June 2014

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A Little Boy, Broken Ice, and You

As you go through the ups and downs of becoming a successful copywriter, remember not to listen to people who tell you that you can’t accomplish something.

You Can’t Reap What You Don’t Sow. Let It Grow!

Joshua Boswell explains why it’s important to give your copywriting business (and yourself!) time to grow, and offers a realistic timeline to help you set your expectations.

What's Your Client Pick-up Line?

How do you make a positive first impression on a potential client? Steve Slaunwhite explains how a script can help.

How Will They Know... Unless You Tell Them So?

As the fourth ingredient of his “how to close high-paying clients” recipe, Joshua Boswell reveals two smart ways for copywriters to hang out the “Open for Business” shingle.

Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Working with Marketing Agencies

Working with marketing agencies can be a reliable and lucrative source of ongoing work. Learn how develop smooth relationships.

If It Walks and Quacks Like a Duck, It’s a...?

As a freelancer, your website should be the focal point of your marketing efforts. Discover the key elements to include, so clients will automatically assume you’re a professional.

“Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are!”

Most marketers want to be found by a quality, AWAI-trained copywriter like you. Joshua Boswell reveals where to start looking for the people and companies you’d like to have hire you.

Looking for “Love” in all the Wrong Places...

As one of the best in the business at attracting, closing and up-selling clients, Joshua Boswell reveals his first of five simple, but powerful, steps to getting hired by marketers.

The Copywriter Who Changed My Life

Master copywriter Will Newman explains how Bob Bly changed his life… and how Bob can change yours, too.

Live: The Barefoot Writer June Issue

The June Barefoot Writer issue is live! Mindy McHorse reveals what is featured in this month’s issue.

I’ve Got Something for You

It’s important to create short-term goals to show you you’re making progress. Rebecca Matter explains why here.

7 Things Mulan Taught Me About Copywriting

Disney’s Mulan demonstrates how to rise above self-defeating personality traits, and instead focus on 7 keys to copywriting success.

Ten Extra Spots Added to Bob Bly’s Getting Clients Weekend

Because of the rate seats are filling up for Bob Bly’s Getting Clients Weekend, Bob has agreed to add 10 more spots for the event… but that’s it!

Suck it up, Matter!

Scheduling your writing times can help you stay on track… But you have to actually show up to that scheduled time!

Overcoming Proposal Anxiety

Sending proposals should not be a nerve-wracking experience; it should be a normal part of how your business operates.

AWAI Announces Live “Getting Clients Weekend” Event With Bob Bly July 25-27

This July, AWAI will host an exclusive Getting Clients Weekend with legendary copywriter Bob Bly in Baltimore, Maryland.

Checking in with You…

Having an accountability partner, someone to motivate and hold you accountable for your goals, is a great way to stay on track and achieve success.

Why Are You Doing This?

Digging deeper to really find out WHY you are doing something is the answer to what keeps you moving toward achieving your goals day after day.

Where Do You Stand Today?

In this week's Writer's Life, Rebecca shares the things she learned from the P90X3 system that had the biggest impact helping her achieve goals.

Stand Up to be More Successful … and to Live Longer

Will Newman explains the importance of taking standing and stretching breaks throughout your day.

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