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I just got great news from Denise Ford!

She asked me if I’d be interested in giving a presentation at this year’s FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair.

Would I? I jumped at the chance.

I was already scheduled to do a couple of exclusive Circle of Success presentations with Jen Stevens and John Forde. This’ll be the third … or maybe it’s the fourth … year that Jen, John, and I have given these presentations.

But Denise’s offer allows me to do my second favorite thing at Bootcamp. (I’ll tell you what my first is at the end of this article.) I’m going to be giving a presentation on crafting headlines for novice copywriters … or for anyone who wants a quick refresher on this very crucial aspect of your promotion’s success.

This is really exciting for me. I love working with ground-level copywriters. I see so much progress in a short amount of time that it gives me real joy.

I promised Denise this will be an interactive session. And I promise you, if you join me in my session, I’ll keep you engaged throughout the entire time.

So many reasons to come to Bootcamp …

Now don’t get me wrong. My new session is not the only reason you should come to Bootcamp. Or even the most important one.

Bootcamp provides you with an amazing array of the best copywriters working in the industry today. These masters are coming to Bootcamp for one reason only … to help you gain and improve your copywriting skills. And to help boost you along your way to becoming a successful, highly paid copywriter.

Who are these masters? I’m sure you’ve heard of many of them. Here’s just a sample …

Clayton Makepeace … If you’ve been in copywriting even a short amount of time, you know that Clayton is the highest paid copywriter in the industry today. And he’s an all-time favorite at Bootcamp.

Funny, informative, and a 43-year veteran of the direct-marketing industry, Clayton has generated over $1.5 BILLION in sales. This year, Clayton reveals his latest, most lucrative strategies … strategies that keep him earning more money per hour than many people earn in a year.

Herschell Gordon Lewis … Every year that Herschell presents, he enthralls his audiences with his dry wit and ability to get across key copywriting strategies simply, humorously, and effectively.

At Bootcamp you’ll learn his lasting secrets that have made him the “Grandfather of Direct Marketing” … as well as new ones he’s invented that keep him at the peak of his career in the 21st century.

And, if you catch Herschell in the hallway, you can always ask about his preeminence as a writer and director of “splatter films.”

Carline Anglade-Cole … Carline wants to share copywriting secrets that catapulted her to the top of the alternative-health niche. What has she done in her illustrious career? Just a sample: Carline created multi-year controls for Health Resources and True Health—skyrocketing them to the top of the alternative-health industry in less than three years.

She also introduced Neogenis to the alternative-health market with a mailing that pulled over a 4% response … and has created copy and launched scores of new products for Biscayne Labs … Schweiz Health … Vitamin Science … to name just a few.

And, outside the alternative-health market? I know you’ve heard of O Magazine. Carline was responsible for its very successful launch in direct mail!

Brian Kurtz … Who’s Brian Kurtz? Only the vice president of Boardroom Publishing. And the driving force behind Boardroom’s $100-million-plus success in the book and newsletter market.

Brian will tell you from the ultimate-insider’s perspective what you need to do to land great clients.

And that’s just the beginning of the all-star copywriters and marketers you’ll learn from at Bootcamp.

Bootcamp gives you the opportunity to meet your first (or next) client …

Bootcamp isn’t just your chance to learn new secrets, strategies, and skills that put you on the fast track to success. It’s far more. Remember the second part of its name … Job Fair.

At the Job Fair, you have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with marketers eager to hire new blood. It all starts with that first meeting in the Marriott Ballroom. You get to talk to the over 40 potential clients … and learn exactly what they’re looking for in new talent.

But don’t worry. This isn’t a case of “who’s got the best resume.” These clients aren’t looking for that. They want to know how you tackle their spec assignments. It’s your chance to shine—and I’ll be giving you tips on exactly how to do that both before Job Fair … and when you get home and start writing your spec.

Bootcamp is so chock full of exciting and informative benefits that I can’t describe them all. I’d rather Denise Ford do it for me, anyway. So please CLICK HERE to learn more. (When you click, you’ll also learn how you can earn back your registration fee.)

Better yet, if you already know you want to spend three days immersed in the highest level of copywriting knowledge …

 … if you want to grab your opportunity to impress real clients …

 … if you want to meet the all-star copywriting and marketing giants of the 21st century …

 … CLICK HERE to sign up right now!

There’s no rational reason to wait. Your decision to join me at this year’s Bootcamp is fully protected by AWAI’s strong guarantee of satisfaction.

Oh yes, one more thing. Remember how I said teaching ground-level copywriters was my second favorite thing to do at Bootcamp? Know what my favorite thing to do is?

It’s meeting you!

I’ll see you on October 15!

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Published: July 28, 2014

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