How Will They Know …
Unless You Tell Them So?

One of my deepest fantasies is that all of my perfect clients would own a magic mirror.

Each morning, they would wake up and peer into that mirror. Then they would speak a magic incantation, and ask the mirror, “Who is the fairest copywriter of all?”

The mirror would swirl, and my most flattering image, complete with contact information and a link to my website, would suddenly appear before their eyes.

With great enthusiasm, they would reach for the phone and hastily dial my number. They would beg me to write for them, and promise me untold riches just to have me put them on my calendar three years in advance.

If only …

Sadly, they all missed the magic-mirror-issuing desk on their way to business school. Most of my ideal clients have NO IDEA I even exist … let alone that I’m the “fairest copywriter in the land”! (Shocking, I know.)

Because of this serious flaw in their business operations, it’s necessary that I inform them I’m open for business and ready to transform their business with my magical copywriting.

Ingredient #4: Hang Out the “Open for Business” Sign.

In my view, there are really only two smart ways for copywriters to hang out the “Open for Business” shingle …

First, direct contact.

Second, expert status.

Direct Contact

As you probably guessed, the “direct contact” method simply means you make direct contact with your ideal clients and offer to work for them.

All the rules of human persuasion apply! These people are humans just like you and me, and they’re susceptible to all the tricks and secrets of persuasion that AWAI teaches. Use them wisely and prosper wildly.

Here are a few methods you can successfully use:

  • Call them (yes, cold calling works … even if most people are afraid of it).
  • Email or private message them on Facebook or Linkedin.
  • Send them a snail mail package.
  • Approach them at a networking or trade meeting.
  • Swing by their office and visit with them live.

I bet you’re wondering which of the above is the “magic bullet” … the one that will work like gangbusters.

The answer is very simple …

The one that you will actually do!

Yep. They all work! They will all work wonderfully well for anyone that will work them wonderfully well.

Remember, inactivity is the mother of all failure, and mediocrity is the language of the devil.

In my view, direct contact is the fastest, least expensive way to find and close clients. But, it’s less effective if you want a system that “automatically” attracts new clients year after year. For that, you need to establish yourself as an expert …

Industry Expert

Becoming an industry expert is not that hard … it just takes time, patience, consistency and devotion.

The process is very simple …

Think for a minute about someone you believe to be an expert. How do you know they’re an expert?

You saw them on TV or in the movies … read an article by them in a prestigious magazine … saw their fancy website … read their book … heard them on the radio … noticed that they had 10 bazillion likes or endorsements … or had a friend tell you about them.

To become an expert yourself, just do the same things within your industry. With each contact with the public, share your website with them and, over time, they’ll begin to contact you.

In all of this, let me restate (I’d say it a thousand times if I had space here) …

The best marketing method for you to use … is the one you will actually use.

Your assignment today is this: Research these different marketing methods I’ve described. Pick one and commit to actually do it!

If you do that, combined with the other three ingredients I’ve given you this week, your profits will almost be ready to explode …

There’s one last thing you need.

I’ll tell you what it is tomorrow …

Until then, let me know how it’s going in the comments. Did you find any surprises when doing your Google search? What are you doing to get money now? How are you going to become an expert? Share it with me … I’d love to hear it.

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Published: June 12, 2014

4 Responses to “How Will They Know... Unless You Tell Them So?”

  1. Joshua, Great article. I made a commitment a month ago to see if LinkedIn actually works for prospecting.

    It does indeed work. Common sense and social media etiquette has resulted in a 95% acceptance rate in connection requests.

    This morning I met in person with a Creative Director I met on LinkedIn who is upside down in work. And he needs a copywriter desperately. His words.

    This should turn into a very good freelance relationship and possibly even go full time.

    David TomenJune 12, 2014 at 2:43 pm

  2. I am a state and national award winning educator with extensive experience and knowledge in leadership, management, communications,curriculum and instruction.I have a lot of writing experience in my field, but I think I have a variety skills of that will help most small businesses. I am confused about contacting education organizations. I don't know where to begin or who to contact. I have friends who own businesses. Should I start with them or should I focus only on the education field.

    James LouisJune 12, 2014 at 5:52 pm

  3. I'm sure this is a stupid question, but here goes: is it socially/professionally acceptable to request a connection on LinkedIn with someone you've never actually met? I was under the impression this particular network was for established connections. Is it a faux pas (or is is encouraged) to connect with someone who isn't already a professional acquaintance?

    Bonnie FJune 12, 2014 at 6:36 pm

  4. I live in a community that makes its money by promoting Route 66. I started looking at the local websites for local businesses and saw need for improvement in all that existed and where some even needed huge improvement. I have a working relationship with several of these people.
    To become an expert I started researching Route 66 and have come up with a bunch of interesting facts. From this I have written a kids story and am looking to apply some of this info into other web sites or making my own. Now to continue the conversations started to improve those web sites.
    Nice to know I have done something right.

    jobethJune 19, 2014 at 11:37 pm

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