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I was originally going to talk to you today about a simple but crucial copywriting strategy. Then Katie told me AWAI is offering one of its most popular programs at a very special price. That derailed my original plan.

So, instead, I’m going to tell you about a copywriter who’s achieved platinum copywriting success … and how you can learn the secrets behind his success.

Let’s say you’re going to write about copywriting. If you wanted to give the most compelling example of copywriting success, who would you choose?

You have a great many likely candidates. But for many of us copywriters, one name immediately comes to mind.

Clayton Makepeace …

Why Clayton?

Simply this … Clayton is one of direct marketing’s highest earning copywriters. He’s been banking over $1,000,000 every year since 1995. In fact, he’s even earned that much in a single month … $1.4 million to be exact.

To earn this much money so consistently, Clayton must be incredibly smart. And talented.

Well, there’s no denying Clayton is smart. But he’d be one of the first to tell you he isn’t “incredibly smart.” As a matter of fact, he’s a high school dropout whose biology teacher told him he’d never amount to anything.

Clayton is “talented.” His most important talent—that he developed early on in his career—is to dig deep into his reader’s mind and unleash the inner, most crucial emotions that motivate him or her to act. He calls these emotions “dominant resident emotions.”

What in heck are dominant resident emotions, and how can they make you more successful?

Well, it works like this. When we humans are faced with making a decision, we process it first in the emotional, primitive part of our brains. It’s only later that we start considering the decision rationally.

This is true for all the decisions we make. The secret to Clayton’s humungous success is his ability to tap directly into this part of the brain from the first words his prospect reads.

So, if you can use Clayton’s secrets to harnessing the primitive brain in your copywriting, you’ll get your prospects committed almost immediately to doing what you want them to do … buy, sign up, donate, support your cause, whatever. Just like Clayton does.

Fortunately for you, Clayton’s secret to harnessing dominant resident emotions can be learned. He’s taught it for years to copywriters who’ve become his “Copy Cubs.”

Many of these Copy Cubs were already successful copywriters—at least by normal, non-Clayton standards—when they joined Clayton. Once they learned his secrets for capturing dominant resident emotions, they leap-frogged their careers to new levels.

Unfortunately … Clayton doesn’t take on Copy Cubs anymore … and hasn’t for several years. He’s not going to do it again, either. Too close to retirement, he says.

Is it your turn to become an at-home Copy Cub?

But that doesn’t mean your opportunity to learn Clayton’s deepest, most powerful secrets has passed you by.

This is what Katie asked me to tell you that derailed my original idea. AWAI is offering Clayton’s secrets to harnessing dominant resident emotions in his Quick-Start Copywriting System.

This program gives you exactly what Clayton’s Copy Cubs learned … and paid tens of thousands of dollars to learn. And you get to learn them in the comfort of your own home.

This program puts you in control. Your time. Your convenience. In fact, I think a better name for the program (but don’t tell Katie) would be Clayton Makepeace on Demand.

You don’t have to pay airfare and hotel fees to learn what you need to learn to become a seven-figure copywriter.

You don’t have to shuffle your schedule around to travel anywhere (except to your computer).

You don’t have to set aside time in your busy life to sign on to a webinar.

All you have to do is grab this opportunity to become an “At-Home Copy Club” … and start seeing your copy and your career soar.

There’s more to learn about the Quick-Start Copywriting System … much more

I’d love to tell you more about this exciting program. But … I’m running out of space, so let me give you just the barest inkling of what you’ll get …

  • Clayton’s personal, time-tested system for crafting bigger winners, more often—23 chapters packed with over four decades of Clayton’s best-kept secrets, tips, and insights.
  • Getting Started: A Lesson with the Masters audio series—This audio series, once again yours to absorb at your convenience, brings you amazing copywriting insights from million-dollar copywriters like Jim Rutz … John Carlton … David Deutsch and Brad Petersen … PLUS, two exciting interviews with Clayton.
  • Three eye-opening, one-hour-plus Video Training Sessions—Clayton’s Copy Autopsy … Secrets of Winning Graphic Design with Clayton … and How to Crawl Inside Your Prospect’s Brain with Clayton and John Carlton.
  • Swipe Files of the Copywriting Superstars—244 pages of some of the greatest copy ever written.

You get all this … and more … with Clayton’s Quick-Start Copywriting System (AKA Clayton Makepeace on Demand).

This program is your opportunity to enter the rarefied status of some of the most successful copywriters working today … writers like Parris Lampropoulos, Carline Anglade-Cole, Kent Komae, Bob Hutchinson, and Brad Petersen. All of these copywriting superstars are Clayton’s former Copy Cubs.

Now it’s your time to join them.

I urge you to CLICK HERE to learn more about this exciting opportunity. And how you’re completely protected by AWAI’s Rock-Solid, 100%-Satisfaction, Money-Back Guarantee.

Don’t forget, the time to reap the enormous savings being offered is passing quickly … Do it now!

The Quick-Start Copywriting System

Clayton Makepeace's Quick-Start Copywriting System

Copywriting legend Clayton Makepeace gives YOU the tools you need to upgrade your copywriting skills. These are the insights he uses to bank royalty checks of six-figures up to $1.4 million per month! Learn More »

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Published: July 21, 2014

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