and writer. I'm not sure it is the perfect niche yet (and I'm looking at others) since there is still a big learning curve and some tight pocketbooks!

    Guest (John)

  3. Hi, I have a very strong background in Information Technology. In the future if go after a copywriting niche it would definitely be Information Technology but I also have a very good general knowledge and I am very good researcher. Therefore I do consider myself as a candidate as copywriter without a niche.

    Guest (ZeMaarij)

  4. I started my program three weeks ago, and after going through Part 1,I did not feel the spark, the anticipation for working from home that I had started with. I continued reading your letters hoping to be motivated. I love writing, I have always written, and I wanted it to be my full-time job. But I couldn't choose. Then it hit me, Blog copy writing. That's it, and I immediately started a Blog.

    Guest (Joy Lo-Bamijoko)

  5. After having read literally hundreds of financial letters, I figure that's where I belong. I'm in the middle of the AWAI Accelerated Program so I don't have any clients yet. I am excited however, having chosen a niche! I can't wait to write for some of my favorite financial newsletters.

    Guest (David)

  6. I am amazed at all the opportunities at AWAI! First and foremost, I'd like to specialize in Self-Help. Also, I am a needleartist and would like to 'copywrite' for textiles. I am seriously considering doing a Webpage on one topic to test my foot in the water, so to speak, then branch out from there. Excited about my Teleconference, "Circle of Success Open House"...tonight! Looking forward to getting started in this exciting business opportunity! Yayyyy!

    Guest (Evon -)

  7. Hi, I've finally chosen part of my niche which is web copy in the health industry because of my back ground in sports, but after reading about the self-help industry, that also interest me. It's like the kid in the candy store. Which candy do I have first?

    Marcellus Greene

  8. My niche is working women: self help and supporting women with products or services to ease their lives and if possible, add some fun, allow joy a place to reside once again.

    Pam C

  9. I've chosen to specialize as a PR and marketing copywriter for industrial/ technical products and services. I'm excited about this niche after working with companies in industrial automation and chemical technology, and seeing the need for content that will increase leads and sales.

    Doug McClellan

  10. I loved reading about everyone else's niches. I have a passion for craft beers and am looking to break into that niche. I think it would be fun to work with small, independent breweries and it's a really hot market.

    Mark Lilly

  11. I have strong interest in a lot of writing areas but I've decided to start out focusing on launching a information writing and marketing business as my main niche. I have diverse management experience in: engineering & construction, railroad operations & real estate investing. I'm strongly considering joining the Circle of Success to gain access to additional knowledge and support that will as quickly as possible assist me to achieving a steady 6 figure income.

    Guest (Gary Smith)

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