Are You Ready for a Job?

Today, I’m going to do something I’ve never done in The Golden Thread before.

Until today, I’ve written only about things I have knowledge of … and personal experience with.

While I do know a great deal about what I’m going to write about today …

 … I have no personal experience with it.

I’m talking about Job Fair.

You see, even though I’ve been to the past eight or nine AWAI Bootcamps, I’ve never been to one Job Fair. Why? Because Job Fair is for you … for up-and-coming copywriters looking to connect with dozens of the top marketing firms in the nation.

I have heard a great deal about it from Denise, Katie, Rebecca, and all the other AWAI staff who bust their butts making sure Job Fair is successful for you.

But I don’t get most of my information from the AWAI staff.

I get it from members like you … members who’ve attended Job Fair. Members who’ve talked personally in a relaxed atmosphere with marketing managers and CEOs of companies like Newsmax, Kenneth Copeland Ministries, and International Living. I get my information from members who’ve walked away with real spec assignments … and from members whose specs have turned into real, paying assignments with long-term clients.

One of those AWAI members is Joshua Boswell. At his very first Job Fair, he landed FOUR brand-new clients and FIVE new assignments.

Joshua will readily tell you—I know he’s proud of this—that he went to his first Bootcamp and Job Fair on borrowed money. He was broke. And deeply in debt.

Could Joshua’s story be yours?

Since that first Job Fair … his income has skyrocketed.

In fact, Joshua has enjoyed so much success that AWAI asked him to be host, emcee, and cheerleader at Bootcamp for the past five or six years.

Joshua is an inspiring speaker. On top of that, he willingly shares his secrets and techniques on how he created the “writer’s life” lifestyle for himself and, more importantly for Joshua, for his family …

And he’ll gladly show you how you can do the same thing.

Was Joshua’s success just because of Job Fair?

How to make Job Fair work for you …

Joshua will also readily tell you his first Job Fair wasn’t what propelled him into the success he and his family enjoy today.

It was Bootcamp.

Bootcamp prepared Joshua not only for Job Fair. It also prepared him to turn the spec assignments he picked up there into lucrative, paying jobs.

You see, Bootcamp and Job Fair work as a unified whole. When you’re at Bootcamp, by the time Job Fair rolls around, you’ve gained enough knowledge and enough confidence in what you’ve learned to walk through those doors into the main ballroom where dozens of marketers are waiting to talk to …

 … they’re waiting to talk to you.

It doesn’t matter how much experience you have. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never even written one piece of copy. They’re looking for fresh ideas. They’re looking for new copywriters, eager to succeed. They’re also looking for copywriters who’ve been around a while and are looking to fast-track their success …

 … And, like I said, they’re looking for you.

Who are some of these big-name marketers eager to visit with you at this year’s Job Fair?

Names like Newsmax Media … Boardroom Inc … International Living … Stansberry & Associates … Weiss Research … The Institute for Natural Healing … Sovereign Society … and many more!

Maybe you’ll luck out like Joshua did. Land several new clients. Several new assignments. But, you know what?

You only need one … one successful spec with one client can lead to many more opportunities.

That’s what happened to Susie H from Shakopee, Minnesota …

“I did walk away with a paid assignment. Networking happens, whether you consciously do it or not. Let it take you where it will, because you’ll be thrilled when it does. And, when you get home and the phone rings the next day with another paid assignment, you can grin, make the deal, then hang up and scream and jump for joy. Go ahead. Expect it all. It happens.”

Job Fair can do this for you. And Bootcamp gives you the tools you need to succeed there.

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Published: August 11, 2014

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