Wanted: Writer Well-Versed in Social Security and Medicare for Potential $28,000 Project

Bob Diforio of the D4EO Literary Agency has an exciting opportunity for you if you have expertise or experience with the Social Security or Medicare programs.

On behalf of a client, he’s looking for one author to write two 320-page books: one about Social Security and the other about Medicare. The client would prefer the same person write both books; but, if necessary, two writers could take on one book each.

The Social Security book will cover Social Security benefits and how the program fits into retirement planning. It should cover:

  • A bit of the history of Social Security
  • Important regulations and any recent changes
  • The various Social Security options, who qualifies for each, and when you can join.
  • How Social Security is set up, who pays into it, and what determines how much you get paid
  • The challenges and considerations of special circumstances
  • How the program works in terms of married couples with age differences

It will also include a Q&A section and a decision tree. It will be 320 pages in length (approximately 300 manuscript pages).

The Medicare book will cover Medicare benefits and how they fit into retirement planning. It should cover:

  • A bit of the history of Medicare
  • Regulations and any recent changes
  • The various Medicare options and who qualifies, as well as the calculation process
  • Details on when you can accept Medicare

This book will also be 320 pages in length (approximately 300 manuscript pages) and will have a Q&A Section.

The publisher is a work-for-hire company. That means they will hire the author(s) to write the books, and NO royalties will be paid. The publisher will also own the copyright to the material.

The writer(s) need to start these projects soon. If one author is writing, he or she can write the books concurrently or consecutively — his or her choice. As mentioned previously, if need be, two authors can write one book each.

The publisher can offer $14,000 for each book PLUS two $1,000 bonuses (one for each book) based on early delivery dates.

To apply, send details about the credentials and experience that qualify you to write one or both books to: bob@d4eo.com. The deadline is Sept. 15th.

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Published: August 12, 2014

5 Responses to “Wanted: Writer Well-Versed in Social Security and Medicare for Potential $28,000 Project”

  1. This sounds very interesting! Was wondering what chances a newbie would have to do this assignment.


  2. I could write a whole book easily on my experiences alone with the Social Security Office and trying to obtain benefits! What a nightmare it is for anyone trying to obtain benefits. I believe they would love for you to just give up so they don't have to pay out. The things I could tell you. Like what not to do and what you must do and how long you have to do it. Not to mention how hard it is to find a representative. Just what type of qualifications are they looking for in a writer?

    Guest (Toria Boone)

  3. I've been collecting benefits of both Social Security and Medicare for over 13 years, since I turned 65. I had no problem in signing up for both. It was simply a matter of going to the local Social Security Administration Office, and filling out some paperwork. The SSA people were very cooperative, knowledgeable and helpful.

    Da Brudduh

  4. Why would these 2 books have to be so long?
    It seems to me that shorter would be better,but I guess to really explain these systems correctly, that is the number of pages it would take. The key here would be to KEEP IT SIMPLE 'KISS', right ? and navigating these pages easily is what makes for a challenge. and any govt. program needs help with that!

    Dougcopy-part-time writer--full-time pay

  5. I too am wondering why the publisher has predetermined the length of the document. You would think that would depend on the writing style of the author and that the publisher would encourage the author to keep it to a minimum.
    I would be interested in this assignment since I have experience working with Social Security and Medicare but, if this involves financial aspects of the program (maybe this is why the document is so lengthy), I should steer away from it. Also, this is my first job as a copywriter and taking on such a big task for my first job would likely be very overwhelming.

    Nora King

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